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08 Apr 2024 12:48:42
As the post-mortems roll in I have my own take on all things Duds and Diamonds. Moving on with no thinking needed would be Silva, Goldson, WRIGHT, Davies, McLaughlin, Balogun, jack, Roofe. Hagi and Lowry. I would keep Dessers for his work rate but not as a #1 hitman. Keep Dowal, Sima and matondo. There may well be one or 2 other stays and go's, but those above are past their Rangers best . A lot of work still to be done to get the treble or at least #56.But team selection MUST be spot on in every game . Wright was a mistake yesterday. pretty sure our Illustrious manager now knows this. oh and keep Lunny if he feels he has another season with our great club. In closing McCrorie should be maybe trying to get first team football somewhere else as his career can't be looked back at being a #2 . that's it for me.3 points a must on wednesday to where we belong and we shall not be moved as the song goes.

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08 Apr 2024 13:23:19
Would acutally keep balogun. Think he's on very low wages and always does a job when comes in.

08 Apr 2024 13:32:28
Only one on the list I would disagree with is big Leon. I would give him another year as back up. Never let's us down and is good to have some experienced pro's like him around the squad.

Actually hoping he comes in for Goldson the next few games as he has looked well off it recently.

08 Apr 2024 13:43:03
do some have it in them for a scrap
then there is lack of pace in some respects we look well behind the other mob but to cone from 2 down and be honest it could have been 4
it took some grit to get back in it.

08 Apr 2024 14:08:12
I'd give Balogun a new contract. others in that defence need to go before him.

08 Apr 2024 14:15:37
A No for Balogun for me. Would much prefer a young player with sell-on potential to fill that spot. I do like the big fella but going forward is the way . Maybe King for example as he is more than ready to be a back up CB to whoever we bring in.

08 Apr 2024 14:30:52
Keep Balogun all day. Davie Weir played until he was 41 and Balogun seems much fitter than him. He’s also great around the younger players. Even as a 3rd of 4th choice he’s a good option to have.

08 Apr 2024 15:03:00
Please don’t compare Balogun with Weir massive gap in class.
We cannot be giving contracts to players that might only start 6/ 7 games a season, it’s youth and pace we need our defence was shocking yesterday and we were extremely lucky to get a point. Big Phil is doing well with the players he has available but next season we need to improve.

08 Apr 2024 15:07:04
I don’t know about a contract for next season but he would play the rest of this season ahead of the other two.

08 Apr 2024 15:21:22
Everyone who is out of contract in the summer can go.
Sentiment shouldn't come in to it when you want to compete at the highest level possible.

08 Apr 2024 15:55:48
Matondo is growing on me, they have been working hard on him in training. Goldson has to go, be surprised if he plays for us again. He was pathetic yesterday and I'm being kind. Thought it was very telling from PC when he took him off for Balogun although that sub should have happened at HT.

08 Apr 2024 15:27:28
100% agree deecee, what's your take on Raskin, I'm not sure about him, he's showed up not to bad in some games, but totally ineffective in others, I would also bring back young Devine at the season end and give him some game time. Maybe now is the time for our Skipper to get one final big payday, I am happy to keep him, but, is there any more he can achieve here, also he's a whipping boy for some fans, which is hellish to say the least.

08 Apr 2024 15:29:53
John Soutter is Hearts class and no better. People go on about Shankland not being good enough but happy to have Soutter in our team.

08 Apr 2024 15:45:05
Lucky to get a draw some have said? oh so?
If anything Celtic were lucky and they bottled it in the second half.

Rangers gave them the first two goals as a head start.
Maeda done nothing after the 20second mark. Kyogo done nothing all game. Oreilly sure scored a penalty but and the penalty was Goldsons fault for a stupid no need handball.
Johnstone should of had his second yellow for the penalty as well.

Other than that, Celtic only scored one goal on their own (which i think Butland should have done better with tbh)

Our penalty was soft yes but still a foul in the box by todays rules.
A goal then chopped off for another soft tackle (30 seconds prior, which was the phase of play before the goal as well) then our given second goal and a brilliant 3rd goal.

If we hadnt handed Celtic the first two goals on a plate then we would of won.

Celtic are last seasons champions and were 8 points clear when PC came in. Given 2 nil head start at Ibrox and then they bottled it.

Rangers were crap for most the game and still came back to draw.

Need to look at the positives lads.

The league is ours to lose.

08 Apr 2024 15:48:36
I would have absolutely no hesitation in giving big balogun a new one year contract, as he never let's you down and is a very good squad back up imo, ? I think we will and for me we must sign Abdullah sima on a permanent deal first and foremost in the summer and him over silva any day for me. ? He offers us pace and goals and all types of goals and that's why he should be our first permanent signing, in the close season and then Cortes our second permanent signing with silva going back to his parent club wolves. ?

For me in our midfield going forward, sterling and diomande are two of our future and still relatively young midfielders building forward for the future. ? I honestly don't know what's going to happen regarding Nico Raskin next season as he's struggling now to break into our midfield. ?

He's still a really good, young midfielder imo, ? I think young bailey rice Will be very much part of clement's first team squad next season and i'd like us to sign either Lennon miller or Connor Barron both very good young midfielders, for part of our squad rebuilding next season. ? Both sima and matondo offer pace and goals from our wide areas ???.

08 Apr 2024 15:50:23
Raskin can go.

08 Apr 2024 16:01:46
Leon king is nowhere near good enough. Will never make it at rangers.

08 Apr 2024 16:07:10
For me, definitely keep Balogun another year, low wages and the guys a warrior. Was first pick before his injury . I agree about Dessers, like his attitude and work rate and think with another striker coming in and Danilo back, that's a decent 3 strikers. Agree with everything else you've said.

08 Apr 2024 16:12:45
Agree with a lot said balogun loves rangers low wage, Lowry one last chance under Clement think is only fair manager got better out most players rather Lowry than Wright on, let's face it cantwell ain't bossed a game in ma eyes few nice goals love the closing down but it's Scottish football should be running games.

08 Apr 2024 16:37:08
Why we want to fling a contract at a 35 year old guy who’s always injured is beyond me lol never let's us down aye because he doesn’t even play he’s always out of action.

08 Apr 2024 16:55:02
Rather balogun than both fully fit he's old give him peace shouldn't left in the first place before. Wish we could find out actual wages for each player think people would be shocked.

08 Apr 2024 18:41:58
Very good post Ally62.

Plenty would chuck 75% of our squad and start again when we’re top of the league, have won a cup and have a big chance of another.

In with a great shout of a treble but we have a team full of bottlers ????.

08 Apr 2024 19:47:52
He isn’t always injured tho not this season.

08 Apr 2024 20:26:51
Clement has only been here a few months and we are already seeing the benefits of what he has achieved with mediocre players. Come next season all of our injured players should hopefully be fit and have had a full preseason. That is encouraging.

As for those players at end of contract, as far as I am concerned they can all go and I would be surprised if Hagi came back at the end of his loan.
Personally I would be happy if we only had Yilmaz in the team from the current back four so long as we were able to secure a significant fee for Tav from the Middle East. In midfield I would like to think that a fully fit Raskin would be a plus and ideally we need a top quality striker.

One signing is a must and that is Sima. The Board has to do whatever is necessary to secure him on a permanent contract. I'm looking forward to seeing a number of quality new signings this summer so that Clement can go forward with his own team. It's down to the Board to fund the players that Clint wants.



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