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17 Nov 2023 17:07:22
See cifuentes getting a fair bit of stick playing for his country, really hope this boy kicks on for us but seriously have my doubts.

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17 Nov 2023 19:04:15
He was apparently worth a lot of money and a few clubs were apparently chasing him personally I would try and sell him think we have better youth players and there is better players in the spl than him could be wrong and he turns out good just don’t see much in him tho.

17 Nov 2023 19:06:36
Got told he’s home sick already.

17 Nov 2023 19:12:50
Not seen enough myself either mate but certainly willing to give him a chance.

17 Nov 2023 19:17:41
He also did the last international break also. Honestly can't see him being at ibrox long and making any sort of serious impression on the squad. If am wrong i will hold my hands up and eat my hat.

17 Nov 2023 19:21:10
Some guys moving to a new country hit the ground running others don’t. I’d rather wait till after January and see if things improve.

17 Nov 2023 19:37:49
Need to give the guy a chance imo.

17 Nov 2023 19:58:24
He can’t be too homesick he’s ecuadorian and has been plying his trade in the states for a few years so he’s used to living in a foreign, English speaking country and by all accounts he performed extremely well in the states.

I think we will see the best of him in the 2nd half of the season.
He’s had a few injury problems since he came in aswell.

I do have my doubts about him aswell but fingers crossed.
If not we loan him back to mls where he’s comfortable and try to maximise our transfer fee a year later.

17 Nov 2023 20:07:18
But he was the best player in the best league in the world, according to some. American league is not properly competitive in my opinion, you won't see the real player until he's fighting for his club in high pressure games.

17 Nov 2023 20:30:53
Aye give him time, has he even had 5 x 90mins under his belt?

17 Nov 2023 21:08:47
Another one of Michael Beale's project players, as much as I had some sympathy for Beale having to basically do most of the recruitment himself without a DOF the amount of money squandered on Dessers Lammers and Cifuentes was scandalous.

17 Nov 2023 21:58:42
Stevie G LA is a bit different from Glasgow just because they speak English doesn’t mean it won’t be a hard transition.

Give the lad a chance he’s clearly low on confidence. Beales shocking tactics away to PSV killed him. He’s got more of a chance than Lammers and Dessers of turning it round imo.

17 Nov 2023 22:17:17
Let's be honest here he has been poor so far, needs to improve big time. He is not a striker so maybe us not getting it as much as Dessers.

17 Nov 2023 22:36:53
Have always said he is at least a yard slow.
Willing to give him a shot, but he needs to shape up quickly.

17 Nov 2023 22:38:18
Cifu has showed less than Lammers. my overarching opinion is managers or Scouts are underestimating the demands or Rangers, which is has showed to be the case both sides of the SPL in the last 5 years.

17 Nov 2023 23:16:22
Cifu could/ I think will be a player not played as much and it’s hard coming from different league for some players to just write him of is nothing short of ridiculous.
TJB no one said he was the best player in the world.
Also the American league is better than the spl to say it’s non competitive is embarrassing.

17 Nov 2023 23:22:37
davidb, they don't speak English in Glasgow! ? But seriously, I really thought he'd be our mid field engine. So far I'm way off the mark but still hopeful.

17 Nov 2023 23:35:14
Greeley apparently he was signed on recommendation of park and scouting dept. Not a Beale signing.

David, my point was someone said he’s homesick? I was pointing out he didn’t come from his home country, he’d been living in states for a few year and obviously it’s not a language thing as they speak English.
2 reasons he can’t be homesick.

18 Nov 2023 00:04:17
How can he not be homesick because he’s moved before? He’s more likely to have South American players in his squad at LA who he’d settle in with easier. We only have Danilo who’s settling in as well.

He’ll have moved to Glasgow not knowing a single person here and probably not having been in Britain before. He’ll take time to adapt. Beale also hung him out to try away to PSV give the lad a chance.

18 Nov 2023 01:01:46
Can he not be home sick for the states? doesn’t have to be his home country.

18 Nov 2023 02:36:16
Utter nonsense the first post, he took stick I'm talking about, why because he got booked scored a goal that was ruled out by var or got subbed, I'll give it three months and what a change of opinion on him on here.

18 nov 2023 03:29:40
to be fair star. you said that exact same thing about yilmaz, 6 months ago, i said he will never be rangers lb, i still believe that,

18 Nov 2023 03:41:43
Forgot to add took that must stick he was subbed in the 90 minute.

18 Nov 2023 03:59:51

Tom still can't understand you thinking Yimaz is not a player, see if he's sold we will get a big transfer than signed, can't see him being sold though.

18 nov 2023 06:30:07
never once said he can't play mate, said he won't be here long, his height is an issue in this league, he's too easily beaten,

18 Nov 2023 07:08:04
Cool mate I got it wrong and thought that's what you were getting at Tom, you could be correct about his height though.

18 Nov 2023 08:50:03
Gresley he was not I’d by Beale we had vchased him since Gio days.

18 Nov 2023 09:30:16
More poor journalism trying to get a story about nothing.

18 Nov 2023 09:44:07
Any bid from Turkey of 5 million plus I'd sell Yilmaz.

18 Nov 2023 09:45:20
Insert a minimum 20% sell on clause.

18 Nov 2023 11:13:05

The clues in the name mate?

Homesick? And u ask can he not be homesick for an other foreign country to him?
That’s mental man.
No he can’t be homesick for another country than his home, that just doesn’t work mate.
He may well miss the mls, LA, the states, his partner if that’s the case. Who knows
But u can’t call it homesick it just isn’t that.

David, if u read my first post about cifuentes I said I think he’ll come good 2nd part of season, but I have obvious doubts same as everyone.
So i'm giving him a chance I dunno what your getting at me about?
Moving and not knowing people is part of football I’m sure he’ll be fine. They’re well paid professionals not baby’s.



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