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26 Jun 2024 23:32:13
Regarding to the barron deal. A hope its just a cash deal. Any percentage to a future deal is a joke. he's a free so cash should be enough.

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26 Jun 2024 23:48:38
Why would Aberdeen have anything to do with a future sale when their player is out of contract? Only reason I'm led to believe the clubs even have a discussion is to try to meet in the middle in terms of development fee, if both clubs can't agree ( please correct me if I'm wrong ) then it goes to a tribunal which isn't like a claims case that is uncertain it's based on certain amount that clubs paid for the players development which isn't a surprise cost if that makes sense.

27 Jun 2024 01:15:10
Correct gjd, that sounds right to me as far as I understand it. definitely no future sale for dons either, that part I know to be fact.

27 Jun 2024 06:55:47
I think regardless of any sell on fee agreement the sheep are due a small percentage of any sale as standard.

27 Jun 2024 07:33:22
Bgate sell on clause of 5% throughout his career is divided between previous clubs of a player.

Development fee is a set criteriaa based on a number of factors.

27 Jun 2024 08:16:34
Didn't think that was applicable John as he's ooc, so is that a standard policy across players who have been developed by another club before sale, or just ooc players?

27 Jun 2024 10:35:41
I'm sure the sheep can't ask for a sell on fee as he was a free agent, unless rangers include it to reduce the development fee they pay the sheep.

27 Jun 2024 11:16:24
Surely when a player is out of contract the previous club has lost any claim to future transfer monies. If you are trying to buy a player who is currently contracted to another they are quite within their rights to request sell on percentage as part of the deal.

27 Jun 2024 11:17:20
Fork every player in the game, I’m sure Ed 1 can clarify

5% to previous clubs, 5 % to player if he did not request transfer.

{Ed001's Note - only youth clubs. If he is 33 the teams who had him after 18 won't get any money. The 5% is split between the clubs he was at up to the age of 18. The other is correct though, 5% to the player unless he hands in a written transfer request. That is why clubs will often get a player to do that if he is looking to leave, such as when Torres joined Chelsea from Liverpool.}

27 Jun 2024 12:12:10
Thanks Ed 1.

27 Jun 2024 12:28:47
I think we should just tell Aberdeen they’re not getting another offer n we will see them at a tribuneral. They will have less to spend this summer due to that, and then they’ll be very lucky to get the £500k we’ve offered so I dunno why they refused it.

27 Jun 2024 12:41:19
Cheers John and Ed, was unaware guys??.

27 Jun 2024 13:33:42
Yeah cheers guys. I didn't half get that wrong, well that old saying everyday is a school day couldn't be more true.
John/ Ed good knowledge of the game guys, it's a pleasure to have you guys here,

27 jun 2024 15:54:46
i like a nice tribuneral, , stevie i think they will very easily succeed in at leat half a mill.



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