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25 Apr 2024 15:50:42
I get the big money move in the twilight of a footballers career but hows about concentrating on the job at hand and if those 3 players are not up for it then bench warmers it should be as I feel its hurting us no end. kent and morelos is my case in point.

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25 Apr 2024 17:19:24
We rejected 18m for morelos and 10m for kent.

I'd say that's our fault.

25 Apr 2024 18:05:35
Did we actually a don’t think we did tbh.

25 Apr 2024 18:29:01
Raskin well reported we rejected 16 for Alf, not so sure re kent.

25 Apr 2024 18:35:25
18? No sure about that.

25 Apr 2024 18:46:40
I'm sure lille bid over 10pm for Alfie and Kent should've been sold the summer of el final and at least recoup the 7m we paid but we let both run down there contract and didn't get any reward on the pitch from either.

25 Apr 2024 19:38:59
When did we reject 10m for Kent? Ryan Kent wouldn't be worth 10m in a Ryan Kent Universe, so there's no chance anyone ever offered that for him.

25 apr 2024 20:59:42
at risk of siunding silly, I've never believed rangers ever recieved any off of 16-18m fir morekos fir twi reasons

rangers, imo, would not, at that time, ever have refused such an offer

mirelos was never ever wirth that sort of money

again that's just my opinion, but i stand by it,

25 Apr 2024 21:51:24
Tom Thumb, we rejected €20m as we were looking for £20m. Lille walked away. 2 years later he left for £0. Terrible business.

25 Apr 2024 22:12:18
16/18 million came from the Lille owner. The Kent one we never got offered thay.

25 Apr 2024 23:24:37
Lille owner openly admitted making the bids for morelos, there was interest in Kent and others like Barasic and Goldson but Gerrard made it clear to board he wanted to keep the team together so any interest wasnt encouraged. That was his and boards big mistake for me. After over spending previous years it was choice of keep team together or sell to build and unfortunately they made wrong choice and we've been left in a mess since with players going out of contract each year.

26 Apr 2024 06:25:39
What a waste, morelos is finished aged 27. Peaked 4 years ago as well and been useless ever since.

26 Apr 2024 08:32:31
Morelos forgot were he came from. If it wasn't for Rangers he wouldn't have done anything in football. Not many teams would've put up with his nonsense. The guy had limited ability when he joined us. Steven Gerrard got the best out him but he even let him down.

26 Apr 2024 08:36:57
I think there's truth in the Morelos offer. hindsight is a wonderful thing.

26 apr 2024 08:46:59
listen, i don't believe it, and il always not believe it

a chairman from france says he offer millions, and just walks away, not another club interested, nah

its very easy fir a club chairman to tell his fans he tried, oldest con in th3 book, “ i tried very hard to get morelos and the6 wouldbt take my 18 million quid, even though they were only just recovering from crippling debt, but i tried”

meanwhile not a murmur from rangers, nah, never believed that nonsense, we would never have refused business.

26 Apr 2024 10:24:40
Until the contract is signed all the transfer fees and wages stuff is just make believe. Football is built on rumour but very few of them are true.

26 apr 2024 10:47:34
i think this story appeared and disappeared pretty qiickly, a tdbit from a foreign chairman to the gullible among his clubs fans, happens often, rangers didn’t deny it because it suited them too, not for one second will i ever believe it actually occurred, not even a second bid, nor never another club interested? one minute worth 18m next minute worthless to every club in europe, really, , i would bet a lot of money they never offered this, if so

the lille club must be run by clowns with no knowledge of what an 18m player looks like
and rangers must have been woefully neglectful and not have recognised the offer of an entire lifetime,
have rangers ever had an offer of 18m quid? no
would rangers want to talk if anyone offered an opening bid of 18m

you bet your bottom dollar they would.

26 apr 2024 12:41:49
strange but some people decided some time ago that the “ lille chairman” is europes most honest man and can never be questioned, wool and pulled comes to mind.

26 Apr 2024 13:13:55
Lille Chairman - we bid £16 million for Morelos.
Jim White - why no deal?
Lille Chairman - couldn't agree terms with Rangers.
Jim White - will you be back in for him?
Lille Chairman - that's up to the owner. But we have now signed Davids, Yimaz from Turkey and have a couple of up and coming strikers so we are now pretty covered.

26 apr 2024 14:43:32
mmmm, and yet not one, not one other club thought anything of morelos at all, not even for nothing,

no chance in a million years rangers would have said go away, and take yer 18 m with you, were happy being skint and won't sell a donkey at 17million profit,

on yer bike lol.



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