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17 Apr 2024 00:14:19
Thought I'd post this wee rumour here and I stress it is a rumour, the father son duo who were let go as groundsman at Dundee were to sign an agreement with Dundee for a payout so as not to speak to press etc, the father did however I'm hearing the son didn't and has proof on his phone etc by way of messages from Dundee manager to "flood the pitch" for their Aberdeen game which was called off due to a waterlogged pitch, the reason being injuries and suspensions had Dundee down to the bare bones, now as I said this is a rumour from a workmate who is a Dundee fan who also said the son is in talks with newspapers about breaking the story, time will tell if there is anything in this or if it is just my work mate at the wind up.


1.) 17 apr 2024 07:41:04
a very interesting tale, and one i will await the outcome of with relish, probably not true, but then again, football is a murky business sometimes, this sort of thing has occurred many times, and other dodgy practices, yes, very interesting indeed, not unheard of.

2.) 17 Apr 2024 08:58:34
Sounds like a wind up but if true I reckon it would've been the club hierarchy handing out the instruction not the manager. Would love it to be true and they get banged down the leagues for cheating!

3.) 17 Apr 2024 09:13:55
Well if true and either signed an nda and are leaking info to press Dundee can sue them for everything they've got.

4.) 17 apr 2024 10:18:24
no they cant.

5.) 17 Apr 2024 11:05:58
I’ll go for incompetence over conspiracy pretty much every time.

6.) 17 Apr 2024 12:03:15
Tom if an NDA is broken there are financial legal implications, yes they can mate.

7.) 17 apr 2024 12:10:02
not for everything you got they cant.

8.) 17 apr 2024 12:13:23
most nda are broken legally, and some will cost you financially, they won't sue you for everything is what i said, not they won't sue you, , nda is a minefield, many have been challenged and torn up before, not as simple as just " sue you for everything you have "

9.) 17 Apr 2024 13:45:23
Just to clarify lads, the story I was told was the father had signed the nda but the son hadn’t, hence if all of this is true there wouldn’t be anything Dundee could do if it came from the son, as I say it could be workmate at the wind up but stranger things have happened.

10.) 17 apr 2024 14:32:41
if so the massive skoolboy error 56

getting the father to sign any nda and not the son would be almost criminal . hope so.

11.) 17 Apr 2024 17:22:18
I'm with you now tom, aye there's huge financial risk at stake for breaking one though, you're right, of course the keyword here being IF anything was signed.

12.) 17 Apr 2024 18:37:42
I was chatting to a Dundee fan on Facebook this week who showed me proof that the flooding is due to new build houses and insufficient drainage. He showed photos from the week the games were called off and the road was under a foot of water, all running towards Dundee's stadium. Apparently the SNP led Council need to stump up £3.5mill to fix this issue, so have been putting it off.

13.) 17 Apr 2024 19:55:28
Dont think there's any new builds where water would run towards dens.

14.) 17 Apr 2024 23:02:11
Surely if Dundee's ground was affected then United's would be as well. Whatever the situation is it's a shambles and needs sorting. If it isn't sorted then Dundee shouldn't be allowed to play in the SPL.



15 Sep 2022 09:02:32
Just heard a wee rumour there, and I stress it's only a rumour, gio will be sacked if we drop points at the weekend, also heard from same person he may even be sacked if we win but struggle to that win, again guys, just a rumour.


1.) 15 Sep 2022 09:26:55
If that's the case then its shocking. Gio tactically masterminded our run to the EL final, qualification to the CL. Yip 3 poor results but against good opposition. We drew at hibs due to poor ref and petulant buff. Lack of ambition from board and Ross wilson, Gio should have been backed in the summer.

2.) 15 Sep 2022 09:31:06
Unfortunately football is a results driving business.
And the buck always stops with the manager.
I still have faith in Gio.
Though it may be tempting for the board to change manager next week as we have an International break that would allow them time to get a replacement in.

3.) 15 Sep 2022 10:04:08
Listening to the press conference last night was the most snippy I have seen Gio. He's begining to look like a man under pressure. What is the point in changing the manager though if he isn't backed. Gerrard wasn't backed when he wanted to kick on, Gio hasn't been backed this summer. If we get a new manager is it going to be more of the same?

4.) 15 Sep 2022 10:09:52
In my opinion, Gio has lost the dressing room and isn't able to lift the team in the way a class manager should. Although I feel he should move on, I have no clue who I would look to for a replacement.

5.) 15 Sep 2022 10:18:49
Hopefully he gets more time than that. because if the list here is to be believed we definitely won't be upgrading!

6.) 15 Sep 2022 10:28:21
Did watch the game last night, do the bouncey? The team were more than lifted for the game. They were well up for it.

7.) 15 Sep 2022 10:32:58
He didn't look like he'd list dressing room last night every player put in a shift.

8.) 15 Sep 2022 10:37:10
Agree SuperAlly, Gerrard not backed and now Gio. With the money we brought in we should have brought in the players to get to the next level, it never happened and look at us now, we are paying for that. Some of the names that have been mentioned don't inspire, ie Parker, OGS etc, I'd rather keep Gio thanks.
I'm not sure about him losing the dressing room, the effort last night wouldn't suggest that for me, although we will tell after the United game.

9.) 15 Sep 2022 10:51:36
Lost the dressing room? What rubbish. Marked improvement last night and there seemed to be a very real desire from the team. He struggled at times but I thought Kent put in a really good shift.

10.) 15 Sep 2022 10:57:14
There's a good few that should be going from rangers long before gio!
I still firmly back the manager and he's been hung out to dry imo ?.

11.) 15 Sep 2022 11:14:06
Board and wilson mostly to blame here we have sold quality and replaced with bang average IMO guys in the team miles off it at the moment but will not get dropped because what's on the bench is no better something needs to change rapidly while i'm losing faith in Gio its clear he’s not been backed the way he would like to be.

12.) 15 Sep 2022 12:21:06
Neil McCann I agree and have been saying since first window they have not backed gio at all. Club signings only how can a manager implement his team ideas without getting players he knows suit his game plan. This is why smelltic look so good as they have given him freedom to go after his own targets. As a new manager you should be allowed to bring in at least two of your own targets at the start and then they should be used as a reference of how good you will be with recruitment.

13.) 15 Sep 2022 12:22:20
Superally ? 100% correct.

14.) 15 Sep 2022 12:28:34
True blue can't agree on Kent he was all over the place bad positioning every time when he should have stayed out left he came way into the middle so was not available for the switch when we had the ball on right and looking to cross he should have been getting in at back post but wasn't this is why Kent doesn't score any tap ins his positional sense is dreadful as I said before Kent last two seasons goals for rangers 3 Jota.15 abbada.20 and most of abadas goals tap ins at back post Kent is all flash no substance and now constantly running into dead ends passing when he should take man on and taking man on when he should pass poor poor decision making.

15.) 15 Sep 2022 12:29:28
Walter ???100%.

16.) 15 Sep 2022 12:47:17
Absolutely coop. 100%.

17.) 15 Sep 2022 13:53:56
SWS spot on ???????????.

18.) 15 Sep 2022 16:12:24
One guarantee is that Dundee United won’t roll over and down tools after 35 mins against Rangers. I expect a tough game with United sitting in for 90 mins and watt, McGrew and fletcher surprisingly back to their best.

Hopefully Gio has us up for it and we get stuck in. I’m still backing the team and Gio and hopefully get a run of wins in league and put this sacking talk to bed.

19.) 15 Sep 2022 16:16:53
What I saw last night was the players that were brought to the Club under Gerrard along with Lundstram and Sands showing total commitment to the jersey. That doesn't sound like a situation where GVB has lost the Dressing Room.
The Big concern for me was the fact that none of this Season's new signings were in the starting line up and that certainly doesn't give me the comfort that these were players that GVB was desperate to sign.

20.) 15 Sep 2022 21:19:26
From where I was standing in the Broomloan rear last night, I saw a definite improvement from the Celtic and Ajax matches, The red card was a big moment in the match, after we lost the first goal which they needed 3 penalties to get, Gio went for the equaliser with his subs and left the defence a bit open but it was worth the gamble.

The Champions league is a bonus this season and winning the championship more important.
With the injury’s we have at central defence Helander, Souter, Davies, Laurance and Hagi in midfield injured, Jack and Morelos not up to speed yet. I think Pep Guardiola would struggle to do a better job than Gio.
He took us on the most fantastic journey to Saville last season and with a little luck on penalties he would be a legend buy now.




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22 Jun 2024 14:03:16
Away from the transfer rumours just to ask does anyone know when the home strip will be unveiled/ released? daughter bursting my heed about it for weeks now! also on the fallout about materials etc for upgrades, delays can happen even with suppliers here, I'm a fabricator/ welder and my work has had bother getting material just recently, some heavy duty hollow section we need has a 12 week lead team from local suppliers just now, however you would think planning etc could be better especially when we need work done/ signed off for season starting.


1.) 22 Jun 2024 15:13:17
Just a guess but next week just after most folk get paid.

2.) 22 Jun 2024 16:05:29
I asked the question in the Rangers store last week and they said the end of the month but weren't 100% certain.

3.) 22 Jun 2024 16:15:43
Was thinking that myself threecheers ?.

4.) 22 Jun 2024 17:04:05
No hurry, we won’t need a home strip for a while.

5.) 22 Jun 2024 17:23:44
Really John??.

6.) 22 Jun 2024 17:52:57
Very out of character, John but I like it?.

7.) 23 Jun 2024 08:12:29
Very true John, lol, we'll get there eventually, I'm sure.



25 May 2024 18:55:42
I'm on tonight to apologise to stormtrooper about the live chat today, call it pent up frustration or whatever else but to storm I apologise, and just to put it out there storm, I don't drink, I'm recovering from cancer so it's a no can do at the monument. and I stress at the moment, anyway, I apologise mate, just frustration!


1.) 25 May 2024 19:08:56
Hope your doing well goingfor56 get well soon mate.

2.) 25 May 2024 19:18:44
Well said going, and good luck with your fight my wife has just finished treatment for cancer so I know how it takes it out of you.

3.) 25 May 2024 19:23:52
Mate you don’t need to apologise to me ever bud I know things get said in heat of the moment we are both passionate about our club and we are both disappointed. I apologies to you as well. I am currently going thru about of sickness so I wish you all the best in your recovery ?.

4.) 25 May 2024 19:52:18
Here here all round guys?best of health.

5.) 25 May 2024 20:03:18
Thanks for the well wishes guys and again I apologise storm mate. just a tad emotional the now, going through it the now also with the daughter type 1 diabetes and now epilepsy! the struggle goes on. and still we follow!

6.) 25 May 2024 20:40:31
I’ll pray for you and the family mate ?.

7.) 25 May 2024 22:39:14
Thank you storm, very much appreciated. hope and love to you and yours mate ?.



11 Apr 2024 14:38:50
Should have played the game tonight, don't know about Dundee but it's "taps aff" weather in forfar just up the road ?.


1.) 11 Apr 2024 15:08:54
I see PC saying that we offered to play tonight but it was rejected. Wtf.

2.) 11 Apr 2024 15:15:36
The more and more stories that come out about this farce, I would think that they had rejected that is because they play Saturday.

3.) 12 Apr 2024 04:36:49
Good point gofor.



10 Apr 2024 16:07:38
Dens park is an absolute joke. they should be sanctioned for this, absolute farce.5 games postponed in a season is just not good enough,2nd division teams have kept their pitches in better order, it's an absolute joke.


1.) 10 Apr 2024 16:47:09
Amateur parks up and down the country in a playable condition but a premier league professional team can’t get their park playable. Dundee have neglected their park all season as they don’t want to spend money on it. Plain and simple. The Rangers statement is strong but 100% correct.

Kettlewell was correct on Saturday, teams like Motherwell have cut their cloth accordingly to make sure the park is in a good state, spending money on park which could have been spent on player budget. Dundee don’t give a monkeys and should be sanctioned.

2.) 10 Apr 2024 16:59:00
Fruitbear, I don't think The Rangers statement is strong enough!

3.) 10 Apr 2024 17:31:38
Couldn’t agree more, and who’s to say it will be playable next Wednesday? where do we go from there if it can’t get played next week?

4.) 10 Apr 2024 17:55:12
Rangers statement strong/ correct, but what is it going to do for us. can the club claim back any expense for travelling/ overnight stay? Probably not. Will the sfa/ SPL sanction Dundee, probably not.
So apart from screaming and stamping our feet what's the point?
Everyone else getting a whole week off before the semi. Imagine this happening to deluded always cheated FC.

5.) 10 Apr 2024 18:55:06
Makes it worse when my mate has just phoned me saying his young lads game is on tonight at fairmuir in Dundee, amateur pitch is on and dens is off ?‍♂️.

6.) 10 Apr 2024 19:44:02
It doesn’t really make it worse 56.

7.) 10 Apr 2024 21:24:57
Sorry storm, incorrect use of grammar, instead of worse shall we say even more farcical? is that ok mate? didn’t realise the grammar police were out the night.

8.) 10 Apr 2024 22:02:12
Storm still can't find anything about roofe, where did you see it?

9.) 10 Apr 2024 22:09:54
The grammar police are never off duty 56.

10.) 11 Apr 2024 18:54:29
Jfm, storm posted earlier that he made a mistake. Roofe isn't retiring.



12 Mar 2024 14:35:51
I see Todd Cantwell still lives rent free in Chris Suttons head, guy just can't resist a wee dig now and then, hope oor Todd just ignores the walloper and doesn't bite back.





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01 Jul 2024 13:44:48
Kenny has to be on the wind up surely, nobody can possibly think that if goldson agrees terms on a contract at Birmingham for say 20k a week that means rangers would have to pay him the 10k a week to make it up to 30k a week. got to be a wind up merchant.




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16 Jun 2024 10:13:26
Dead duck hopefully, not good enough, people moan about goldson, he's 10 times better than McNair.




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17 Apr 2024 13:45:23
Just to clarify lads, the story I was told was the father had signed the nda but the son hadn’t, hence if all of this is true there wouldn’t be anything Dundee could do if it came from the son, as I say it could be workmate at the wind up but stranger things have happened.




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24 Aug 2023 16:49:11
If both parties wanted it, it would have happened by now surely, he’s been sat on his arse doing nowt the last 3 month.




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10 Aug 2023 12:23:39
I’ve asked the question if this is a goer lads, just waiting on a reply, text and ex work colleague who is Harry’s girlfriends step father, he should hopefully know if this is a goes, I know harry and his girlfriend have just recently moved from stoke to Leicester, just wonder if they would move back up the road? soon as I find out I’ll post ?.





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22 Jun 2024 16:15:43
Was thinking that myself threecheers ?.




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16 Jun 2024 10:17:09
Is big Ek not very ill just now mate? agree he would be a good appointment but I’m sure I have read he is seriously ill the now, apologies if that’s wrong.




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25 May 2024 22:39:14
Thank you storm, very much appreciated. hope and love to you and yours mate ?.




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25 May 2024 20:03:18
Thanks for the well wishes guys and again I apologise storm mate. just a tad emotional the now, going through it the now also with the daughter type 1 diabetes and now epilepsy! the struggle goes on. and still we follow!




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10 May 2024 15:45:51
Absolutely love the optimism mate, saying that I’d take any win, a scruffy win will do just to put a bit of pressure on them going to killie midweek. going to miss the start of the game, maybe 1st half, daughter playing in Cowdenbeath in the morning, hopefully come home to us winning 2 or 3 nil at half time ??.




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