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27 Mar 2024 11:28:25
I see cyrille doesn't reserve missing sitters for only us . Did any1 see the chance he missed for Nigeria last night?

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27 Mar 2024 11:32:27
Not seen it but RTG mentioned it, will go have a nosey.

27 Mar 2024 11:56:02
At the very least he has to hit the target.

27 Mar 2024 12:26:49
Of course Shankland would have scored the sitter just like he did for Scotland v the Dutch.

Only Dessers misses.

27 Mar 2024 12:35:35
Correct dk19 not seen one mention of the 3/ 4 sitters the greatest striker in Scotland history missed the last 2 games.

27 Mar 2024 12:38:16
I think the key point you are forgetting about behind your satire DK19 is that consistently missing sitters is unfortunately what we have come to expect from Dessers.

I'll tell you something else, if he misses another glaring sitter in the old firm game that costs us just like the one at Celtic Park, I think a lot of fans may not be as forgiven.

27 Mar 2024 13:00:09
I'd take him missing Celtic sitters if his goal contributions helps us win the league and cup, a team wins not one guy.

27 Mar 2024 13:15:46
He is going go be the hero or the absolute villain in this title race. Maybe written in the stars he's the man or is that far too wishful.

27 Mar 2024 13:49:44
Yes Fork and Dado I do hope so. Its just silly to drag Shankland into this because he missed a chance when he is nowhere near as inconsistent at Dessers.

Fo avoidance of doubt, its the consistency of the chances missed and not just a missed chance here or there.

27 Mar 2024 14:04:44
I wish I had the confidence in him that I could see him be a hero, but I don't. Very limited footballer, but with decent stats.

27 Mar 2024 14:49:02
Your right fork, a team wins not one player. But we can't afford to keep missing so many chances as I'm not overly confident of us not slipping up at the back. Thank god for Butland.

27 Mar 2024 15:25:09
Dessers has a conversion rate of 14% from chances.

Shankland has a conversion rate of 18% from chances.

Not exactly head and shoulders above Dessers.

Both aren't good enough for Rangers going forward.

But we will win the league this year with Dessers leading the line.

27 Mar 2024 15:27:06
Shankland game last night only reaffirmed to me we dodged a bullet not signing him.

27 Mar 2024 16:32:25
Fair point Parlane?.

27 Mar 2024 17:03:51
Shankland has missed sitters in the last few scotland games, why pick on Dessers? He is our main striker at the moment and has my full support. Next year we will have some new faces, until then, support all our players.

27 Mar 2024 17:07:31
But Still better than Dessers and proves it was silly to bring shankland into it when its glaringly obvious he does not consistently miss sitters like Dessers.

You are absolutely right though, we need better than both.

We will win the league but we probably would be further infront of Celtic if we had Shankland leading the line to be honest.

27 Mar 2024 18:41:28
MBW - bit of a nonsense quote there - were Shankland in our team we would be in better place than relying on Dessers as a saviour IMHO.

27 Mar 2024 20:30:51
Shankland doesn't play for Rangers so iv no interest if he misses a sitter playing for Scotland but dessers plays for us and him missing a sitter is relevant to mention on a RANGERS SITE!

27 Mar 2024 20:57:22
Good post fork ?

Mph another good post and we do need better than both.

One Walter I is very relevant IMO as they have been a lot of poster on here banging on about shankland for the last 6 months +.
I never seen you post on any of them and say it was irrelevant ?.

We have a great chance of winning this league and we are going to need dessers just like the rest of the players to win it.

I can’t believe we have already won the league cup with a player so bad ?.

27 Mar 2024 20:58:39
There is a feed every single week dedicated to dessers vs shankland ?

The only way dessers will get people off his back a bit is if he scores a goal or 2 against celtic.
In that regard, shankland has scored quite a few against celtic the last few years. And a few against us. And ask hibs about him as well. Seems to be a big game player whereas dessers looks over-awed in majority of big games.
Ive seen enough of dessers and hope he is gone in summer with all my heart. How many games can you say dessers was outstanding in? Probably none. Even when he's scored he still drives you potty.

28 Mar 2024 09:56:40
Bang on Bigdado - 100% correct. Shankland to me is an affordable option who knows how to score vs big3 - and yes we do need better than Dessers and or Shankland in longer term but for next few seasons Shanks would do me fine and I bet the dissenters on here would be first to back the boy were he to score regularly for us!

28 Mar 2024 14:18:43
We'd back Mr Blobby if he scored! Oh we did, that was boydie.



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