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04 Feb 2020 11:56:19
Personally I think we should be shaking up the starting lineup tomorrow night. Too many of the manager’s favourites resting on their laurels.

First thing I would do, and some people will be straight on disagreeing so angrily their eyes bleed, is put in Halliday for Kamara. He’s not a world beater but he will give us that bite and aggression in midfield that we badly miss when Jack isn’t playing.

Also, you can bet Halliday is bursting a gut in training every day. What message does it send to fringe guys like him, Edmunson, Stewart if they run themselves into the ground at training all week just to sit on the bench and watch the same players struggle for 4 games in a row now without any sign of being dropped?

As well as Halliday, I would have Hagi in for Aribo and if Tav is fit I would have him back in and Polster moved to right of the midfield 3 in place of Arfield. I would also play Edmundson ahead of Goldson but pigs will fly before that happens. Lastly, if Stewart is fit I would have him in for Kent. Bar one or two games Kent has been a massive disappointment since he came back and he is one of the ones that could do with being let know he isn’t undroppable. For me there are only 3 undroppable players at present, the goalie, Borna and Morelos.

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04 Feb 2020 12:40:21
Agree mate but no Halliday.

04 Feb 2020 12:53:25
2 months ago you didn’t rate Tav, now he’s your saviour! 🤔
And Halliday for Kamara? 😂 He’s a fan who’s now out his depth of where we need to be!
And Edmundson for Goldson? I’m assuming you missed Katics contribution at the weekend. Especially his distribution with the ball?
And you’ve the cheek to slag Gerrard?
And a 30 minute cameo from Kent is unfortunately worth more than 90 minutes from Stewart. 👍.

04 Feb 2020 13:28:05
The team could maybe do with a freshening up. One or two changes though, not wholesale changes.

04 Feb 2020 14:15:17
No haliday for me however would consider moving polster into the midfield if tav is fit and bring Hagi straight in for Aribo.

04 Feb 2020 16:14:15
I’d like a couple of changes but nothing drastic, if tavernier is fit bring him in move Polster to midfield in expense of kamara.

04 Feb 2020 16:58:43
Wind your neck in Pacman.

First, show me where I called Tav our saviour? He’s our best option at right back, doesn’t mean I think he’s great, he still can’t defend.

Halliday isn’t brilliant but the way some of you go on is ridiculous, he can play football. And honestly, he contributed more in his last few appearances than Kamara has in his last few.

And aye, Edmundson for Goldson. Maybe Katic’s distribution doesn’t make him Xavi but call me mental, I like my defenders to defend.

And Kent has barely kicked a ball since he came back, Stewart on the other hand has been a pleasant surprise and has a wee bit of subtlety and intelligence to his game which is sadly missing.

04 Feb 2020 17:08:18
Andy halliday where? In the middle of the park? Wow that is just mental 😂😂😂. I would bust a gut in training every day for Rangers aswel don't mean i should be anywhere near the team. If andy halliday is still here next season i will be gobsmacked. He will probbaly end up at dundee or partick.

04 Feb 2020 17:55:55
Honestly, the view of Halliday is ridiculous. He’s a decent player - not brilliant, but decent. You would think he had one leg the way some folk went on. At least you would get effort and dig from him, something that has been sadly lacking the last two games.

04 Feb 2020 18:18:56
This is not a sleight on katic but in my eyes, although i like both together goldson is a better all round centre half. Take the last 2 games against both hearts and aberdeen into account for a second here fellow bears. Both liam boyce of hearts and big sam cosgrove of aberdeen started up against goldson and got no joy and both switched to take on katic early enough into the game. They both got more joy there and that tells you what both boyce and cosgrove were thinking.

04 Feb 2020 18:35:32
Swagman andy halliday is a bottom 6 / top championship player. He done us a good turn down the leagues even then limited. Wee holt is actually far better player.

04 Feb 2020 19:41:17
You must consider him a saviour? Why else would you bring Tav back into the team when you’ve heavily criticised him in the past. Especially when Polster is doing OK a thing RB.
And an out of form Kamara is still a better shout than Halliday! You could get dig and effort from one of the 50000 in the stands!
And you’re still banging on about 2 rookies at the back when we aren’t playing great - with one untried and the other who’s distribution is terrible and we play a build up from the back style of play.
And you’ve been pleasantly surprised by Stewart? You seen a lot of him from the bench and treatment table? 🤔🤪.

04 Feb 2020 20:21:00
Got to admit - Halliday for kamarra I would accept at this moment in time
Kamarra has been down right awfull the past few games and right now he would be better out the team than in
Can’t hold the ball up, can’t pass and can’t take on anyone, god knows what’s happened to him it’s crazy how bad he’s got
And for all Halliday is not the best footballer sometimes a player in the team running around doing his utmost to help the team and showing energy and fight can spur other players on, so can see where the original post is coming from

Any way what ever happens what ever team and what ever formation we need to win one way or another tomorrow night
There will be no words I’ll be able to put on this site as it will not be allowed lol

Listening the Clyde phone in - Celtic fans really putting in the boot now it’s not funny - our challenge has finished blah blah
It will be if we don’t win tomorrow night
And I don’t care how much I loved Stevie g coming the club and how much I want him to be the one to win it for us
But I’ll be out of patience if we lose tomorrow

These players better get there finger out and show us some fight Tomorrow night
There is no more excuses.

04 Feb 2020 21:28:23
Have to say that Halliday might just inject some fight and passion into the other players.

He may not be Pele or Messi but he never really let us down when thrown in no matter what position.

04 Feb 2020 21:38:56
Why all this Halliday for kamara stuff surely it’s Ianis in place of kamara simples.

04 Feb 2020 22:48:01
Think it’s a given hagi should start lol
But just incase he doesn’t I wouldn’t say no to Halliday for kamarra for the way kamarra is paying don’t want to see him in the starting lineup

Aribo and Kent not setting the heather on fire either
Everyone whoever plays tomorrow night needs to step up big time
But give kamarra a few games on the bench or out the squad altogether for a bit
He’s been that bad he definitely needs dropped for a bit and see how he can respond.

05 Feb 2020 08:35:58
Get young Hastie on the bench tonight, and if possible get him on at some point to give him a chance to show what he can do, this is where I feel we discard a few young players too early, remember Super Ally's early days, banjo and a Coo's A--e springs to mind, the rest is history.



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