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16 Jul 2023 17:49:12
anyone any info on why souness knocked the ambassador role.


1.) 16 Jul 2023 19:16:42
Maybe wants some time off he is in his 70s mate.

2.) 16 Jul 2023 19:19:13
He might want to wind down a bit at 70.

3.) 16 Jul 2023 19:24:52
He's 70 would you work at 70 if u didn't have to.

4.) 16 Jul 2023 19:25:06
Think Souness was looking for DOF not an Ambassador role, Other than that it’s a strange one.

5.) 16 Jul 2023 21:18:17
I’m 70 and would love to go and see our great team every other Saturday, a lovely meal a few drinks and meet the wonderful fans. I’m in heaven.

6.) 16 Jul 2023 22:01:16
Dof is ft role he only wanted pt and didn't think he could add anything to us according to reports.

7.) 16 Jul 2023 22:14:30
A want to stop working and chill now an I am only 34 ? he's been a very busy man over the years mayne it's time to spend it with his family.

8.) 16 jul 2023 22:36:14
didn't have the experience nor training for a dof position, and he is already am ambassador, even from england, anything else obviously does not suit him atm.



20 Jun 2023 14:51:30
Dessers wants to stay in Italy according to the rags.


1.) 20 Jun 2023 15:01:29
Also seen it on twitter.



16 May 2023 16:51:53
ipox news reorting kent has signed a 1.5million a year deal with fenerbache, think this is a load of crap.


1.) 16 May 2023 16:57:29
If he has its probably because they offered most money then they will fail to pay it ??? mental if he goes there.

2.) 16 May 2023 17:11:43
Not sure why Kent would want to go to Turkey, his lifestyle is based in the UK, also I've heard some players have struggled to get paid from their club there.

3.) 16 May 2023 17:34:55
Turkish teams don’t have a good track record paying their foreign players, he will waste his time till January then move again, we will move on as no one is bigger than the club.

4.) 16 May 2023 17:37:48
Do fenerbache and galatasaray have history of not paying? Am sure with lesser sides in turkey not these two?

5.) 16 May 2023 17:49:39
Massive pay cut for the boy with his sign on fee was on just over 50k at Rangers apparently.

6.) 16 May 2023 17:57:26
A know Fenerbache have definitely been guilty of not paying certain players and that they are also in debt to the tune of 300million.

7.) 16 May 2023 18:34:56
never on that amount mate c'mon lok think goldsin is highest earner on around 38k a week apparently.
could be wrkng though.

8.) 16 May 2023 18:37:10
Rfc barcelona and man united are in a lot more debt than that.

9.) 16 May 2023 18:42:31
Rfc no he wasn't. You can easily find his weekly salary online. People really need to stop including goal/ assist bonuses and appearance fees in salaries. His base salary is 18k a week, less than even colak. He has only had 1 contract whilst being here.

10.) 16 May 2023 19:09:55
Is he taking the horses to Turkey? If so the locals will enjoy eating them - i this story is horserubbish.

11.) 16 May 2023 20:22:47
Kent was on nowhere near 50k a week at rangers mate!

12.) 16 May 2023 20:42:13
Obviously Kent hasn’t spoken to McGregor about the move?

13.) 17 May 2023 10:44:50
Walter talk us through his signing on fee. Addons re Scottish ttophys, European group stages, europa final, CL group stages. It certainly adds up.

14.) 17 May 2023 11:13:59
He will sign for Burnley or Club Brugge, most likely Burnley.

15.) 17 May 2023 11:35:41
Ye the Scottish sun reporting it too.



23 Nov 2022 16:57:54
anyone any info on the £9.5 million court case with elite sports, looks like this is a never ending saga with us.


1.) 23 Nov 2022 19:44:10
Knowing our current and previous board, I wouldn't be surprised if we have to shell it out. However elite are on the brink of going bust, Southampton and others have cancelled their contracts and closed their stores so they could just be after a quick cash grab.

2.) 23 Nov 2022 20:06:26
Trueblue this is 2018 case we won and elite were instructed to pay us 3 million.

Now Hummel r pursuing us, they owned elite, king fought them in 2018.

3.) 23 Nov 2022 22:18:10
John it makes no sense why would a court rule in favor of elite to show earnings from 2018 if the case has no merit.

4.) 23 Nov 2022 23:25:46
Time will tell. How many times did we see twists and turns in SD show,



15 Feb 2022 15:32:57
according to reports aribo will go next summer for 5million, if true absolute joke of a club, no cahonies.


1.) 15 Feb 2022 15:42:29
Saw something earlier stating £10m but reckon we will get more than that. Where are you seeing £5m?

2.) 15 Feb 2022 15:56:56
Stop reading nonsense sites. No way we accept anywhere close to that for aribo.

3.) 15 Feb 2022 16:00:06
Lol ye rite.

4.) 15 Feb 2022 16:06:50
True blue so true. Stop posting nonsense 😂 5 million lol. Theat wouldn't even buy the boys boot. Try 10 or more. Whoever is feeding you that info is a Tim. He will be gone this summer for 10 or more.

5.) 15 Feb 2022 16:07:32
Is that straight from Celtic news by any chance?

6.) 15 Feb 2022 16:08:43
Contract expires May 23 (1 year) so unless he is tied down on a new contract he could go quite cheaply.

7.) 15 Feb 2022 17:23:02
It was that Merrydale donut that posted it on Twitter.

8.) 15 Feb 2022 17:39:02
The celtic press pals at work devalue our players, while quoting crazy dembele dollars for theirs, been at it for years.

9.) 15 Feb 2022 18:04:41
Just read the articles and what a load of nonsense. Completely ridiculous reporting based on nothing. 5million will be laughed at and chucked right out.

10.) 15 Feb 2022 18:09:12
Aribo won't go for less than 10m.

11.) 15 Feb 2022 20:59:00
All wrong if his contract runs down he could go for peanuts and nothing anyone could do about it.

12.) 15 Feb 2022 21:33:02
If he was on a longer contract we would be looking at 15-20m in my opinion so with 12/ 18months left 10-15m is realistic.

13.) 16 Feb 2022 19:03:13
True blue we paid 300k for aribo.

14.) 17 Feb 2022 08:33:20
All this 'don't be ridiculous, we won't accept close to that for aribo' chat is nonsense, we signed him for 300k when he was out of contract at Charlton and wouldn't resign, next season is the last season he is contracted to us and I'm not saying he will but he could do the same to us as what he did to Charlton and walk out on a free, if between now and the summer it becomes clear that aribo wants to move on then the club will cash in on him in the summer for something in the region of between £7.5m to 15m as it would be the last chance for us to get a decent return financially on aribo, I think however that when we win the league aribo, goldson and a few others will sign new deals with us.




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02 Aug 2023 20:52:46
servette it is then.




16 Jul 2023 18:11:30
i see ricky foster the club legend is seriously worried about us us signing balogun, club legend wtf is that all about.


1.) 16 Jul 2023 18:29:52
Legend in his own mind. another one trying to keep himself relevant.

2.) 16 Jul 2023 18:33:51
A dumpling that lad and a pundit he is?

3.) 16 Jul 2023 19:24:19
I was critical of the Balogun signing but if Foster thinks that its a bad move then I`m beginning to think it must be an okay signing . He gets nothing right, was a mediocre player with a mediocre record ( Walter what were you thinking? ) and could well be the worst pundit on BBC Scotland and that's saying something. I cringe when he is referred to as an ex Rangers player never mind ex Rangers star. How he has the brass neck to criticise anybody considering how poor he was is beyond me. Balogun might not be great but he is miles better than Foster ever was.

4.) 16 Jul 2023 19:29:07
All I see when Foster opens his mouth is him washing the floor with a cloth, while his wife watches and drinks beer.

5.) 16 Jul 2023 19:37:41
Ricky foster is an absolute doughball of a guy just like michael stewart, two of a kind ?.

6.) 16 Jul 2023 19:45:09
Who called him a legend?

7.) 16 Jul 2023 20:01:58
He’s banging Amy MacDonald, that makes him more of a legend than what he done with us ?.

8.) 16 Jul 2023 20:45:01
Foster has said what some posted on this site and others.

9.) 16 Jul 2023 21:31:43
Ricky is struggling to come up with anything meaningful so goes for the old panic signing routine.

10.) 16 Jul 2023 21:43:30
He's a roaster who's better known as being Mr Amy MacDonald rather than a crap ex footballer or crap pundit. Says it all, eh?!

11.) 16 Jul 2023 22:57:02
Foster never has a decent thing to say about rangers .



10 Jul 2023 17:26:13
RIP tommy moller nielson, taken away too young.


1.) 10 Jul 2023 17:50:19
Rest in Peace Tommy Moller Nielson.

2.) 11 Jul 2023 02:20:57
Rip tommy.

3.) 11 Jul 2023 09:08:30
RIP - Tommy Moller Nielson - thoughts and prayers with the family at this sad time?.



07 Jul 2023 18:33:31
oh dear sideways barry ferguson is deeply concerned that gerrard will take tav to saudi, he don't half talk some guff in the papers.


1.) 07 Jul 2023 19:52:09
Barry side ways get a grip?Baz was a tremendous midfielder and the best scottish midfielder over the last quarter of a century for me ?A pure class act ?.

2.) 07 Jul 2023 20:30:56
Realy. Barry was a great Ranger. Met him a few times. Moody wee S4it sometimes, but a great player.

3.) 07 Jul 2023 20:34:10
He’s a bit of a tube now he’s retired but what a player he was.

4.) 07 Jul 2023 20:49:00
Barry Ferguson is the best midfielder Scottish football has seen since the millennium and one of out greatest ever captains. Wind your neck in.

5.) 07 Jul 2023 21:04:23
Sideways Barry Ferguson ? my days I’ve heard it all I here now.

6.) 07 Jul 2023 21:07:07
Correct coops don’t understand why fans don’t like fergie what a player he was.

7.) 07 Jul 2023 21:10:03
As much as I liked Ferguson, definitely not the best Scottish midfielder in last quarter century IMO.

Good player, don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater. But I don't think he was as good as many Rangers fans think he was now.

His free kick against them in the cup final still one of my favourite goals though. ?.

8.) 07 Jul 2023 21:22:37
Barry doesn’t get enough credit. what a player he was and came into that team full of internationals as a boy with chest out and chin up ran the show. Grumpy wee fkr anol lol.

9.) 07 Jul 2023 22:12:10
Now Barry Ferguson is getting it as a said some of ours fans act like they ain’t ever watched rangers.

10.) 07 Jul 2023 22:16:48
Genuine class player. Unreal. Absolute honkin pundit/ football manager.

11.) 07 Jul 2023 22:23:14
Always stick up for a ranger but Ferguson was always known as the crab … sideways for most of his career. Entitled to our opinion . and not a very pleasant guy.

12.) 07 Jul 2023 22:42:47
Ferguson was a top quality cm put many top class cm in the epl to shame, he didn't that very bad injury he'd play for a top four side, correct sws no one gets close to him in the time.

13.) 08 Jul 2023 07:38:30
Superb player who played through the pain barrier for us many times.

14.) 08 Jul 2023 11:59:48
Sorry, I was a Ferguson fan but he's never the best Scottish midfielder since the millennium.

By every measure that's Darren Fletcher IMO.

5 x EPL, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League and Fifa Club World Cup, 13 years at one of the biggest clubs in world football, working for the best manager of the time. Had he not had his sickness for the last 4 of those he'd have been Man U captain candidate. And more International caps and impact at that level than Barry as well.

Barry was a good player and certainly one of the best we've ever produced as a club, but definitely not the best Scottish midfielder of the last 25 years IMO.



28 Jun 2023 17:32:59
zukowski left, seems we got a fee for him.





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15 Dec 2023 21:00:47
buff could still be back at ibrox, but will be playing for another team, not us.




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14 Dec 2023 19:30:58
Davies won't go to hearts, down south mor likely.




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24 Oct 2023 20:09:25
Bring him home.




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23 Oct 2023 17:40:22
Strange site this, it starts with a rumour and ends up in an argument amongst each other, chill out lads its only monday.




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28 Aug 2023 14:37:42
rfc, what makes you think you will find out on here.





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24 Oct 2023 19:42:11
Well we earned great money for him, time to move on to new projects.




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23 Oct 2023 19:12:10
Probably too frightened to get involved.




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13 Oct 2023 20:38:50
you want to get a grip.




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30 Aug 2023 18:03:27
all the beast beale, very sorry for your terrible news, hope your mother is comfortable in her time left.




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25 Aug 2023 17:03:44
prod, that's your opinion pal not fussed about you either, millwall won't make no premier league while cooper is there, ambition i mentioned is playing in europe.




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