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31 Mar 2024 16:16:42
So, as this is a rumours site, I have one, and you all know I don't know anyone in the know.

Anyhow, was in oswalds today and got chatting to a fella who is an ex saints player and food friends with the fergusons amongst others. He has told me Lewis will be coming at end of season or next. I did ask how we were funding it, and he said Tav will be away and others which will generate the money and free up wages.

Again, only passing on what I was told. Juicy enough if true.

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31 Mar 2024 16:41:10
Think you are talking over £30million for him now so l highly doubtful we missed the boat big time with Ferguson.

31 Mar 2024 16:42:18
It's a rumours site, but that's nonsense.

Hes going for 30m. We aren't doing that.

31 Mar 2024 16:42:28
Lewis ferguson coming to rangers ????
Sorry mate but he’s pulling your pisser.

31 Mar 2024 17:08:25
Fair play for posting a rumour bit this ain't happening sorry.

31 Mar 2024 17:14:25
That's what I think also, he's well out our range, but the guy seemed genuine enough. Straight out of Derek's mouth according to him.

31 Mar 2024 17:17:54
Rebecca Ferguson playing at Edmiston House maybe.

31 Mar 2024 17:29:53
I hold my hands up regarding lewis ferguson as i didn't think he was good enough for our midfield, at the time we were linked with him but how wrong i was because he's proved how good a midfielder he is ?I think looking back now, we did miss the boat big time, not signing him from the sheep ? But we sure as hell won't be signing him now, as he's out our reach by a distance now ☹️ Regarding tav leaving cletusvandamme tav won't be leaving rangers imo mate ? He'll be here next season and will then probably be offered a new 2 year deal as after next season, he'll only have one season left, until his contract runs out ie.2026?I think tav will finish his career effectively at rangers ?.

31 Mar 2024 17:47:44
Why are we having ago at a regular poster. It’s a rumour site and he’s told us what he’s heard. No wonder guys hold things back.

31 Mar 2024 17:59:51
He probably will end up with us one day but sadly it’ll be at the back end of his career as we have made a complete balls up on that one.

31 Mar 2024 18:39:29
Only way he comes to us is bosman, and a huge signing on fee plus mega wages.
I'm not a fan btw!

31 Mar 2024 18:46:44
It's never happening, Cleetus! I would love it to be true, but whoever told you this, is either pulling your leg, or been fed duff info and decided to pass it on.
If L Ferguson joins us this season, I'll run naked up and down Sauchiehall St. That ain't happening! L Ferguson ain't happening!

31 Mar 2024 18:50:30
We ain't spending 2 years transfer budget on Lewis Ferguson.

31 Mar 2024 20:29:33
Good singer tbf Dado or if its the actress I'd pay just to look at her?.

31 Mar 2024 20:31:57
Think Tav could go and prob a few others, just wait n see, think there may be a surprise or 2, u never know. Fergie 2 dear now, think it a no.

31 Mar 2024 22:27:29
Singer i was referring to fork but the actress i had to google. Darling ??.

31 Mar 2024 23:03:50
See her lipsynching "Never Enough" in " The Greatest Showman", I'd swear she was singing it, it's a gd watch. Aye she's stunning Dado ?.

31 Mar 2024 23:13:16
I would love it if your man was correct Cletus as another Ferguson in the Royal blue would be a joy to behold. No.6 Ferguson on the back yes please and i'm sure that would be a dream for Lewis and his Da and the blue half of the Ferguson family. I had to google that woman as well Fork as i'm not a big watcher of soap operas especially Swedish ones but aye i would rather her than Susan Boyle.

31 Mar 2024 23:54:45
Lol cheers, she's in the recent Mission Impossible films, Greatest Showman, a few other gd films and excellent in the series "The White Queen", big fan bud??.

01 Apr 2024 10:38:36
Three cheers ?? what's wrong with Subo?

01 Apr 2024 11:55:34
He dreamed a dream??.

01 Apr 2024 12:18:34
Having a go at people on here is basically having a different opinion. Get a grip.

01 Apr 2024 12:59:26
The boy wants to come to Rangers, unfortunately will not now be this year. Well done Coops for admitting you made a regular mistake on the subject.

01 Apr 2024 15:35:46
Nothing wrong with Subo Dado. I don't want to incriminate myself and have police Scotland at my door for participating in hate crimes against overweight opera singers. It's a personal thing that i have a phobia with folk who have more than 3 chins and 4 of them are hairy.

01 Apr 2024 16:43:23
He will end up at Rangers at some point but right now it's more like Barron at the sore arses and Cameron at Dundee.

01 Apr 2024 18:28:22
Burns. I’d be delighted if we got the two u name.

01 Apr 2024 18:44:47
Almost as likely as Mbappe.

01 Apr 2024 23:37:48
There is 4/ 5 young Scottish players I would be happy if rangers bought any of them.

02 Apr 2024 10:40:05
test the gorgie sore arses with a cheeky bid for Cochrane, we will probably need 2 left backs soon and he would do fine.

02 Apr 2024 17:26:38
Three cheers ???.

03 Apr 2024 21:32:39
Burns a lot of talk the boy Cameron is hearts bound and barron to Swansea.

I'd personally prefer watson, miller and armstrong.

04 Apr 2024 15:17:38
Miller and Armstrong yes should also go for Cochrane and Cameron if we can shift a few out .

06 Apr 2024 12:50:43
Remember all the experts who used to come in here re Lewis Ferguson and stated he was “not rangers class” whatever that even means ??

To know how good someone is before he’s even been coached by the manager, or trained with the team but still said he wasn’t good enough…

Missed the boat is an understatement ???.



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