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14 Apr 2024 18:46:08
Been told that Wolves are interested in Butland as Sa is expected to leave in the summer for the Saudi league. Possible that any deal for Silva could be offset/ reduced by the sale of Butland to Wolves. Clement likes him, I don't think he's worth the 15-20 million Wolves are asking.

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14 Apr 2024 19:39:45
If butland goes I'd rather get his value in cash I don't think silva is what we need but 10m for jack could be well spent.

14 Apr 2024 19:55:09
Nope to Silva. He will go back and not return.

14 Apr 2024 20:05:54
Wouldn't give them £5 million for silva. Flatters to deceive and dives about too much.

14 apr 2024 20:13:27
silva looks tome like a guy whos been bought fir way above his value, there's better young scottish players imo, we have lost our way with regards to homegrown talent.

Ferguson and shankland should be rangers players and possibly doig, and definitely barron, there talent here waiting to be found we used to be renowned for our scottish players, captains and strikers, we took our eyes off the ball, allowed beale to waste millions while real talent in scotland walked away, ferguson and shankland would have crawled over hot coals to play for rangers, it's such a shame we didn't see what they could have been, we need someone who once again knows what a talented boy with roots at rangers can bring, its always a bonus having your heart in the club.

14 Apr 2024 20:28:40
Not a chance. Silva is terrible.

14 Apr 2024 21:17:46
I wouldn’t pay £20 for him.

14 Apr 2024 22:03:21
Silva became Silvia after the diving queen performance against them. it’s a no for me. if Butland goes anywhere spend the money on players that can keep well grounded.

14 Apr 2024 22:54:32
We're never buying Silva!

With entry into the CL looking like it's not happening, I bet you, right here, that Butland gets sold on the cheap.

15 Apr 2024 06:58:02
Money for Butland - a big YES
Offset to buy Silva - a big NO.

15 Apr 2024 09:04:53
Silva for me falls into the same category as Goldson and Lundstrum. The sooner he is gone the better. Nothing but a poser with an inflated opinion of his own ability.
If Butland is to go then we need to maximise the fee we receive for him. We will need around £40m to bring in the level of player needed rather than sign more 3rd rate players with no fight and totally lacking in a winning mentality.

15 Apr 2024 09:07:37
Rtr, wouldn't surprise me. I've always said he would be off and if we somehow manage to get double figures for him we will be doing well imo.
No where near the pot PC is going to need to AGAIN rebuild a team with at least 6 needed for next year.

15 Apr 2024 09:18:21
Tbh, i've been disappointed with Silva.

15 Apr 2024 15:37:17
There's far betters players out there for quarter price than silva. he was shocking yesterday. cash dealfor butland and we move on.

15 Apr 2024 16:49:54
Silva couldn't hack it with that World power Wolves so that signing is very odd . Reminds me of Alfie Conn who didn't like the rain or the cauld and hid, he left Mr Bean at left back to do it all himself and we know he can't do it even when he has help . The manager surely must have clocked this pair before. he could drag the first 2 out the stand and they would do better.



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