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10 Apr 2024 21:20:14
Can any1 confirm the rumours of roofe retiring are true?

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11 Apr 2024 05:33:46
No reason whatsoever to doubt both storm and John227's info that kemar roofe is retiring from football at the end of the season ☹️It seems going by their info that as well as all roofe's injury problems, he also has a psychological problem because of all his injuries and no wonder, the poor guy didn't ask for all these injuries and must be totally fed up ☹️If indeed roofe is retiring, i wish the guy all the very best in whatever he chooses to do next in his career, whether he stays within the game or something else ? He's a very talented footballer and that was most definitely never in question ?My heart goes out to him☹️.

11 Apr 2024 05:58:52
It's a shame sir Walter if true asi agree my friend he is a very talented player indeed, his experience n knowledge of the game will be a great asset as a coach if he chose that role, I wouldn't mind him helping around ibrox in some capacity, as he has been very unlucky, but could certainly show some the way too goal, n what a screamer in the euros, he has my well wishes whatever, n once a ger.

11 Apr 2024 06:14:45
It was posted on his own instagram straight from the horses mouth.

11 Apr 2024 06:15:29
It never mentioned end of season either coops it was from yesterday it said.

11 Apr 2024 06:55:27
It was me who said I did not think this was being announced b4 end of season,

11 Apr 2024 07:22:51
Well let's be honest nobody going to be daft enough to sign him.

11 Apr 2024 07:25:38
Storm roofe didn't retire himself on instagram yesterday. He shared stuart dallas post who is retiring.

11 Apr 2024 07:45:25
This wasn't regarding roofe this was a post about Stewart dallas who retired yesterday due to Injury roofe just posted 2 emoji on that post when he shared it.

11 Apr 2024 07:58:01
It's a shame I honestly think a Kemar Roofe with no career injuries would be a top end Premier league, England international striker. Hopefully he can fulfil his love of football through coaching or some other role, the torment must be unreal.

11 Apr 2024 08:31:00
With the money he has stole of rangers he will be able to retire comfortably.

11 Apr 2024 08:51:11
Yes Paul is correct but can see why people were confused, Stuart Dallas has retired. Roofe here to complete the treble.

11 Apr 2024 08:52:26
Tam he's been blighted with injuries mate not his fault, he's one of our own, it's affected him mentally as well as physically, no one deserves too be hurt in their profession, shame n I wish him well whatever.

11 Apr 2024 09:02:04
Sollof i really can't sew why anybody could be confused ?. On about growing up in NI and literally had a picture of dallas in the post.

11 Apr 2024 09:27:29
???? I got it wrong then ? I thought it was him sorry guys.

11 Apr 2024 09:27:31
"With the money he stole of Rangers"! What?! Away you go and behave yourself! What a load of ?! ?‍♂️.

11 Apr 2024 09:43:19
He plays for Jamaica, only English born.

11 Apr 2024 12:24:21
I never seen falls in the post Paul but who did you sew? It’s easy to make mistakes ??.

11 Apr 2024 15:48:40
Haha Paul trying to be kind. It was on his page in his story so wasn’t like she shared with his own best of luck message. Obviously the details and the fact it was Dallas in the picture was the give away.

11 Apr 2024 16:14:04
Storm u r just a few months early.

11 Apr 2024 17:31:58
He had big problems before he was signed and why Anderlecht dropped a fortune on him.

11 Apr 2024 17:44:01
Wouldnt it be great if he scored the goal to win the league? What a way to end your career.

11 Apr 2024 18:02:27
I take it it’s what you have heard John?

Ach well everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect not even me unfortunately.

11 Apr 2024 19:00:11
It would be very difficult for Roofe to find another club if he doesn't retire. it's a case of what could have been with Roofe. excellent striker, but blighted with physical or mental problems. Whatever he does next season, I wish him well.

12 Apr 2024 05:34:54
Roofe will retire with a treble to his name at the end kf the season and will score at least another 3 for us.

12 Apr 2024 08:56:33
Yes storm he has decision to make retire from game, take the insurance money or drop down a few levels for buttons.

12 Apr 2024 12:58:58
We were fortunate in many respects to sign Roofe in the first place since a fully fit Roofe would have been well out of our price range. If he has any sense then he will take the Insurance Money and enjoy a retirement away from playing and secure a position in the media or in football coaching.

12 Apr 2024 18:39:44
Cheers John.



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