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29 Mar 2024 14:18:04
Saw a post on x (twitter) earlier saying next week there will be an announcement regarding Adidas, with the number 55 beside it, now I know, I know, it's twitter, most likely nonsense but I'll keep my eye on it just in case. When does our deal with castore come to an end? End of this season or end of next? And who would you like to be our future kit manufacturers?

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29 Mar 2024 14:27:09
End of 24/ 25 season Ger.

29 Mar 2024 14:35:08
Cheers John, when would we be legally able to negotiate with other manufacturers or is there no set date? Or would we have to give castore notice that we won't be renewing? Sorry to trouble you with this just find the business side of things interesting.

29 Mar 2024 14:52:16
Hopefully not. Adidas stuff is absolutely shocking these days. I'd stick with castore if kappa wasn't an option.

29 Mar 2024 14:53:37
Imo Ger we don’t require to give Castore any notice as we signed a fixed term contract.

I would imagine rangers are sounding the market at present and feel this would include Castore

Remember it will depend if certain clauses are included in contract re notice etc

Remember recent it was posted that castore are to become European distribution online for Puma, some feel that may possibly be an indication where we end up next, I’m not so sure.

29 Mar 2024 15:05:16
Have to admit the Castore stuff is brilliant. Look at the tramps kit this season. It's honking and the quality is gash!
I'd stick with the boys from Merseyside.

29 Mar 2024 15:19:03
Kappa ? good one tjn.

29 Mar 2024 15:29:39
First year I have ever bought the home away and third kit. Castore have improved massively over the time they have been our kit supplier and I think we should stick it out and stay with them for the coming years.

29 Mar 2024 15:30:35
Aye I'm fine and happy with castore should we continue with them, as you said though John there will be moving parts and clauses etc, and undoubtedly the down side money value with potential suitors will have a big say I'd imagine.

29 Mar 2024 15:56:09
Home and 3rd kit, no complaints in any way, gd quality. ?.

29 Mar 2024 16:33:28
Hope we leave castore never been a big fan of their stuff.

29 Mar 2024 16:45:39
I’ve found their stuff alright but it’s all about the best deal for Rangers especially when you see what that mob are getting in merchandise.

29 Mar 2024 17:16:36
Kappa are quite easily the best manufacturer going just now.

Adidas are a shambles. Their Euros kits have gone down like a lead balloon, as have their 23/ 24 kits.

29 Mar 2024 17:34:16
Agree flb its all about the money for the most part. We made Castore no doubt about it so if they have a business head they will pay what we are worth.
Just don't want the Adidas rubbish!

29 Mar 2024 17:41:26
Would prefer nike but I did like a lot of the adidas kits back in the 90s.

29 Mar 2024 18:20:14
Just last week on here someone mentioned Ashley had his grubby paws all over Castore too.

29 Mar 2024 18:45:25
Very happy with castore now, quality is definitely far better, happy with every jersey this season.

29 Mar 2024 20:23:07
I agree with you My star ?I think the castore kits are quality and hand on heart, i think rangers and castore will extend their partnership, beyond the original contract of 5 years ?I think castore will do everything to keep us as our kit makers and tbh i just want the best deal on offer for our club, plain and simple ?.

29 Mar 2024 20:42:29
Tjn who is sponsored by kappa i genuinely can't think of one? Fulham maybe.

29 Mar 2024 22:08:46
John227,was it not umbro that castore bought into a sort of partnership with mate ? as opposed to puma ?.

29 Mar 2024 22:15:08
I don't think it really matters who our kit manufacturer is.
Tops will always fly of the shelves.
Best deal possible for the club is all that matters.

29 Mar 2024 22:48:47
Dado a lot of Italian clubs. Fiorintina, genoa, brescia, bari.

The venezia kits the last few years have been classics.

Villa, monaco and napoli have all had stunners with them too.

I've heard adidas have been granted licences from previous sponsors for a classic kit range, I'd take them if they were reissued.

29 Mar 2024 22:53:47
Kappa sponsor quite a wide range of foreign teams, f1 aswell, Hull City and some minor English teams, but they sponsor the mighty Pollok and East Kilbride, had to have a nosey to find out?.

29 Mar 2024 23:13:39
Walter not sure.

30 Mar 2024 06:17:01
Its not as easy as just switching kit manufaturer, castore do a lot more than just make our kits, pretty sure they pretty much run the retail side of the club, website, shops etc. They have been good for us and we have been great for them.

30 Mar 2024 07:36:43
Yes SWS it was umbro that castore have teamed up with. My very first Rangers strip was made by umbro and i also had the matching track suit. Both were probably better suited for playing football in the Arctic as the material was that heavy and i'll never forget the trackie bottoms that had big bell bottom flares. A wee bit different to the skin tight feather weight gear that now gets used.

30 Mar 2024 19:30:06

Take addidas all day, their kit always more attainable. In every sports shop poss.

30 Mar 2024 19:39:17

Just bought addidas Arsenal 3rd strip. Top notch.

30 Mar 2024 19:43:58

No they don't. We have merchandising/ marketing manager does all this. Castore simply make strips, end of their profit making probability.

30 Mar 2024 22:50:08
When you think of kappa you think tracksuits, bangles, girls hair braided and bottles of hooch.

31 Mar 2024 07:42:39
U really are weird Dado??.



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