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13 Jan 2021 18:45:10
Statement from Liewell.

"On refection, looking back and looking with hindsight and looking at the outcome of the trip, clearly it was a mistake and for that I profoundly apologise to our supporters. This horrific C.V. has affected the whole of society. It's affected people here in Scotland, it's affected our supporters, it's affected our football and it's affected our club - probably our club more than any. "

Sorry, but that's an apology only to Celtic fans, not to the rest of the fans, or to the Hibs players who had to put themselves at risk. Selfish as usual. And as for him suggesting this C.V. has affected Celtic more than the smaller clubs who could go bust is disgusting.

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13 Jan 2021 18:57:00
Typical shamefaced arrogance of this man. Pandering to the masses and get stuffed everybody else. A club like no other right enough. Totally devoid of any semblance of fairness or class.

13 Jan 2021 19:03:00
Typical Celtic - we're sorry but.!

13 Jan 2021 19:03:11
Would have expected anything else
Forced to apologise by pundits

13 Jan 2021 19:04:29
Hindsight's a bitch, ain't it?

13 Jan 2021 19:17:48
He then follows that up with 10 minutes of justifying the trip, how many faces has this twit got?

13 Jan 2021 19:40:02
It’s like “i’d like to appologise but no gawnae! ” Clown.

13 Jan 2021 19:45:42
No humility from the main mhank.

13 Jan 2021 19:46:32
It has effected them more than most as we are 21 points clear that’s a clear excuse to there fans, they can do what they like but if rangers where away jollying it up while season tickets are getting paid at full value and thousands are getting spent on trips to Dubai in a C.V. i for one wouldn’t be a happy chappie 😂😂😂 they are making themselves and Scottish football a laughing stock once again! #55.

13 Jan 2021 20:04:13
No sensible football team will ever go to Dubai ever.

Gullane it is next year.

13 Jan 2021 20:34:13
Wow! How unbelievably self serving (honestly the similarities between Celtic and Trump and the Republican Party in America are getting stronger each day😂) .
His club have been affected more than anyone else by C.V.? Oh really? Let’s see.
Because of C.V. they were handed a title they didn’t win on a plate, while at the same time Hearts and Partick were relegated from leagues they didn’t lose, costing them vast sums of money and costing some of their employees their jobs. This year the likes of StMirren and Kilmarnock had to call off games due to large outbreaks and because of this may still have those games forfeited against them. In the mean time the majority of C.V. related instances that have affected them have been self inflicted, Bolingoli going on holiday and ‘no one at Celtic knowing anything about it’ and now them buggering off on a Jolly that although might just have been allowed by the letter of the law a 2 year old could tell you it was completely morally wrong and insanely stupid. And now all lower league football is off again possibly risking jobs and even the survival of clubs. But yeah Pete, you’re right, poor old hard done to Celtic! The absolute arrogance of the man!

13 Jan 2021 21:29:56
Looks like Liewell's on the Deludamol.

13 Jan 2021 22:18:34
Lawwell must think the Celtic fans are ALL idiots (although if he read Timalie, Phud, Phildhim and Leon‘a posts I can understand why) . Not only did he bang on about donations from Celtic Foundation (to soften the import of the Dubai debacle) but made out as if they were saints for doing so while sticking two fingers up at anyone with a modicum of intelligence that C.V. affected them more than anyone else. Regardless of whether they would have won the league or not, they were awarded the title as a result of C.V.. Tell Hearts, Jags, Stranraer etc that they didn’t suffer as much due to C.V. - I’m sure they might disagree Peter.

14 Jan 2021 00:06:25
Its like a spolied child being made to applogise by his mum to his wee pal for fighting and uding tbe excuse "he hit me first" . Not sincere and meaningless . He even has the audacity to use comparisons as an excuse.

14 Jan 2021 07:23:55
Bar72 he’s got more faces than the toon clock

14 Jan 2021 09:49:30
He is a smug git. he knows as does the rest of us that others have suffered worst in football terms, such as Hearts, Partick etc . however those who have lost family members have suffered a great deal more, to sit there and try and justify it is shameful and disrespectful to say the very least.
He also knows that the SPFL and SFA will accept his so called apology and not investigate the trip, as they know they have failed miserably in dealing with this debacle.
No shame, No remorse, No class. that’s them in a nutshell.



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