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25 Oct 2020 20:44:32
Apologies ed for the live chat. But I'm not having him coming on and just name calling me. Apologies again👍.

{Ed033's Note - Who's him?

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25 Oct 2020 21:03:35
Is the same one from the Live chat during the standard game coldo?

25 Oct 2020 21:08:10
I can never see a link for live chat through game where do I need to go to see it?

{Ed033's Note - rangersrumours.co.uk/live/

25 Oct 2020 21:28:16
Grow up coldo.

{Ed033's Note - Are you him? :)

25 Oct 2020 21:31:54
Yes BMGH01. That's twice now he has just came on the live chat and started the name calling. 👍.

25 Oct 2020 21:38:05
Coldo some folk just can’t help themselves mate. Wee keyboard warrior!

25 Oct 2020 21:55:23
You like handling it out our Coldo and just open your mouth for the sake of posting🤭. At least you had the brains not to come out for the second half as he rang you ragged🤭 Goodness me👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤭.

25 Oct 2020 21:57:39
C'mon bears. leave the name calling for the other mob.
Not needed when things are looking great for us at moment.

25 Oct 2020 22:08:13
KJA9 you say grow up but yet you name call? Why don't you try taking your own advice? 👍.

25 Oct 2020 22:10:06
Correct me If I'm wrong mate, but is he not the one who was bitching like a wee boy a few months back because one of our regular posters was having a go at him on here? Did he not call the guy a bully?
He came on the chat the other night with the banger pi*h while everybody else was contributing to a good live chat. Keyboard warriors are as hard as the stuff in my 2 year old daughter's nappy mate.

25 Oct 2020 22:11:27
Or just sick or his sarcastic condescending behaviour 👍.

25 Oct 2020 22:18:45
What you on about yately? I only give it out once it comes my way. 👍.

25 Oct 2020 22:20:06
Yes that's the very one BMGH01👍.

25 Oct 2020 22:37:50
Yately 100% mate.

The big problem with a lot on here can give it out but don’t like it back 🤭.

26 Oct 2020 06:08:15
You were at KJ's throat all weekend now you're on here greeting to eds and telling him to grow up? Who needs enemies eh 👍.

26 Oct 2020 06:34:57
Looks like Coldo got a taste of his own medicine and has thrown his toys out the pram whilst grassOMG to the Ed at the same time 😳
Let me guess, on the live chat you probably slated Aribo, Hagi, tactics, Gerrard, Aribo again?
Whilst giving Kent an easy ride🤔
If you live by the snidely sword, you die by the snidely sword. 👍👀.

26 Oct 2020 06:41:53
Thanks Ger88.

26 Oct 2020 06:42:21
Are grown man honestly getting upset about name calling 😂😂😂. Grow up and grow a pair.

26 Oct 2020 07:07:29
This the most pathetic thread I’ve read anywhere on any platform 🤣 it’s embarrassing.

26 Oct 2020 07:14:43
Coldo grew a set. U do not need to get involved. U want to dish it out but can’t take it back.
Simple ignore anyone can’t handle. Plenty on here do that.

26 Oct 2020 07:37:04
Aye ok bluebell another belter 🤣🤣👍.

26 Oct 2020 07:56:30
Guys, just enjoy the moment were in at this time, there was a lot of talk pre-season as to who would handle the pressure of this season better, as it stands, it's plain to me who that is.

Kent was mentioned there, I personally thought that was his most ineffective game for us for a while yesterday, I said in another post, that I felt that Thursday had tired the squad, that quagmire of a pitch would have drained a lot of energy. Stick together folks, let the other mob dig one another, I'm sure they will be this morning.

26 Oct 2020 08:04:32
Listen, the way things are going I'd much rather see us all getting along and having a laugh, but come on, if you can't post your opinion without someone jumping on your back or being an erse. Anyway its a new big week so let's enjoy ripping it out of our east end colleagues and focus now on Thursday.

26 Oct 2020 08:24:16
Wisnae me I’ve not been allowed on live chat for months! 😃👍.

26 Oct 2020 08:50:39
Ma da would batter your da! 😂.

26 Oct 2020 08:52:03
Dk what is this live chat stuff.

26 Oct 2020 09:03:12
I was actually just apologising to the ed for my part in it, I don't mind taking it as I do give it out🤭🤦‍♂️ But it gets a bit childish when its just an attack on a live chat. As for going for KJA9 throat all weekend, I don't where that has came from? 👍.

26 Oct 2020 09:08:12
No ways gersdaft. My da battered 3 polis! 😉.

26 Oct 2020 09:40:45
KJA9 I agree with a lot of what you post, but you can't come on spouting about posters not being able to take it when they're dishing it out especially when you were accusing someone of bully tactics when they had a go at you. Pot and kettle mate! Personally, I couldn't care what people think about me, and If they call me names, then so be it.
Just incase anyone does want to call me names, I have big Shirley (Bassey) as my handers, so bring it on.

26 Oct 2020 10:51:46

26 Oct 2020 11:24:00
BMG is that uglehumba.

26 Oct 2020 11:35:26
It is John 🤣🤣 I didn't even know he was known by that other name until yesterday.

26 Oct 2020 12:34:32
That’s what he is shown as on our sit and Europa league, apathetic lad wishes to be know by his correct name however it does not seem to be the case.

26 Oct 2020 12:56:13
Probably wants to be called by his real name so roasters like me don't call him Shirley?

26 Oct 2020 13:20:45
Never thought off that. I don’t get it if he does in fact want to be known as uglehumba why does he have Bassey on his top.
Unless jimmy can’t spell.

26 Oct 2020 13:46:31
Well, whatever he's called john, he's a machine and I hope he never finds out I've been calling Shirley (but with all this nonsense about grassimg on here, it might not be long until he finds out) . Not a dig at anyone on here, just highlighting how crazy this place can get.

26 Oct 2020 18:05:27
BMGH I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of me and also couldn’t care less what anyone calls me.

It was one of the other posters that mentioned bullying and used me as an example all I done was agree with him.

So you and coldo have it wrong again.

The reason that happened yesterday is because coldo gets away with murder on here constantly trying to belittle the majority of posters so I thought he deserved some back and he obviously didn’t like it 👍.

26 Oct 2020 18:48:36
So what, he's done it with me too, but I'm not going to single him out for having a different opinion.
Like I said, I agree with a lot you post, but not on this one.

26 Oct 2020 19:15:39
John, live chat is the thread during a game where we fans can have some banter.

Mostly it is filled with moans and comments about how rubbish this player or that player is but clearly (from above) there is also some dreadful name calling that borders on nasty.

I used to dip in but it got too depressing reading how rubbish we were for 75mins before we won a game comfortably.

Think I might have been banned but not for anything as bad calling someone a bad name!

26 Oct 2020 20:06:46
Hopefully now it should be 75 minutes of how good we are, and then only 15 mins of how bad wee Alfie is DK19.

28 Oct 2020 10:08:09
kj. that's ridiculous, you must have said BS to peoples posts on hundreds of occasions, that constitutes bullying. why you saying coldo is bad? I've never known him to be offensive mate.

and I could tell every single time the people who instantly reply to myself, and coldo, always the same people, some with positive and friendly replies, like stig, cheers, etc. and the other 5, whom I won't mention because they know who they are

ask yourself this . how is it possible to disagree with every single thing someone who supports the same team says, over a long period. ?



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