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03 Apr 2024 15:06:30
Is there anyway back for Nico Raskin? When we signed him I was 1 of1many who thought we'd got a great wee player who'd make us lots of money but it hasn't worked out and with Diomande poss Lunny here next season also Sterlingi don't see him being an.

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03 Apr 2024 15:36:41
Yes there is a way back, he picked up an injury and the team has been playing well esp in middle of the park. Fitness and match fitness are completely different things and he will need to bide his time. He’s looked like he’s trying to hard when given minutes and a yard off it.

03 Apr 2024 15:37:08
Raskin is a very good player just returning from injury.

03 Apr 2024 15:49:46
Thought he started well when he arrived, linked up well with Cantwell tbf, once he was up 2 speed, tbf to him he's been out injured and others have stepped in, may struggle to re-establish himself and find a way back into the team. Could go either way.

03 Apr 2024 17:36:27
I think he will stay. Had injury problems but for me is definitely a very good player with a lot to offer.

03 Apr 2024 17:44:29
The problem with Raskin is, he’s maybe not as good as he thinks✌️.

03 Apr 2024 17:49:43
Guys was unlucky to get injured when things were changing and people are ahead of him at the moment so can’t get up to speed. A good pre season he’ll get a chance again.

03 Apr 2024 17:58:33
Not really done anything incredible for the club. Decent player but don't see him as a starter.

03 Apr 2024 18:04:55
I can see Raskin leaving this summer.

03 Apr 2024 18:10:04
Just my opinion but he's not a good signing not stood out in any game hasn't offered much if anything.

03 Apr 2024 18:15:35
Sell. Loses possession most of the time and doesn't do much else of note.

03 Apr 2024 18:36:49
Once again slating one off our own player's never ending bs.

03 Apr 2024 19:06:03
Yately how do you know how good he thinks he is? rubbish like that makes me laugh.

03 Apr 2024 19:25:17
Scotty123, 6 months ago he was in the National Press telling everyone he was using Rangers as a stepping stone to EPL. No need to be nasty✌️?.

03 Apr 2024 19:47:56
Not being nasty mate but that’s every player playing in the spl ambition. So because of that quote he thinks he’s better than he is? I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t end up playing down south.

03 Apr 2024 19:53:22
How long does it take to return from injury. If you return to the first team match day squad, then you have completed your return from injury. Yes he needs game time to get up to speed in matches but come on, stop with this same narrative.

03 Apr 2024 21:11:47
There's absolutely no doubt for me that nico raskin is a really good midfielder, who will go on to play in a much better league than ours, with a decent size club ? Just because he's not hitting top form since he came back from injury, doesn't make him a bad player all of a sudden and we should get shot of him soon as ?Some are far too quick to cast players aside and want rid of them just because they're currently not playing to their best, that's not how football works imo anyway ?.

03 Apr 2024 21:31:38
No better than Lowry imo. Only difference is Raskin is a Belgian under 21s player and Lowry is Scottish.

03 Apr 2024 22:17:13
Apart from being a totally different player to Lowry.

03 Apr 2024 22:22:53
Bs only difference is raskin is a better player nothing else.

03 Apr 2024 22:55:49
Lowery, you would've thought he'd have went to the top, but whatever is going on it's not helping him or Rangers, needs to be rectified to our benefit one way or the other.

03 Apr 2024 22:57:23
He has been out injured for so long this is like his pre season will be a different player the start of next season if a player is out for that length of time they don’t just come back where they left off they need weeks if not months of games to get back to the top of there game.

04 Apr 2024 00:01:45
Orange that’s bs, at elite level, percentages are everything and being injured for a decent spell, then returning to a match day squad isn’t like a computer game where he’s now at 100% fitness. You can train full pelt and play in arranged bounce games but it takes a run of competitive games to be bang at it.

04 Apr 2024 07:23:49
The club supported Dessers through long periods of mediocrity (at best) and the same needs to be done for Raskin - there is a player in there and like most on here agree he needs a run of games to show his worth - the boy will come good and will be an asset for the club on the park and financially too off it, should he move on at some point - so keep the faith.

04 Apr 2024 08:50:33
We're in a crucial point so Clement is quite rightly playing his best team, can't afford to give raskin games just to get fitness, if he excels in a game or training hell get the nod. I like that if you're doing the business, you play. Raskin will come good, what about Lammers scored in his last 4 games?

04 Apr 2024 09:12:06
Baz goog re Lammers, we should get our money back on him.

04 Apr 2024 09:21:40
There is no way we're getting our money back on Lammers, John!

04 Apr 2024 10:50:04
Raisetheroofe if we can't get 3m for Lammers it won't be far from it,12 games 5 goals 4 assists will be other Dutch clubs interested in him only 26 year old.

04 Apr 2024 10:53:58
I really like Raskin.
And this season has been hampered by injuries.
A good pre-season and I reckon we will see a lot more of him under Clement.

04 Apr 2024 11:03:53
Well it won't be Utrecht paying that money, my star. Have you looked at their transfer dealings? They have never spent anywhere near this amount, and if you think they will on Lammers, well good luck with that.
We are never getting anywhere near the 3.5m we spent on him!

04 Apr 2024 11:23:05
Raisetheroofe could be other Dutch clubs interested in him, he seems to doing very well in that league mate, Silva impressed at psv but he never had they stats in as many games.

04 Apr 2024 12:37:17
Twente favourite to sign Lammers along with a Belgium and German club.

04 Apr 2024 12:53:38
My question is, why didn't he show this at Rangers, was it his our our fault for the positions we played him in.

04 Apr 2024 14:49:14
Raise/ Roofe

If Lammers continues bang them in his success will force them to pay. If he's a top scorer their not going let him disappear back to us. Fans will revolt.

04 Apr 2024 17:08:22
Miller he's probably correct about Utrecht tho, but will be other clubs sniffing about him if he continues doing what he's doing.

04 Apr 2024 18:44:19
Doesn't look like we'll lose too much money on Lammers. certainly seems a different player in Holland.

04 Apr 2024 19:00:41
Raskin is not good enough to be a regular starter in the first 11. He'll be moved on in the summer. Lundstram, Sterling and Diomande are all far better than Raskin and so is a half fit Jack. PC even started Lawerence in CM instead of Raskin. Looks lost and never controls the game. I think its been obvious that PC does not rate Raskin.

04 Apr 2024 19:28:41
Didn't have the bottle for Glasgow Portger, good player when pressure isn't on every game.



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