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15 Oct 2019 20:34:56
As we all know our commercial manager james bisgrove is over in america for various reasons. I heard today that he will be talking to the american sports manufacturer New Balance, about the possibility of becoming rangers new kit manufacturers. I was told this by a guy i know, who's friendly with graeme park. He could also tell me its a possible 4 year deal and its big money, but New Balance want exposure with everything connected to rangers in a big way. Only passing on to fellow bears on here, to what i was told.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 15 Oct 2019 20:49:53
New Balance are everywhere just now. Right up there with the top end brands. Would be good if true mate. I would like to see Adidas manufacturing our kit. The make some amazing looking strips. Be interesting to see how this pans out!

2.) 15 Oct 2019 20:50:43
Coop, I think we should be asking Ashley who our kit supplier is going to be? 😡.

3.) 15 Oct 2019 22:38:47
NB are having a nightmare and have sacked their top guys in the UK who were looking after Liverpool and Celtic. Celtic apparently having a nightmare with them. I think this post is clutching at straws. Last time, Under Armour were your new suppliers. There’s no way anyone that isn’t directly connected knows anything about the commercial dealings. Not trying to be a d**k but hearing from someone who knows NB are based in the USA and that our CD is also there, isn’t so much rumour as too much time thinking.

4.) 16 Oct 2019 06:39:07
Where did you see/ read that both liverpool and celtic are having a nightmare with New Balance mate?

5.) 16 Oct 2019 10:12:10
This is an area I work in. Not directly by any means but it is common knowledge in the industry that NB have done well to reestablish themselves on the global scale. They are not one of the big players but have gone in hard on football (soccer) and got some contracts. However, they are having some significant internal relationship issues and sacked their top relationship managers who worked with Celtic and Liverpool in particular. This has led to frustration at the clubs trying to tie down new deals and other activation clauses. Tensions increased as clubs now have to travel to Boston whereas in the earlier days, NB wee desperate to be courting the clubs on their own patch. Relations are breaking down and this is acknowledged by the people I know within the these clubs.

I know nothing about Rangers doing deals but like I said before, it sounds like either wishful or unfounded speculation. I also don’t think Celtic would be keen on us sharing their market suppliers and this would be a factor for NB with their deal to be renegotiated. NB need Celtic more than the other way round.

6.) 16 Oct 2019 11:07:10
Ibrox4Me, i've actually heard celtic are leaving New Balance, when their contract is up and may well be going to puma as their new kit manufacturers. Liverpool are also leaving New Balance and going to nike as their new kit manufacturers.
So just maybe New Balance Would be very willing to do a deal with rangers, as our kit manufacturers, as its very much like they're losing liverpool and celtic mate!

7.) 16 Oct 2019 13:44:04
Are NB not supposed to be taking liverpool to court? Hopefully we get rid of ashley shortly then I'm sure we will have a queue of potetial suitors. Nike or adidas for me. 👍.

8.) 16 Oct 2019 15:32:28
Yately1, I'm like you, and although I feel this would be great for us, where will Ashley feature in this, as he seems to be able to block everything at present as regards our Kit, not being negative, but we have to get that contract terminated first.

9.) 16 Oct 2019 16:37:13
irvger, it’s fantasy island stuff to be talking about NB, Adidas and Nike while like you say we are obviously still contracted to Ashley! They still control a shop in our stadium and when or if that will ever end! For a club the size of ours to get involved with a small company like Hummel says it all, as all the big boys would never have got involved! All this is costing our club millions and millions😡😡😡.

10.) 16 Oct 2019 16:58:21
Guarantee you its puma ashley has us tied up in knots with this strip fiasco.

11.) 16 Oct 2019 18:27:15
We paid 3mil to SD to end the 7year 4p in the pound deal. We renegoiated a new 1 year deal on favourable terms for us with the catch being we had to give SD the right to match any new deal. We never, hence the court action that we lost. The hummel deal was 3 years, this is year 2. As I see it, SD should have been given the opportunity to match hummels 3 year deal. So we pay compensation to SD for the period up to now and continue with SD until the 3 year contract expires. Or we pay compensation for the full 3 years. I think ashley wants the compensation up to now and the 3rd year to try and renegoiate? Surely after the 3rd year that's it, he's gone?

Hummel have been very quiet though, they must have known that legal action from SD was a possibility. 👍.

12.) 16 Oct 2019 19:14:28
Coldo i think you are closer to the truth than we know. i believe King wants to negotiate through the court to end the deal and pay a reasonable amount of compensation to get rid of once and for all. i also believe that Hummel had it written into the contract that there was a early cancellation possibility incase SD won the case. i think Hummel will though retain their name over Auchenhowie for the balance of their contract. can't be sure obviously but it isn't unknown for companies to let courts settle compensation when they believe it will favour them ie they take into account the fact that under SD almost zero shirts were sold but under Hummel millions were moved on. they will know and rangers will ensure they know that gross sales today would not be the same under SD ownership.

13.) 16 Oct 2019 19:31:33
Very good post coldo with a lot of sense spoken. Rangers secretary james blair allegedly has been dishonest and very naive, in thinking he could tell ashley and SD lies and that would be the end of it. It was very amateurish by him and that's why we find our club in this kit deal mess.
He just went ahead and concluded the hummel/ elite deal anyway, without informing SD and if they were prepared to match the deal. Thus a judge has now ruled that there won't be a 3rd year with hummel as our kit manufacturers, as was originally signed up for. It ends a year early, after this season. Its a total shambles and a mess of the highest proportion, that employees of our club are guilty of. It wouldn't surprise me in the least, if SD again became our retail partner, taking over from elite, with obviously a very good deal for the club on the offering with puma again, becoming our kit manufacturers from next season. There could also be a compensation settlement, which may well amount to far too much for us to fork out. I have nothing against puma in general, as they're by far the 3rd biggest sportswear manufacturers in the business, behind the big 2 of adidas and nike. Hummel have had terrific designs in their 2 years with us, with plenty of different training wear, but they don't make enough and can't keep up with the demand, of a football club our size. We are arguably the biggest football club that hummel have ever had on board and have never got to grips by the demands from our supporters worldwide. Puma could most certainly keep up with the demands of a club our size, that's it in a nutshell.

14.) 16 Oct 2019 19:55:12
Correct coop, but it would only be for a year as that's when the initial hummel deal would have ended. Compensation would be paid to SD for the previous two years. The remaining year would have to be on the terms of the initial hummel deal as that was the right of SD to match any deal, so the year's terms would be favourable to us. Would compensation and a year with SD be worth it to finally rid of us the rat. We would have to suffer SD Logo's at ibrox. Would make me sick. 👍.

15.) 16 Oct 2019 21:06:07
Spot on coldo with most likely puma making our kits for that 1 year i'd imagine. Then we can sit down with the big guns in sportswear and negotiate a very good kit deal for our club, that a club the size of rangers should have, ie. adidas or nike. I would be equally delighted with either one.

16.) 16 Oct 2019 21:14:43
I think we have to wisen up to the fact that there is a real possibility that SD could be back for a year, whether we like it or not👍.

17.) 16 Oct 2019 21:30:52
We're not going to have much time at all, to get next season's kits made, no matter who our kit manufacturer is going to be. Ibrox4Me, who with your experience, do you reckon will quite possibly be our kit makers for next season mate?

18.) 16 Oct 2019 21:45:29
I genuinely don’t know. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Hummel, could be anyone but a lot will depend on the conclusion of the Ashley Chapter. Once that is done, we have a massive demand from our fan base and we should have options.

19.) 16 Oct 2019 22:11:42
Is it not january when the compensation hearing is? It could be settled sooner via mediation but I highly doubt that. We will have options I4M, that's a cert. Surely the courts will realise that it is in both parties and the courts interest to part company as the relationship is beyond repair. Award SD compensation and terminate the deal. 👍.

20.) 17 Oct 2019 12:10:19
Celtic are with Adidas from next season am hearing.

21.) 17 Oct 2019 18:37:42
Them in Adidas next season and us back with Ashley?
Good God😭😤😡.

22.) 17 Oct 2019 19:27:29
All a good take on strip mess.

23.) 17 Oct 2019 23:01:36
Like i said when i was originally talking about the possibility of New Balance becoming our new kit manufacturers, that the east end mob were leaving New Balance and going to puma as their new kit makers. So i've heard different to you Tango_rfc1.



13 Oct 2019 15:00:51
Great to read this morning that rangers are rumoured to be offering loan striker jermain defoe a permanent deal and a coaching role within our academy. Hope he accepts and if he does its brilliant news on both fronts.
He's a top professional who could easily play another couple of years for us and in the coaching capacity, he'd be brilliant for our young players coming through, especially the strikers.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



04 Oct 2019 18:34:16
Hearing southampton director of football ross wilson poised to be offered our director of football job to replace mark allen. He will supposedly be attending our game against hamilton on sunday. If true a terrific appointment and he was originally our board's first choice before mark allen got it, as wilson had originally knocked the job back, due to wanting to stay at southampton for the time being.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 04 Oct 2019 18:52:24
Supercoop, if true this would be great call. Let’s look out for him on Sunday then.

2.) 04 Oct 2019 20:37:04
That can't be true coop. We've got no money and Allen left because we were going bust!

3.) 04 Oct 2019 21:13:59
So your saying Allen refused to stay and Collect a wage because we’re skint? Lol hasn’t stopped Jamie Murphy and the rest but eh, get real.

4.) 04 Oct 2019 21:47:53
Well its true mrgrumpy, believe it or not but i can assure you that ross wilson is in advanced talks regarding accepting our DOF job, just like i posted on here around 3 hours ago now. I think you're well misinformed regarding we have no money pal. It ain't the case although scaremongers and the supporters of the east end mob, would like you to think that is gospel.

5.) 04 Oct 2019 22:08:47
I think mrgrumpy is being sarcastic guys lol.

6.) 05 Oct 2019 00:13:56
does nobody on this site understand sarcasm? 🙈🙈.

7.) 05 Oct 2019 06:32:13
reckon grumpy was just being sarcastic SG!

8.) 05 Oct 2019 08:11:52
Some people have scrambled eggs for brain's. Come on guys. Jesus Christ!

9.) 05 Oct 2019 08:59:59
Mr Grumpy, no one in west of Scotland seems to comprehend your sarcasm, yet i believed it's the sarcasm capital of the world.

10.) 05 Oct 2019 09:07:30
How does that work with gerrard as Allen recruited him and now potentially he will have a new boss? Is this the way forward? Wilson seems like a well respected individual and held in high regard, just hope it works for best of our club.

11.) 05 Oct 2019 09:33:19
its not a boss thing. different roles, and each although have their own roles, both work together.

12.) 05 Oct 2019 10:09:42
Thankfully only a couple didn't get my attempt at sarcasm (coop Iam disappointed with you! )
happen to think that getting someone like Ross Wilson as DOF would be good for the club.

13.) 05 Oct 2019 11:17:26
SG interviewed Ross, was fully involved and supports the appointment.

14.) 05 Oct 2019 12:31:57
Fair doos mrgrumpy, point taken pal.

15.) 05 Oct 2019 13:31:30
Is this the same ross wilson that knocked us back 2 year ago🤔. That's interesting 😂😂👍.

16.) 05 Oct 2019 14:20:09
Coldo, says that in the initial post by Coop, what is your point?

17.) 05 Oct 2019 14:25:31
Here is a guy that knocked us back at a time when we were going nowhere and now he is being welcomed with open arms. Literally couldn't make it up with some folk on here. How's that bankie🤔🤦‍♂️👍.

18.) 05 Oct 2019 14:33:19
Many successful people in all walks of life turn down jobs only to land that job later in career.

19.) 05 Oct 2019 14:46:18
Don't suppose he can play right back.

20.) 05 Oct 2019 14:49:00
Do they bankie, that's interesting. So he wouldn't be classed as a rat perhaps🤔👍.

21.) 05 Oct 2019 15:21:54
Coldo, for goodness sake get a grip, suggest you check out his CV and reputation.

22.) 05 Oct 2019 17:27:55
Bankie you clearly have not got a clue what's going on, take your time mate you'll catch on eventually👍.

23.) 05 Oct 2019 18:05:02
Coldo, feel free to tell us what is going on pal, I’m sure we’d all thank you for sharing your wisdom. In the meantime I’ll continue supporting my team.

24.) 05 Oct 2019 19:16:53
Its funny that someone who rejected us is now being welcomed with open arms. Short memory, fickle comes to mind. You do that bankie👍.

25.) 05 Oct 2019 19:55:49
Coldo, It would not be the first time a future club legend had turned us down first time round. Enjoy the game tomorrow. 😉.

26.) 05 Oct 2019 20:17:21
Pity others don't share your view, will do👍.

27.) 05 Oct 2019 23:49:49
He had unfinished business at the time if i recall, perhaps he has finished that now.

28.) 06 Oct 2019 12:50:54
So did others🤷‍♂️👍.

29.) 07 Oct 2019 13:10:46
He maybe had some personal stuff at the time, which meant he didn't accept. Situations change for people sometimes, this is life. Coldo seems to like a vendetta, be it against Ojo, Morelos, Tav, Goldson, Barisic or whoever ;)



02 Oct 2019 07:33:58
Read an article last night that if lyon sell their striker moussa dembele to man utd in january, or at the end of the season, they want our striker alfredo morelos to replace him.
If and when we do sell morelos, we have to dig our heels in, to make sure we get top dollar for him.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 02 Oct 2019 08:53:51
He's on a long contract now coop. To be honest I can see him leaving in the summer (for big money), hopefully after helping us win the league.

2.) 02 Oct 2019 10:43:37
Where is all the buffalo badgers theses days?
You know the ones that suggested he wasn’t even worth 10mill? They seem to have gone quiet?

3.) 02 Oct 2019 10:56:45
We moaned because he was always getting sent off or missing sitters and no wonder tbh! But he’s stopped that now and is playing even better than before so of course nobody’s going to say anything you melt! if he was on pens he’d probs get over 40 goals this season and be worth even more in the summer! £20 million or bolt.

4.) 02 Oct 2019 11:34:40
Morelos will leave at end of the season for upwards of £25m.

5.) 02 Oct 2019 12:14:22
I’m still here. He is playing well just now and you can clearly see improvements in his game and temperament and Defoe is clearly having an influence on him but still makes some decisions during a game like attempting to shoot from outrageous angles when a simple pass is on or overhitting a simple pass which you expect from a raw striker in his first season in a new country or a young player coming through to the first team, certainly not a £20m plus player as yous put it. Just to reiterate the point as well, he must, must start scoring against Celtic or that value will stay down as well because of that. It’s his 3rd season against them, needs to start to perform against them whether you like it or not.

6.) 02 Oct 2019 12:23:27
Yeah all you lot that slagged of Morelos for months don't say much these days - it must enrage them the team are doing well.

7.) 02 Oct 2019 12:25:13
sir walter are you suggesting that morelos should not have taken any stick last season? Perhaps the penny has dropped BECAUSE of the flack he got!

8.) 02 Oct 2019 12:51:46
Jyf - or maybe because the manager spoke to him, rather than cynical fans howling at him, despite him being our top goalscorer. I don't think you moaners can take any credit here.

9.) 02 Oct 2019 13:24:18
Aye am sure Morelos is on forums like this and realised the error of his ways!

10.) 02 Oct 2019 14:11:10
Rick it’s hard to score against Celtic when your on the bench. And I think you’re forgetting he IS still a young player.

11.) 02 Oct 2019 15:00:42
Alfie mo is worth whatever someone’s willing to pay for him. suppose it’s up to the club to set a limit on what they would accept. if he finishes top scorer again and has a few international caps under his belt then I for one hope the club doesn’t accept anything under 30m. just my opinion. lot of people on here sayin tierny wasn’t worth 25m but he is because arsenal were willing to pay that. hope the club holds out for top dollar.

12.) 02 Oct 2019 15:13:09
Sir walter wouldn't be too smug come back when he's sold for 10mill
He's done very well up to now thou.

13.) 02 Oct 2019 16:42:39
Souness mrgrumpy, if fans like the rest of us settled for mediocrity like you pair of, then we would still be watching a petulant morelos. He deserved the flack he got from fans who invest hard earned money in the team not to watch petulance. If was upto fans like yous we would still be watching the breadman bore us to death and wee holt windass etc telling everyone on social what they are going to do but not actually doing it. The longer yous settle for mediocrity the longer the rest of us have to put up with it👍.

14.) 02 Oct 2019 17:09:35
30 goals last season from a petulant, mediocre Morelos Coldo? Are you suggesting you (and folk like you) have had something to do with Morelos screwing the nut? What has the breadman, holt or windass got to do with Morelos? You're just havering.

15.) 02 Oct 2019 17:28:29
Morelos, last season, quite possibly cost us the league and or a cup, if you don't get stick for that then you will never get stick.

16.) 02 Oct 2019 17:31:11
Holt etc has nothing to do with morelos, if you had read my post instead of havering you would know that it was in reference to fans like you. Morelos attitude last year was worse than mediocre and cost us games. He deserved the stick he got. And yes fans like me that don't settle for mediocrity are a huge part of the reason why the likes of the dross before are out the door, so yes I'm sure gerrard and other players in the team told morelos that fans won't put up with his petulance, as I'm sure gerrard told him that he wouldn't accept it either. 👍.

17.) 02 Oct 2019 18:26:02
morelos did cost us points last season, he also won us a fair few. Your right Holt, Breadman have nothing to do with morelos but it was you who brought up Holt etc. in a post about Morelos. I and others could see despite all his poor discipline last season, there was a player there. I believed in supporting the lad. I believe in supporting the manager. I believe in supporting the team.

18.) 02 Oct 2019 18:58:19
Tough love never did anyone any harm mrgrumpy and that's how morelos learned not because of an arm around his shoulder. He knew fans, the manager and team mates were sick of his antics. He was out the team and we did not miss him. We all knew there was a player there, it was his attitude that everyone was fed up with. 👍.

19.) 02 Oct 2019 19:25:09
Rick, how will Morelos’ value “stay down” just because he hasn’t scored a goal against Celtic? I highly doubt any decent European team, like Lyon, for example, are going to say “oh, he hasn’t scored against that European powerhouse, Celtic, so we’ll only offer £8m instead of £18m”.

20.) 03 Oct 2019 02:25:10
Rick witter scoring against celtic isn't going to matter if he rattles another 30 odd goals in. not scoring in 4 games won't have any affect on his fee so don't agree with your logic. It was his discipline that let him down but he's a completely different player this season 2 yellow cards so far in what 15 games tells its own story.

21.) 03 Oct 2019 02:34:50
You guys actuslly think morelos has screwed the nut because of the flak he took Behave 😂😂😂 he's done that because his manager has told him to of he won't play for club nor will he get picked for his country nor will he get his dream move to the prem if he is t playing. Its not rocket science and for fans like u jyf or you coldo to actually think that says a lot about yer egos 😂😂😂.

22.) 03 Oct 2019 10:13:13
Big Buff as with other strikers are worth whatever people are willing to pay. can't compare him to other strikers as he is different. He needs a season, of hopefully controlling his anger and keeping the ball going into the net, whether its assists or goals. To us he is worth £25 million but to other teams maybe not.

23.) 03 Oct 2019 11:41:16
Don't be daft brogie. 🤦‍♂️👍.

24.) 03 Oct 2019 12:35:43
brogie what were your feelings when he got sent off at parkhead? Were you giving it unlucky big man or were you going off your nut or somewhere in between? I didn't get a ticket for the game so watched on telly and even I couldn't argue with the ref and felt really let down by Morelos. that's the best way I can put it no egos nothing just let down.

25.) 03 Oct 2019 13:35:58
Aren’t we all glad I brought this up? Look at us having adult conversation haha .

Even last year when he was getting stick he scored 30+ goals and that’s without taking penalties or free kicks! Name me the last player to do that?
Boyd? Prso? Novo? Jelevic? Flo? Super ally?
Sutton? Hartson? Dembele? Larson?

A few there scored 30+ but I believe the ones that did also took penalties / free kicks

Even the spl’s record goal scorer took penalties and free kicks . Boyd was probably good for 10 goals a year without penalties and free kicks, Larsson probably 25-30

Our rubbishy worth **** all baby buffalo 30+.

26.) 03 Oct 2019 17:25:39
guys it wasnt the simple fact that you moaned about him getting sent off, i did too, but most of you wanted rid, indeed i remember some would be willing to accept what he cost us. that's the idiotic level that can't see a good player who with guidance and development would become even better. Coldo as one didn't even want him on the park, i gave up counting the times he suggested we should play Defoe in front of him every single game.

27.) 03 Oct 2019 17:13:22
Souness, between you and me morelos is around a stone overweight as also said by mls manager who watched him against Aberdeen.

28.) 03 Oct 2019 19:04:24
fatty has scored again!



04 Sep 2019 14:18:11
Just want to share with all bears on here what i've heard today. Has anyone else heard that rangers, sports direct and both puma and umbro are all in talks over a possible new rangers kit deal, which will start from next season? What i've heard is sports direct will become our retail partners AGAIN, but the deal will be superb for our club and also that both puma and umbro are vying to take over as our kit manufacturers from hummel, after this season. Only passing info on fellow bears, I obviously don't know how much truth is in it.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 04 Sep 2019 16:15:07
If the case, will never purchase from SD.

2.) 04 Sep 2019 16:16:07
Why puma and umbro?

Are we getting 6 tops now 3 from each lol

I don't think so.

3.) 04 Sep 2019 17:23:27
Read the post properly Tryanikian!
The hint in my post is the word "vying" mate.

4.) 04 Sep 2019 18:57:13
Not convinced with that coop. How much would we be due Hummell?

5.) 04 Sep 2019 19:36:51
Coop let's do a poll. Umbro or Puma. jesus wept!

6.) 04 Sep 2019 20:20:22
Commonsense, i'm only passing on what someone told me mate. Personally i would hope something could be worked out, to stay with hummel!

7.) 04 Sep 2019 20:22:29
Remember guys, some sports manufacturer will have to make our kits for next season because it won't be hummel by the law of the court.

8.) 04 Sep 2019 20:50:35
That first reply of mine was meant for another post!

9.) 04 Sep 2019 22:05:33
got to go for Umbro.

10.) 04 Sep 2019 23:43:07
Are we not contracted to Hummel for 10 years?

11.) 05 Sep 2019 06:49:56
No not Umbro or Puma again!
This stinks of us still not being free of cashley and sweat shop direct which is worrying.
It’s was always just a 2 year deal with Hummel so was expecting a new manufacturer but are we really so unattractive to Adidas or someone that makes kits with decent material.

12.) 05 Sep 2019 09:03:01
no, but a renegotiated contract with sd can include hummel. just not stand alone without offer first going to sd.

13.) 05 Sep 2019 09:04:20
Absolute bull, we will never work with sports direct again fans wouldn't buy the tops they will get there compo n that's there whack.

14.) 05 Sep 2019 09:23:44
Ashley will decide who makes our strips😭🇬🇧.

15.) 05 Sep 2019 12:33:05
It was a 3 year deal rangers signed with hummel, Davy_blue83.Its getting cut short by a year because of this legal fight with mike ashley and sports direct. Don't entirely agree with you Brogie 1982,when you say we won't work with sports direct again.
Because if the club are given a very good financial deal with sports direct in the financial side of selling our kits the fans will purchase them, as long as the club are getting the majority of the money! That's the crux of it mate. I think it could be puma, because like yately1 says, ashley will have a big say on who manufacturers our kits and as we all know he has massive shares in puma and would undoubtedly push for them to get the contract with us!

16.) 05 Sep 2019 14:21:34
Do umbro still exist? I thought they went out of business, I've not seen any of there gear around for ages.

17.) 05 Sep 2019 15:32:19
Where have you been Davie Robertson?
Umbro are very big again, in the shirt manufacturing business mate.
Just have a look at the football clubs from both england and scotland that umbro are now kit manufacturers for.

18.) 05 Sep 2019 15:40:38
I like both Hummell kits (far better than the puma ones) and it'll be a shame to have to cut ties a yr early cause of SD. And because of this carry on with SD, I believe we will always remain a bad bet for the likes of Nike, Adidas etc.

19.) 05 Sep 2019 17:34:36
Like you SirStruth, i would love us to somehow find a way through all this sports direct wrangle and sign a long-term deal with hummel, as our kit manufacturers. I've been impressed with the designs and quality of our kits, these 2 years so far. Even the terrific range of training gear available has been superb. The designs of all our hummel training gear so far, has been superb. Hummel have also shown a terrific appetite to learn and etch the magnificent history of our football club, into their designs!
They really WANT to be associated with us and that also means everything!

20.) 05 Sep 2019 18:55:50
Watch this space, a judge cannot prevent a company from a tendering process.

21.) 05 Sep 2019 19:33:45
John25,rangers have already agreed to adhere to the demands the judge has instructed. We've also removed the hummel name and logo from our website, matchday programme, post match press conference board etc. We can't/ won't be designing with hummel next season's kits or wearing hummel kits next season, that's fact mate.

22.) 05 Sep 2019 21:04:24
Still won't buy from Ashley regardless.

23.) 05 Sep 2019 21:57:14
SGL I’m well aware of that, Hummel can challenge court findings, based on restrictions of trade.

24.) 05 Sep 2019 21:59:26
unless u r part off hummel management team you don’t know it’s fact.

25.) 06 Sep 2019 03:10:21
Would love to see us go back to Adidas like in the 90s as some of their kits are cracking. Would even love Nike as well although they’re a bit more generic.

26.) 06 Sep 2019 08:00:09
Mike and Adidas won’t get involved with us because of Ashley and that’s why we will have to deal with relatively smaller company’s who pay less money like Hummell😡.




Steven Gerrard Loyal's banter posts with other poster's replies to Steven Gerrard Loyal's banter posts


26 Oct 2019 15:56:31
A wee poser for my fellow bears on here.
Can borna barisic now be as good for rangers, as kieran tierney was for celtic? I truly now think he can. Barisic most definitely has some left peg. A pure wand of a left foot!

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 26 Oct 2019 17:27:57
Can I offer a wee poser that we stop comparing players to their lot all the time? Cringeworthy when we are the more illustrious side.

2.) 26 Oct 2019 18:21:23
Unfortunately I can be over critical at times but baradic is getting better and better every game I once wondered how he got into Croat squad but it’s clear to see the boy has a talent and is certainly going to be pivotal in our title challenge dare I say “potentially best left back since papac”.

3.) 26 Oct 2019 19:55:49
I think we should let barasic continue to build on his form coop 👍.

4.) 26 Oct 2019 19:57:48
Maybe he's already better? Plays LB for a far superior international side. Technically far superior than Tierney.
And more importantly, plies his trade out of Ibrox. 👍😜.

5.) 26 Oct 2019 20:43:42
I think you're spot on coldo, but everyone of us never ever doubted that barisic was very talented, it was the question could he handle playing for us and the physicality and rigours of scottish football mate. He seems now to be proving that he has settled into both rangers and scottish football. You don't play for croatia if you're not talented.

6.) 26 Oct 2019 22:09:33
Defo coop, the frustrating part was that as you say he was doing the business for croatia but wouldn't turn up for us. Hopefully he pushes on mate👍.



25 Oct 2019 11:07:04
Lets be honest guys, we've all been blown away by how morelos has got even better this season, in some stunning performances and goals of course, this early in the season. I really do wonder now what valuation we'd put on him, if we were to accept any big money bid for him? Being realistic, what's our valuation of morelos, for a buying club interested in signing him? What is the least we should accept and what, again realistically is the most we should ask for him? This will be very interesting, all our different valuations of alfredo.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 25 Oct 2019 11:26:19
I would say between 20 and 25 million but with a sell on clause as well. .

2.) 25 Oct 2019 12:36:31
£20 million with a 10% sell on clause.

3.) 25 Oct 2019 12:44:05
A class act last night. Now that he's staying on the pitch for 90 minutes 30 million.

4.) 25 Oct 2019 12:46:37
Would any of you sell him before the summer? I certainly would not, we have a great chance to win the league without him our chances diminish.

5.) 25 Oct 2019 12:49:40
I would also be worried about losing Barisic. 👍.

6.) 25 Oct 2019 13:48:31
We don't know what's being said to Alfie about possible transfers, but personally I think if we accept a bid in January, then the league is gone, we need him for the whole season whichever way it finishes.

7.) 25 Oct 2019 15:47:38
If fredo keeps going the way he is, he'll break the scottish transfer fee record👍.

8.) 25 Oct 2019 15:48:09
Agreed sell him in jan and league is done.

9.) 25 Oct 2019 16:02:35
Best player in the league by a country mile, scores for fun, prolific in Europe, Colombian international and his best years ahead of him. not a penny under 30 million with a sell on clause.

10.) 25 Oct 2019 17:04:30
If somebody wants him in Jan 20m with s sell on. I'd also be wanting him left here on loan from rest of season. We can't lose him ✌.

11.) 25 Oct 2019 18:11:13
I said on here several months ago that a fee of £30m was realistic. I think that is now the minimum considering modern prices for goalscorers. Hope he doesn't leave though!



24 Oct 2019 20:18:34
That my fellow bears is why helander plays in europe. He was absolutely superb tonight as were our team in general. I thought helander, barisic and morelos were exceptional against porto tonight. Well done to steven gerrard and our full team, in what was a terrific performance!

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 24 Oct 2019 20:30:30
The difference coop was that we had players willing to run in behind, take a man on and move the ball quick. Our one touch play was exceptional and our goal was just class. We were great all over. Very happy with that performance. 👍.

2.) 24 Oct 2019 20:58:18
Man of the match for me.

3.) 24 Oct 2019 22:07:55
There were a lot of our team tonight, very strong candidates for motm, but imo borna barisic was motm for me.



24 Oct 2019 10:28:02
I'm going to share with my fellow bears what one of my very good pals from newcastle asked me. I was raving to him about how good even at 37 years old now, jermain defoe is. He agreed and actually said he wished he was at newcastle just now. He then proceeded with his question to who in their pomp was the better striker between andy cole and jermain defoe? So over to you fellow bears, who would your unbiased choice be?

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 24 Oct 2019 10:56:48
Although I love Defoe at Rangers, Andy Cole was the more prolific goalscorer in their prime.
Though neither were as good as Super Ally! 😉.

2.) 24 Oct 2019 11:39:59
Although defoe is a very good goalscorer himself, i do agree that andy cole was more prolific! Defoe was better for england than cole but at club level i'd have to say andy cole edges it for me. Defoe is between a 1 in 2 to a 1 in 3 striker ratio, whereas cole is even better than a 1 in 2 striker, that's the difference. Although i think defoe is a tremendous striker and prolific in his own right.



22 Oct 2019 20:03:10
Superb news as ryan jack signs a contract extension until 2023!A future rangers captain imo.

Steven Gerrard Loyal

1.) 22 Oct 2019 22:10:21
Great news coop👍.

2.) 23 Oct 2019 08:17:27
Great news about Ryan Jack. He was badly missed on Sunday.

3.) 23 Oct 2019 13:13:47
Nice words from Dan Candeias about us. Its a true saying once a Ranger alwYs a Ranger.

4.) 24 Oct 2019 03:13:30
Ryan Jack should already be the captain.




Steven Gerrard Loyal's rumour replies


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29 Oct 2019 18:08:17
I honestly think i'm done with posting and sharing info on here with SUPPOSEDLY fellow bears. Only sharing info what i've heard or been told and all this negative stuff. I'm done! Sick, tired and fed up with this p**h now. Over and out!

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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29 Oct 2019 09:48:38
No info on that whatsoever irvger.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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28 Oct 2019 22:53:36
i was told today by someone who works for rangers, that our commercial team are very much in negotiations with umbro regarding becoming our new kit makers beyond this season.

This is coming from the same person who correctly told me that it was between hummel and umbro the last time, before hummel eventually became our kit manufacturers. Umbro he told me actually had it in the bag until they demanded that they wanted kitbag to deal with taking to do with the preparation of the rangers first team kits.

Rangers wanted to remain loyal to Jimmy bell to still taking to do with our kit preparation and that's what won the deal for hummel over umbro 2 years ago now. Now supposedly umbro back in to become our new kit manufacturers.

Time will obviously reveal all here fellow bears. Just sharing with you all on here to what i was told. Has anyone else heard anything regarding umbro becoming our new kit makers?

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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25 Oct 2019 06:47:36
Also very impressed with the whole team in portugal last night including our management team. All like i said above all our players played well, i thought in particular,
helander, barisic, davis, morelos and jack, even for his mistake for their goal, were all exceptional! Money talks of course and we will need to brace ourselves for big money bids coming in for morelos in january. If we do sell alfredo for big money in january, our aspirations of winning the league title will diminish IMHO.
If we can just keep him for the whole season he could then leave us with a league title winning medal in his pocket. One way or another, I truly think this is the last season we will see morelos in a rangers jersey!

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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17 Oct 2019 23:01:36
Like i said when i was originally talking about the possibility of New Balance becoming our new kit manufacturers, that the east end mob were leaving New Balance and going to puma as their new kit makers. So i've heard different to you Tango_rfc1.

Steven Gerrard Loyal




Steven Gerrard Loyal's banter replies


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29 Oct 2019 05:47:20
Sorry bankie i'm also in agreement with everyone else. Allan mcgregor is like a vintage wine and getting even better with age, if that's possible!
The best keeper in scotland, even in his very late 30's bar none. Still one of the best in britain. Greegs could play for us easily another 2 or 3 years imo. Pure class act. His late double save in portugal when he was a spectator for most of the 2nd half, shows everyone just how good he still is, with immense concentration levels.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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29 Oct 2019 05:42:35
Molsgoals, first and foremost i'm hoping to make sure we secure the 3 points! Won't be an easy game for us up in dingwall mate.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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28 Oct 2019 21:19:27
Been following glasgow rangers everywhere for way over 40 years now and never have and never will boo a rangers player. It just ain't the way and imo any rangers supporter who boos his own players shouldn't be going to watch The Famous! that's not supporting your team, in my eyes anyway!

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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28 Oct 2019 18:10:52
Young or not he's the best midfielder in scotland, in the current position he's playing in!
Davo could easily play another 2 or 3 years in scottish football, as he looks after himself and still very fit, even at his tender age of almost 35 years old now! Pure class act and him and ryan jack dovetail brilliantly together.

Steven Gerrard Loyal



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28 Oct 2019 15:06:14
Steven Davis always plays well mate.
He's still a tremendous midfielder,
who along with his midfield partner ryan jack, makes rangers tick.

Steven Gerrard Loyal