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19 Apr 2024 18:51:24
why not ben davies at left full back. he can also move inside and defend. just a thought. then we can free up sterling . or do we prefer borna.

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19 apr 2024 19:28:46
borna could just be a good choice at hampden, he should be able to stretch them and enjoy the open spaces.

19 Apr 2024 20:08:33
Borna just looks like he’s clocked out, Ben Davies for me.

19 Apr 2024 20:46:28
Borna barisic should never be anywhere near our team ever again, after feigning sickness against celtic. I'm actually astonished any true fan would actually want a down and out bottle merchant to start in a semi-final. Would honestly rather play way a man down than give "that" a game. Tom do you believe he was sick?

19 Apr 2024 20:59:18
I would seriously consider Davies and Soutter at centre half, put Goldson out to stud.

19 apr 2024 21:44:02
i have no idea bb, seems very strong responce, so i assume you don't believe he was sick, if that's true i would also assume the gaffer would know too,

i was just sayin hampden would suit his style,

19 Apr 2024 21:55:16
Calling a rangers player "that" makes me sick, so it does ? Bang out of order Boy blue 3 imo pal ?.

19 apr 2024 22:20:55
blue, much as i like your posts usually, that's just a step too far mate, its just your opinion that borna feigned sickness, byt your asking me if i believe him and saying things like

“ any true rangers fan “

does that mean that anyone who doesn't lnow if borna was sick or not isn't a “ true rangers fan “?

and calling borna “ that” is too much for me mate,

19 apr 2024 22:33:58
yes, said same thing coops, too far imo.

19 Apr 2024 23:57:49
Not for one second do I think he was sick tom, i wouldn't even consider it mate. He was only fit left back to play against celtic Tom, got a sickness bug, now remember he's got previous for bottling it against them, he made a a miracoulous recovery days later to play against lesser opposition in county. Come on its so obvious tom.
Swso, am sorry you feel that way but what makes me sick is a guy getting £20k a week to represent our club, but bottles out of playing our biggest rivals, again! When guys like you and I would pay to wear that famous Jersey. Swso if I could get away with it on here i would call him a lot more. You obviously feel rangers players should be put on a pedestal, even when not giving his all for us?

20 Apr 2024 00:07:17
SWS if ye called barasic "that" to his face it would probably make him sick as well, just like the prospect of facing celtic does to him.

20 Apr 2024 00:56:43
Your right Tom, Hampden should suit barasic.

20 Apr 2024 06:28:47
TT are you forgetting last week when you were quoted as calling some fans on here lesser fans Meaning that you are more of a rangers fan than others on here? That’s embarrassing and out of order. You and coops fella never do irony ?

Coops have you never said anything bad about any rangers players? One name John McLaughlin.

Embarrassing the both of you.

20 Apr 2024 07:39:46
Barisic is the only Eastern European defender who is a rubbishbag.
They are normally hard as nails.

20 Apr 2024 08:25:20
He was MPH when he played for that Croat team. Can you remember how he played against us?

20 Apr 2024 08:27:23
call Bb what you like for me i am with blue he never stood up in one
game afainst the other mob.

20 apr 2024 10:19:45
tell me where i can find this quote “ some fans are lesser fans “

please, , just show where thise words are, in a quote like you said,

20 Apr 2024 12:41:48
Tom/ swso fair play guys, as you can see by my post I have strong feelings around this. Borna has crumbled in front of our eyes a couple of times. I knew he would pull out, so did a couple of posters on here, before the game got played.
How can our fans even have it in there head, to think such things? It gives me no pleasure to post things like that guys. Hope your both well as can be ?.

20 apr 2024 15:06:23
no probs blue, i know your a good guy, i just wonder if borna maybe has developed mental issues,

20 Apr 2024 16:24:20
Cool tom ?.



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