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12 Apr 2024 19:41:14
Apparently 4 teams interested in Roofe.

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12 Apr 2024 21:30:43
More fool them. As long as he's nowhere near ibrox am happy.

12 Apr 2024 22:07:12
The first aid team, the emergency team, the rehabilitation team and the A team? No? Too much?

12 apr 2024 22:12:23
he will undoubtedly move to english lower league club, he won't train nor play at a high level but has lots of talent, i see him playing again somewhere smaller, i knew this would happen when he joined, the money he's earned is phenomenal for a guy made of china.

13 Apr 2024 00:10:31
All the kings horses and all the kings men, whos the other 2?

13 Apr 2024 08:09:05
Could go to the English league 1 and make 6/ 7k a week still decent cash.

13 Apr 2024 09:14:25
Reading this Baxter, epl among the four interested. RFC he will make more than 6/ 7 if he chooses to play on,

Treated our fans with contempt last two years.

13 Apr 2024 09:24:13
John, what do you mean treated our fans with contempt for last 2 years. It’s clear he wants to play but is not fit enough. What’s contempt got to do with it?

13 Apr 2024 10:23:06
He will leave and be injury free.

13 Apr 2024 10:43:49
Bankie where is it clear he wants to play I have seen no evidence of that whatsoever.

13 Apr 2024 11:06:31
Nonsense John.

His son goes to the same skate park as my young brother. He uses my friends garage.

Ive spoken to him personally more than once.

Hes never treated the fans contempt, regardless of what you hear.

13 Apr 2024 11:50:06
Contempt? Absolute rubbish! Behave yourself! Players like Morelos and Kent treated the club with Contempt the way they just gave up and couldn't be arsed anymore, but that's not the case with Roofe.

If the rumours are true, and that a lot of it was psychological, are you saying that it's the lads fault, and he should just get over it?

13 Apr 2024 14:13:20
I can understand why a lot are frustrated with roofe as he’s has taken a big pay check for very little reward. Whatever his struggles are though you could clearly see that he has been frustrated with himself and his injury situation. You could also clearly see In his body language and his interviews that he was desperate to play for rangers and be a huge success. Unfortunately these injuries have got the better of him. I wish Kemar all the best for the future and hopefully he can get to the bottom of his physical issues.

13 Apr 2024 19:11:59
I also don't wear this whatsoever ie that roofe treated our club/ supporters with contempt ?The guy has had injury problems which has affected him that much it's also effected him psychological ☹️Our manager clement has already stated that roofe's injury issues are sad for the player and he's spoken to roofe at length about his mindset because its got to roofe these injury issues he has had and no wonder ☹️Get a grip that he's treated our club and supporters with contempt, just ain't true or do you not believe our current manager ?Do you think roofe wants to have these injury issues ??You could see how upset he was the last time he went off injured or do you guys who use this word contempt, fail to see that or better still don't want to believe that ?Get a grip!

13 Apr 2024 19:13:41
Here here azul superb/ true post pal and i echo your post regarding roofe ? % pal ???.

13 Apr 2024 19:16:13
I'm of the mind that some on here don't know the meaning of the word 'contempt' where kemar roofe is concerned ? Honestly get a grip absolutely not the case ?.

13 Apr 2024 20:03:34
I’m entitled to my opinion Walter, I also know what contempt means.

Remind us of your view on McLaughlin.

13 Apr 2024 21:18:44
I don't think you do know what contempt means John227?Tell me my friend how has roofe treated our supporters with contempt let's hear it ? You're like a school teacher on here at times trying to browbeat your pupils, so let's hear it pal. ?

You're not always correct far from it but at times you think you're the conductor on here, well not anymore mate because imo you're ?% wrong regarding your contempt description of kemar roofe and that's my opinion pal!

13 Apr 2024 21:23:42
Change the record because i don't and never have rated jon McLaughlin eh ?But i'll tell you something when he was chosen to play for us i was right behind him and backed him, just like i do with every rangers player who plays for us and have done all my life supporting our great club, because quite simply I support pal!

It's time you were called out for some of your statements and repetitiveness from time to time on here because imo at times you treat some posters on here with contempt from time to time, who don't play to your gallery my friend! ?.

14 Apr 2024 02:22:36
John, I'm telling you this as a fact, a first hand fact, he has never treated the fans with contempt or disrespect. He's one of the most genuine men in the squad.

Regardless of what "sources" at B Team games tell you.



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