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16 Apr 2024 15:17:52
In 2016, I and a couple of others on here (tomthumb was one, I believe) said it would take ten years before we were in a position to challenge Celtic. The first five years were years of regeneration, not rebuilding, as our club was in such a war-torn state, our stadium was dilapidated, our work was just starting.
The other mob, on the other hand, had easy years learning how to win, how to accumulate both cash and trophies, how to lay down their superiority over Scottish football. They pushed their agenda by securing the best seats at the top tables of the national game.
In Europe they were regarded as a parochial outfit and still are, but they were there every year to dip their hand in that deep pot.
We continued our comeback and looked to be ahead of schedule with 55, a couple of cups and some great European performances, which we needed because we were hungry for that cash. By my reckoning we are still slightly ahead of schedule on this long road to the top, but things will still not always be rosy.
I too am getting frustrated with a few players who are perennial losers who have now had their time riding our gravy train. For me the next couple of seasons are the most crucial on our journey. Much still has to be done, so we have to keep holding our precious patient's hand until that full recovery is made.

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16 Apr 2024 15:21:37
Not this "journey" single fish, again?! That cringey term ended the day we won 55, and is just embarrassing now.

16 apr 2024 15:26:12
absolutely correct hubby, and i believe a few have overstayed by some time, we need to move away from this defence to take the next step, and unfortunately we have missed a few players we should have got earlier, we are not beat yet this season, can these players find something inside for a final push and an opportunity to leave as heroes, time will tell.

16 Apr 2024 15:46:28
Agree rtr to me just a excuse for failure.

16 Apr 2024 16:17:56
raisetheroofe, I wrote a single word that you jumped all over to snipe at. Talk about a puerile response? All of life and its contents are journeys. Let's change it to 'our recent history', then. Satisfied?

16 Apr 2024 17:37:38
Dont understand what you mean by riding a gravy train and overstaying their welcome, could you expand on that. Beale, Murty and Pedro put us back at least 3 years. IMO I would point the finger at Stewart Robertson for poor recruitment.

16 Apr 2024 17:46:57
Rtr, the manager today spoke about the journey we are on. Single fish? Embarassing?

16 Apr 2024 18:00:09

16 Apr 2024 18:12:21
Good post Hubby. My main concern is that I feel that we are now going backwards and I believe that this started when we won title 55. The fault without doubt lies with the Chairman and Board at that time with our incompetent DoF and Chief Scout playing a major part.
When we should have strengthened, building on a winning team, we didn't. we then saw a procession of 2nd rate football players through the revolving doors not to forget the number of managers that failed after the departure of Gerrard and the associated costs.
If we don't win the league this season then we have missed a major opportunity since the crowd in the East End is nothing special. Unfortunately Clement was left with a mountain to climb when he arrived.
Win or lose the league the squad needs major surgery in the summer, whether we want to admit it or not, too many of the current squad are not fit for purpose.

16 Apr 2024 19:26:12
Seems like we embark on a new journey every season with the turnover of players. Clement must be given 3 years if he wants to stay that long. Or this merrygoround will continue.

16 Apr 2024 20:49:54
Spot on BigDado we need stability, come to think of so do I according to you??.

16 Apr 2024 21:42:28
? aye only on your bike until you get used to it ?.

16 Apr 2024 22:29:36
Lol its a 3 wheeler??.



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