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01 Mar 2021 08:33:08
We just need to take it as it comes and wait and see what happens this summer regarding rangers, steven gerrard, liverpool and jurgen klopp 🤔I do know if liverpool come for gerrard then unfortunately we're looking for a new manager 😞 Everyone is important at any football club, but i always believed the most important individual for obviously everything in the football side of things to go well, was the manager 👍
Gerrard has been a superb appointment for rangers and i hope and pray, he's here for a few more years yet 🙏He would be difficult to replace, as would his management team!

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01 Mar 2021 09:15:32
You have spoke about Liverpool in for Gerrard a few times do you really think Liverpool would gamble on swapping klopp for a manager with 3 years experience.

Personally I think if Kloop was to leave in the summer they would have to go for a high profile manager to keep there star players.

01 Mar 2021 09:31:31
I have same opinion delman, think Liverpool will wait for another couple of seasons to be sure Stevie is ready for it.

01 Mar 2021 09:35:07
Everyone is replaced coop, it will happen at some point, but hopefully not for another year, and I would not say Liverpool is the only club we can worry about.

01 Mar 2021 09:35:28
He won't get the 3 years he was given up here to get it right down south, he only needs to have a look at what Klupp's facing after one poor season to see this. SG will fail in that job if he takes it now as he is nowhere near ready to take on Pep yet.

01 Mar 2021 09:41:54
My point isn't whether steven gerrard is ready for the liverpool job guys, as i personally also think its too soon, its if liverpool did come for him this summer, he wouldn't turn it down! Try and understand my post guys 🤔Its based on reports IF klopp was offered the germany manager's job and left liverpool 🤔.

01 Mar 2021 09:45:16
Not only liverpool waits but think stevie d will want to wait before he's knows he ready. just need to look at the Frank Lampard situation.

01 Mar 2021 09:49:33
Guys SGL is right too worry for the fact
Klopp may be offered the Germany job possibly late summer this year or next year
And from what I’m reading he will find it very hard to knock back that opportunity and apparently some problems in his personal life too
So if he does get offered the German job after Joachim leaves which is reported he is considering it after this years European championships if not then it will be next year according g to reports
With the job now Gerrard has done with Rangers under tight budgets and his European record then I believe like SGL Liverpool will take the gamble on him and he probably will find it very hard to knock back .

Which leaves us in a very tough predicament- not sure who I would want to be honest
It’s let’s not think about it just now 😂.

01 Mar 2021 10:01:02
This has been done to death on here and I for one believe of Liverpool come calling he will be off but there is no way Liverpool are getting rid of klopp.

Klopp has never broke a contract which I don’t think he would do.

It’s too early for for SG to go to Liverpool and it’s too early for Liverpool to take a chance on SG.

01 Mar 2021 10:16:23
Klopp is going nowhere for at least 2 more years.

Gerard is going nowhere for at least 2 more years.

Can't imagine those headlines selling any newspapers.

01 Mar 2021 10:20:10
It is Gerrard's destiny to end up as Liverpool manager but not yet. He needs to bring home three or four Scottish Premiership titles for Rangers and also show very good runs in Europe (the latter he is already doing) . So perhaps three or four years for now and Gerrard might go home. Meantime, let's enjoy the success he is going to give us Bears fans!

01 Mar 2021 10:25:30
Morning sweep,

I have to disagree re Klopp, I don’t think he’s going through anything at Liverpool, they adore him far as I know

Only here, and similar forums-is there folk talking about his future, I doubt very much if the club or the real Liverpool fans are unhappy with him, he’s had awful luck this season, most Liverpool people are down to earth and loving folk, they have a new legend, they won’t chase him away.

01 Mar 2021 11:00:52
delman . many of the top english clubs have gambled on the appointment of inexperienced ex footballers for managers so in thar respect yes i think liverpool would gamble as have chelsea arsenal man utd . etc . now would SG accept? hmm i don't know.

01 Mar 2021 11:19:38
Coops when Gerrard does leave for Liverpool what's your 4th name after Warburton15th Super Cooper and Steven Gerrard Loyal?

01 Mar 2021 11:23:59
Hi Ed001, hope you're well mate.
I wanted to ask you something on this subject of who might replace Klopp. I don't think for a second he'd leave or get sacked, but you know how things can work out.
I was listening to a well-known football phone in up here last week, and one of the sports journalists on the programme said he had heard that Liverpool are keeping tabs on Xavi Alonso as a possible replacement for Klopp whenever he decides to go. Have you heard anything on this?
I know he will be one of many they might look at, but this journalist was adamant this was concrete. I need to add, the journalist in question, Mark Guidi, is a total fud who has previous for getting caught out on his lies.

{Ed001's Note - it is well known that LFC are watching Xabi. Either Xabi or his club said so months ago mate.}

01 Mar 2021 12:14:16
kfraser, think you may have missed a couple.

01 Mar 2021 12:38:19
Thanks Ed001 mate.
From a total selfish perspective, I hope it is true, and when Klopp decides to go, I hope Alonso gets the job before Stevie G. I still don't see this happening for a long time though.

{Ed001's Note - Xabi is only in charge of their B team or youth team, he is less experienced than Gerrard....} {Ed001's Note - true, just hope they are a bit more exciting than the RB one!} Become a Patron!

01 Mar 2021 12:54:02
I'm going to use the name kfraser2 or bankie 👍 Probably bankie because he loves me and wants to be me anyway, with the diary he keeps with my posts in it 😁So there you go lads, sorted 👍😂.

01 Mar 2021 12:58:43
Maybe just me, but I think next year is a bigger year for SG, if he has any plans to move south. He must consolidate at least what he has achieved this year and even better, improve on it to have the really big guns come looking.

01 Mar 2021 14:04:23
Sweep Sg may well get 3 years at Liverpool klopp got longer or did you forget that when posting bs.

01 Mar 2021 14:15:01
Hoho good riposte coop,



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