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02 Mar 2021 16:45:34
Tav to stay. Alfie may go but only to a CL club with more cash than us. I personally believe he will wait and see who comes because he will only get one chance at the likes of Barca. If he blows it for whatever reason then he may end up with a championship club or worse. I truly believe he will give us one more season or at least till Xmas. Aribo and kamy are going nowhere.

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02 Mar 2021 16:52:25
If he blows what? He won’t be in the slightest bit interested in who comes

It’s Scottish football he wants out of, not Rangers,

His future is not going to be decided on who else comes in, it will be decided in a zoom call with agents and another club, what on earth would make you think someone else would have an impact on Alfie and his family finances? This isn’t Harry Kane and Spurs mate, Alfredo doesn’t earn 150,000 a week, he will go where he earns a lot of money,
Tav will stay? Aye ok, that’s that done then.

02 Mar 2021 16:54:26
Barca? Really?

02 Mar 2021 17:09:38
One chance at Barcelona you say scobu 🤔
Alfie is a very good striker mate but i can't see him signing for barcelona mate 🤔.

02 Mar 2021 17:20:02
Money talks mate. If offers are made
We can’t refuse then they will
Be gone and replaced.

02 Mar 2021 17:32:58
If any bid matches our clubs valuation of one of our players, they'll be sold.
Morelos to Barcelona? 🤔.

02 Mar 2021 17:51:05
None of us know zilch . so one mans opinion is as valid as the next . I have loved him at Ibrox . it’s great to have a talisman, and not easy to get.

02 Mar 2021 18:12:53
Mols 👏🏻 Spot on mate 👌🏻.

02 Mar 2021 18:15:21
Aye one chance and that's no chance. let's be realistic guys 😂😂😂.

02 Mar 2021 18:50:34
The talk I've been hearing is that two will go for a combined £12-15m which is what we need to finance our immediate future on a positive basis. My belief is that Barisic and Kamara will be sold for that accumulative total and that talk of two will see Morelos staying for another season. Contrary to others who say different, the boy is not unhappy here, quite the opposite in fact, and Gerrard would probably want to raise any cash required without selling his star striker.

02 Mar 2021 19:06:37
I have it on very good authority that if Barcelona come calling for Alfredo that he wouldn't even consider moving to them. As we all know Alf is a very level headed composed intelligent human being and wouldn't be willing to take the risk of playing for a club in financial difficulties with corrupt board members. He says Bayern Munich or Chelsea would be his preferences.

02 Mar 2021 19:08:59
If we sell Borna and Kamara I would expect a helluva lot more than between 12 - 15 million. That figure totally undervalues 2 of our most valuable and sellable assets.
I think it's MPH who always states that teams will bid for our players whatever they value them at and we decide if we sell or not. That is correct, but we're talking about 2 internationals who are going to be part of a title winning team and who have proven on the European stage they are top players.
Those valuations are too low in my opinion. If any team wants those 2 players we should be looking at starting bids of 10 million each.

02 Mar 2021 19:12:12
3 cheers 🤣🤣🤣.

02 Mar 2021 19:44:38
Correct BMGH01.
It doesn't matter if Morelos doesn't score in the SPFL. Teams that are interested in him will look at his performances on the European stage against better quality of opposition and be impressed by his performances.
Same goes for all of our players. We are now giving them a platform to continually showcase their talents. And players like Kamara and Barisic are also highly rated at International level.
To get the best price for any player the selling club either sticks to the price it has set or a couple of teams get into a bidding war.

02 Mar 2021 19:50:20
On the plus side, if Alfie was to hold out for a move to Barcelona then we will have him for the next ten years!

02 Mar 2021 19:51:45
Bmg spot on again mate, minimum of 22 to 25m combined for those 2 boys. Any less we are robbing ourselves.

02 Mar 2021 20:16:00
Exactly MPH, that's what i've said continually on here that any buying club wanting to sign alfredo, won't be paying around £18million for him scoring in the scottish premiership,
it will be because of his terrific performances in europe that will fetch that big fee our club want for him 👍 I'm sure it was yourself Herewego55,who agreed with myself, that morelos is more suited to the spanish la liga and that's where i think he'll end up going to 🤔It won't be barcelona right enough, that scobu seems to think he's signing for 😂.

02 Mar 2021 20:17:23
12-15 for both, rubbish, and Alf is the number one selling point,

I suspect you just made that up.

02 Mar 2021 20:22:24
I also totally agree with TT12,that of course morelos likes rangers but wants to go and play in a better league 🤔 That's why he will leave and want to leave IMO, whether he's got the chance to play in the champions league or not. The spanish la liga, the english premier league,
the german bundesliga, the italian serie A, will all be able to attract morelos to their respective leagues,
over playing with rangers in the champions league, alfie has never hidden that desire, from day one since he signed for us, in 2017! Its easy to understand fellow bears 🤔.

02 Mar 2021 20:53:33
Tava on loyal if selling them 2 would b expecting minimum combined 25mill.

02 Mar 2021 21:31:59
Kamara and Barasic for a combined 15m take a look at yourself. Kamara is a cracking cm who is worth that alone.

03 Mar 2021 00:20:41
Yeah I agree with you sgl, think la liga or Bundesliga would suit him to a t. wouldn't go to Italy, think the dark arts over there would see him sent off more than here 🤣🤣.



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