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21 Apr 2024 21:43:14
A great result after a shocking week. Into another final, hopefully a huge confidence boost, goals for Dessers, a clean sheet with Balogun back in, a top performance from Todd. Not getting carried away but they are in no great shape either so hopefully a few more twists in the title race still to come and we can snatch things back.

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21 apr 2024 22:07:33
anyone think silva should be chased back to wolves asap after that despicable attempt to cheat, he thought someone was right behind him and went down like a fairy falling off a xmas tree, after that i felt embarrassed that he is wearing a rangers jersey

anyone thinking otherwise, have another look, soon as it happened both my pals and i just stopped and looked at each other, none of us had ever seen a more embarrassing attempt to cheat, surely the club will chase him after that.

21 apr 2024 22:32:30
we shouldn't get carried away mate because we haven't beaten celtic in a meaningful game for a long time, today was a good result, not a great performance from either team, but we worked hard here and git the rewards, I'm still struggling with silvas pathetic dive so i havnt watched it all again, to me balogun and cantwell played well.

21 Apr 2024 22:41:04
To be fair to Silva I just thought he got his feet all wrong I don’t think there was any attempt to con the ref, just a stumble.

22 Apr 2024 00:06:44
Why dive two feet from an open goal, a think he fell over his own feet to be fair, am not wearing a dive.

22 apr 2024 00:16:22
never in a million years was that not a pathetic dive, rarely will you see someone catching they're studs and going diwn with their hands in the air and knees up

embarrassing and disgraceful, i had big hopes for him after b3nfica away

boys a cheat and i don't want him in a gers team.

22 Apr 2024 05:03:45
I would need to watch it again as I didn’t think it was a dive.

22 Apr 2024 06:07:06
Was never a dive he got his feet all wrong.

22 Apr 2024 06:22:51
Aye right, hold on I'll just dive n not let the ball hit off me for a goal, ! people never happy, the guy fell fcs.

22 Apr 2024 06:36:15
Ball was slightly behind him and tripped over his own feet trying to adjust.
We won. We move on.

22 Apr 2024 06:38:17
Sorry Tom, I ignored your comment when you posted it the first time, think you've got this one wrong.

22 Apr 2024 06:58:52
From my view in the west stand it honestly looked to me like silva got his feet all wrong and fell over because of it ? Haven't watched it back on tv yet.

22 Apr 2024 07:38:54
Dive or not he's been a huge disappointment overall. Not worth whatever wolves want or massive wages he's bound to be on.

22 Apr 2024 07:47:50
As much as I think he is a cheat, that wasn't a dive yesterday, Tom. The ball was slightly behind him, but if he was any good, he would have still scored and not made an arse of himself.

22 Apr 2024 07:55:43
Didn’t hear complaints when he won the pen vs Celtic.

22 Apr 2024 08:51:42
Hes been awful. Bar 1 half decent showing v benfica.

22 Apr 2024 09:04:18
Gofor what has the Celtic one got to do with yesterday.

22 Apr 2024 09:03:35
I just watched it again and I 100% agree with Tom now he dived I thought his feet got tangled together but they didn’t it was a disgrace of a dive.

22 Apr 2024 10:06:37
Watched it back a few times, Tom is bang on the boy took a 100% dive.

22 Apr 2024 10:46:40
Thank God we couldn't afford to buy him.

22 Apr 2024 11:00:00
I was watching it on vipbox stream so not the best picture. I'll watch it again, and if I'm wrong, apologies Tom.

22 apr 2024 13:28:54
the worst attempt at cheating i thonk i ever saw

i didn't say that lightly, nobody trips over their feet and throws they're arms up in the air and throws themself firward

its beyond belief there's actually some folk here who think he didn't cheat, just unbelievable, like i said, worst i can ever remember myself

jfm, your titally wrong

moh, move on, is it ok just fir you to commemt then, and you couldn't be more wrong either.

22 apr 2024 13:34:10
thank you storm, bb it was pathetic,

gofir, yet more no sense, the old firm one was a penalty, even tho he was in the process of yet another dive.

22 apr 2024 13:43:51
and why not fork, alfie did.



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