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16 Jun 2024 07:10:01
I can't remember how long stevie clarke has left on his contract as scotland manager first and foremost ?Before we even arrived in germany for this tournament, our national team has been on a very poor run of results and performances and now this drubbing by germany ☹️ Like i said yesterday germany were good but imo steve clarke got his team selection and tactics badly wrong and depending on what happens against Switzerland and Hungary in our last two group games, i honestly think we should be looking to freshen things up and change the manager, once we are no longer in this tournament ? It's not because we got thrashed by germany it's because we're now under clarke going backwards/ down the way and needs addressed ?My choice to replace him is undoubtedly davie moyes, who would be a superb choice imo and is a good manager . Moyes for me is ready to manage his country and has the perfect experience and is at the certain age to do it ? Thoughts guys ?.

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16 Jun 2024 07:36:54
I don’t disagree with looking at Moyes, I think Clarke deserves huge credit for getting to the two major tournaments and perhaps it is time for a change. Moyes is a good shout if this is the case, like Clarke he is a very good manager.

I don’t think Clarke could have played a better starting 11, we were never going to have enough possession to get the best out of Gilmour which in all honestly was Clarke’s only real decision to make (Gilmour v Christie) .

What I was frustrated by was the tactics (and I use that term loosely) used by Clarke with the players in the park. Why pass the ball out of our own box with our best passer in the team is on the bench? Also, play b appear to be to hoof the ball to Adams who was dwarfed by the German centre half who were simply faster, stronger and more aggressive.

The real worrying think was how good Switzerland looked yesterday, 3 points looks a huge task, I’m now starting to think ‘please don’t get hammered again’, I’m sure some of the players are probably thinking the same.

16 Jun 2024 08:07:06
Think Moyes would be most folks choice tbh, plenty of experience as you say but is it right for him? Left field here, what about Big Eck?

16 Jun 2024 08:30:57
Moyes for me would be a great choice.
Stevie Clarke has got Scotland to 2 euros but it’s harder not to qualify now.

16 Jun 2024 08:35:45
I think the clueless sfa will be wanting to extend his contract.

16 Jun 2024 09:29:22
I’d be very surprised if moyes went to Scotland, we could not afford his wages.

16 Jun 2024 09:32:53
The biggest problem is we don’t have the quality throughout the team to challenge the top teams.
A few playing for top teams is not going to cut it at this level.
The system was badly exposed by the Germans on Friday but not sure Moyes would set them up much differently, possibly try to push them further up the park.
It’s a catch 22 with Scotland for me, if we get a manager that sets the team up more expansively then we would be on the back foot a lot cause one of the biggest problems is we don’t keep the ball well enough.

16 Jun 2024 10:17:03
He's said before he wants to manage Scotland at some point so I can't see how taking a drop in wages would stop him.

16 Jun 2024 10:17:09
Is big Ek not very ill just now mate? agree he would be a good appointment but I’m sure I have read he is seriously ill the now, apologies if that’s wrong.

16 Jun 2024 10:21:27
Moves is the outstanding candidate if Clarke was to leave.

16 Jun 2024 10:26:54
I think Moyesy would jump at the opportunity to manage his country.

16 Jun 2024 10:33:05
Clarke will not be sacked - the SFA will have him on an extended contract. Of the 4 games so far, Scotland have been far and away the worst team.

16 Jun 2024 10:52:25
Unsure 56 haven't heard bud.

16 Jun 2024 10:52:56
Can’t blame Clarke for that result he done well to get us to the euros, Germany are elite imo possible winners.

16 Jun 2024 10:53:23
A defence with Ralston Porteous and Hendry against any half decent team and you’re in trouble. Scotland got off light if it had been eight we couldn’t have any complaints.

16 Jun 2024 11:05:28
Goingfor56, the only thing I seen was he was tested for football related dementia, also his boys have had health troubles with Colitis, other than that nothing bud.

16 Jun 2024 11:33:35
John what wages is he on just now? A big fat zero so all you can do is ask.

16 Jun 2024 12:09:02
Billy davies.

16 Jun 2024 12:09:49
John I think if scotland asked the question Moyes may find it hard to refuse.

16 Jun 2024 12:13:45
Moyes said he'd like to manage Scotland.

16 Jun 2024 12:18:28
Bring who you like in, it's not as if we have half a dozen players missing we could add to that group to improve them, I don't care who the manager is.

16 Jun 2024 13:24:11
Agree Sir Struth, we would struggle to beat Albania the so called minnows of the tournament.
Think we will see more going overs now that we are in a hard group in the Nations league.

16 Jun 2024 13:29:37
Love it Paul ?.

16 Jun 2024 14:18:19
Storm correct t, but in frame for liecster job and jobs abroad.

16 Jun 2024 14:57:28
Cool John, I think if country comes calling then money isn’t normally the issue. That’s just me tho everyone is different.

16 Jun 2024 17:02:30
If he is offered the Scotland job he will take it .

16 Jun 2024 18:19:52
You're spot on Jaws ?.

16 Jun 2024 18:23:32
We became too reliant on a system of Lyndon Dykes holding the ball up and laying it off to the midfield. Tinpot tactics but they work. To me what has been shown is how 1 dimensional Clarke is, absolutely devoid of any off the cuff tactics. We have the best generation of players for a long time and we've a manager who just isn't capable of adapting. Spfl low block counter attack tactics don't work in th elite level especially when you don't have the tools to play that way.



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