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08 Jan 2021 18:42:29
Evening fellow bears just watched the news coverage of co vid does anybody think league will be suspended or declared null and void
Or were declared champions thoughts.

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08 Jan 2021 18:51:01
I think over the next week we will be in the same lockdown as March last year so looking at football suspended (maybe it won’t) but there is no danger we will get handed the title by anyone and I don’t want it handed either.
It must continue (league) when it’s safe to do so.

08 Jan 2021 18:57:06
Agree kla9 don't want any favours off SPL rather win the league on our own terms.

08 Jan 2021 19:04:13
KJA9 while I agree the season should be finished on the field, if it can’t be then we should definitely be crowned champions it won’t be as good as winning it properly but it will give us access to champions league football and if we qualify massive revenue. Also if it was declared null and void I think it would be the absolute end of Scottish football.

08 Jan 2021 19:24:35
I work as a Sales Manager for a car company and as of Sunday night our head office building will close. We will probably close the branches within the next week also to the public as we’re running our digital click n collect business. Now I know it counts for nothing but I’m a great believer if car companies are willing to close I’m sure there is something in the pipeline where full lockdown is close. As of the title being awarded it’s not for me I’d rather we won it fair and square on the park so them across the city can’t put a * against our title unlike theirs from last season.

08 Jan 2021 19:37:48
Did clubs not vote to play to a finish?

08 Jan 2021 19:49:59
The 80% games played is a myth b4 someone says it there is no such a rule.

08 Jan 2021 19:58:23
My gut is all sport will be stopped at some point, if you look at the death rates in England its catastrophic, we are in for a tough Jan/ Feb. As a population we should have done better but the UK government have been lax in the lead up to Christmas IMO giving the sense that's its all okay and that's caused the major spread back into the communities all over and we are now seeing the repercussions.

08 Jan 2021 20:04:20
Crikey I thought I’d come on for some banter and i feel like I’ve tuned into Peston 😂.

08 Jan 2021 20:10:28
I thought it was 75% of games must be played but not 100% sure.

08 Jan 2021 20:11:10
It can’t be null and void as the SPFL said last year it wouldn’t work so it must be the same this season.

08 Jan 2021 20:33:03
They’re begging for null and void across on the dark side, absolute desperation from the great unwashed.

08 Jan 2021 23:56:45
Blackwood bear, your spot on mate, I noticed on previous lovkdowns pubs, shops etc were preparing a week ahead for the BIG announcement.
Next week wouldn't surprise me a
ALL STOP till end of March!
What happens then christ knows!

09 Jan 2021 00:23:47
The argument before was - they couldn’t hand out prize money until the season was declared and final positions where determined.

Therefore you would imagine the same would apply. If the clubs want paid then final positions will have to be called.

Let’s hope that isn’t the case because don’t wasn’t 55***.

09 Jan 2021 00:27:51
As the full uk is gripped in a grave situation with the new C.V. variant, i do personally think that within the next couple of weeks max,
all sport in this country will be suspended 😞 Like KJA9 says, i want to win the league and don't want to be awarded it, like they were and far too early at that 🤔If the season is suspended, we should finish this season's league whenever that may be, before starting another season 🤔.

09 Jan 2021 01:43:30
and what they beg for they will get, big peter will be putting his tuppence worth into doncasters ear, don't worry about that, if anyone is going to come out hard done by i can guarantee you it will be us.

09 Jan 2021 01:43:49
As I understand, every team has to play the others twice before anyone can be declared champs and that is why Tim's are not interested in playing their 3 catch up games, however another 3 or 4 games would see them completing that quota.

09 Jan 2021 02:49:24
99% sure its 75% but not 100% sure on that because it could be 80% but at the same time only 50% of people think it's true and I'm not even 33% sure that is a rule.

Feel like I'm back at school, doing maths on here.

09 Jan 2021 03:08:29
Well, those of you that don't want to accept the title if awarded, I for one would be delighted to accept it, they didn't care did they. We can't control what's happening, if it is caled now, we've EARNED IT.



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