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05 Jul 2020 08:24:29
Well folks, for the first time, I'm starting to doubt McAllister, after his quote - " He insists Tavernnier is the right captain for Rangers " .

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05 Jul 2020 10:16:39
The Stuck both steven gerrard have said that tav is the correct choice as rangers captain and we have to trust them, as they see the full package in tav, where we see tav in matchdays only. They see him in training, in the dressing room, on matchdays and so on. Now i'll state firstly here before i go on, IMO i think ryan jack would be the perfect candidate as rangers captain. However it doesn't mean because gerrard and gary mac choose to continue with tav, that i'm going to shout from the rooftops, to get tav bombed out,
because i'm not and i rate the guy.
Think of this, gerrard was an immense captain of liverpool and knew it inside out and he thinks/ rates tav, as the best candidate at this moment in time, to be the captain of glasgow rangers,
pure and simple! I'll totally back that and as a supporter of experience of watching rangers for many years, there should be many captains within our starting 11!
Because tav isn't a shouter like say baz was, doesn't necessarily mean he's not captain material, because gerrard obviously thinks he is in many other ways and as i said at the top here, we don't see the full package of tav being rangers captain behind the scenes! 🤔.

05 Jul 2020 10:19:53
Liability and always seems to say the wrong things, think there's better options already there.

05 Jul 2020 10:28:39
Tav is not captain material. Unfortunate comments from the Asst Manager and assume fully endorsed by SG.

05 Jul 2020 10:33:59
SGL. or Gerrard is to stubborn to admit he made the wrong choice when picking his captain.
A big ego can make you think you can do no wrong and he’s hoping through time to be proved right.
Unfortunately he doesn’t have time to indulge his ego. He has to admit his mistake and appoint a new captain, need to be more ruthless this season.
Tav is not captain material.

05 Jul 2020 10:49:53
As we know with formation SG is Very stubborn So I can see him being the same with the captain.
He is never captain material and never will be IMHO.
He also needs to learn how to defend.

05 Jul 2020 10:57:27
SGL- No decent manager or staff are going to slate their players in public. Gerrard needs to grow a pair and drop Tav as captain. We need a change, Tav simply isn't doing it as captain. He needs to focus more on his game without that added pressure. Who knows - if he lost his captaincy then maybe he'd be a better player.

05 Jul 2020 11:08:01
I was brought up following rangers old school Bluebrother, in the sense there should be 11 captains when they cross that white line, onto the hallowed ibrox turf! I used to hear/ read the exact same written or said by our supporters, regarding lee wallace! Like i said in my previous post because you're not a shouter like baz etc, doesn't mean you can't be a good captain in other ways! Honestly pal we as rangers supporters have to f****n tone this down regarding this terrible personal treatment of our captain at the minute, james tavernier! We're filling other supporters of other clubs mouths, as well as the media with our constant personal castigating of tav. let's get behind gerrard, tav and the team and give them our total backing for the penultimate season, which is almost upon us. I'm embarrassed by what some of our so called supporters are calling tav and constantly using him as the whipping boy!

05 Jul 2020 11:17:29
Supercoop, good post. One man (e. g. the captain) doesn't win games or make a team. From what I've seen of Tavernier he is a talented player, quite fast and strong. He does seem to get himself out of position too often which begs the question why doesn't SG push him forward to right midfield with someone else (Patterson? ) at right back.

05 Jul 2020 11:19:04
Now I know what DK19 was talking about the man is captain of our club that used to mean he got respect from the fans. We moan about getting no money for our players when we sell wonder if it's to do with how much we run them down.

05 Jul 2020 12:01:37
I agree coop Stevie is the nan and Gary has got to back him up at all times regardless . If he didn’t agree, it should be kept behind closed doors.

05 Jul 2020 12:08:02
I agree Tav is a great footballer, but there’s players that can play well and also inspire cajole, or kick ass when required, great captains have this ability.
Sorry fo me tav doesn’t have these qualities required.
In fact I think the pressures of captaincy effects his performance when things are not going to plan.

05 Jul 2020 12:21:18
Coop it's not just Tav getting it mate, reading here over the weekend and some of the mince about Fredo does make you despair a bit!

05 Jul 2020 12:52:54
Extremely unfair on Tav to make him captain, he is a decent player but needs to fully concentrate on his own performance without additional responsibilities of being captain.

05 Jul 2020 12:53:14
SGL, you are missing a huge point here. Every team needs a good captain, to encourage, to instruct, to lead to lift team when we're down, to fight for 90 mins. Tav has had 2 seasons and is clearly not ip to it. Rangers need to replace the captaincy to help succeed. SGL, I appreciate your passion and supporting Tav but we can do better .

05 Jul 2020 13:37:53
Spot on coop mate 👌👌sick of reading so called fans slagging off the team, nothing short of embarrassing what I've read on here regarding tav and morelos this weekend.

Coop as I've said to coldo am no the biggest fan of Kent but I'll support the boy 100% and I can see that he will improve.

It's ridiculous to fling our own players in the fire every week especially since the majority will not be going anywhere.

05 Jul 2020 13:50:17
The Stuck, its not the JUST saying on here that a certain number of our supporters don't think tav should be captain, because everyone has their opinions and perfectly entitled to do so. But some of the constant abuse on here continually of the rangers captain is getting an obsession and going too far mate! Way over the top.
Its a terrible way certain supporters are absolutely destroying james tavernier and for me that's not on pal, simple as that!

05 Jul 2020 13:51:39
Who are the candidates for the Captain, s job?

05 Jul 2020 14:15:26
Over the last 2 seasons tav and Alfie have been the most badly missed when off form or out. Tav is a good leader, sets the tempo for the team and from what i have seen in games always communicating with his teammates. Others who could be captain were not guaranteed starters every week which is why tav got it. I want them both here playing well this season, the abuse against them is too much.

I do agree though maybe worth freshening things up, take some pressure off, give it to Ryan Jack.

05 Jul 2020 14:21:04
Gus it's Tav until Gerrard changes it. A Captain is 90% what happens off the park standards from Saturday to Saturday and as for his statement he's being punished for telling the truth.

05 Jul 2020 15:00:20
Gus57,james tavernier is the glasgow rangers captain pal! Get behind him and the team for the coming season.

05 Jul 2020 15:09:14
DOIGER, I like Tav as he brings a lot to our team when he is on his game. However he does get caught out of position and makes the odd costly mistake. It might be an opportunity to do what you say by utilising Patterson at RB and pushing Tav further upfield.

SGL, if the management team see Tav as captain then that is good enough for me. However I feel we need a player of real quality and a leader in the middle of the park (eg a Stuart McCall type) that would allow Jack to dictate play and be more attack minded. For example, I recall the game at Inverness when Jack played a stormer.

05 Jul 2020 15:10:43
If anyone is getting the armband from Tav it's Davis, got to be.
Most experienced man, won titles, 109 caps for NI. He's the man for the job should it not be Tav.

05 Jul 2020 15:39:41
Can I ask, in what way makes a player captain material? Interestuing to see peoples

05 Jul 2020 15:56:08

Charismatic Authority.
Commands Respect
Takes responsibility.
Understands and Values History of our Club.
Good footballer.

05 Jul 2020 16:00:04
When I played amateur football in Dundee (only Lochee United level mind) there were players all over the park cajoling, shouting, motivating their teammates. Not just the captain. It is about teamwork. A captain can be good off the park as well as on it. Leaders on the park will appear naturally. Tom Forsyth, Ally McCoist, Andy Goram, Jorg Albertz, Fernando Ricksen (the late, great) . All were great players and motivators on the park. Let's be positive about next season. I've been critical of Tavernier, but he is a very good player whether captain or not!

05 Jul 2020 16:07:19
PAT I doubt Davis will play a whole season he faded last year think he'll be used more sparingly this year. Give Tav back penalty duties he missed a couple and it made his form dip. You don't become bad at it over night and it shows he has the nerve to do it. Kri55 a Captain setting standards and demanding it from others. Blood and thunder captains are becoming a thing of the past always found the players who shouted and talked too much became white noise. Someone who leads on the park and keeps the dressing room healthy will do for me.

05 Jul 2020 16:08:28
Lochee united would be a good move.

05 Jul 2020 16:21:49
I thought we had some terrific results last year and fought back incredibly well at time’s . So was none of that tavs doing? I remember when he had scored about 15 pens in a row I kept saying . he’s got to miss sometime . then after getting stick upon stick it started to happen . For me . whatever Stevie g says goes .

05 Jul 2020 16:28:17
55rangers, davo didn't fade last year mate, he never recovered from his injury against the sheep! Up until that stevie davis was outstanding for rangers!

05 Jul 2020 16:31:52
I've said it many times - where was Jack, Davis, McGregor, Arfield etc when we had that bad run after the winter break?
Rangers teams of the past had leaders all over the park.
Tav is our club captain whether we like it or not. Sometimes as a fan we just have to support the team as best we can. 👍
Plus the season hasn't already started and players are getting it tight! 😳.

05 Jul 2020 16:41:00
Coops, the sheep kicked wee Davis up and down the place that day and got away with it. Still makes my blood boil when I think about it. Can't remember who the ref was but must've been on the Celtic payroll.

05 Jul 2020 16:45:22
Fair point sgl still not sure he'll play every game though pretty sure Tav will start most if not all games. Davo is a shout if Tav was to go but until then I'm backing Tav.

05 Jul 2020 16:52:38
I think s arfield would make a good captain. got a bit dig needed to get the team going, loves a moan, thrives under pressure, and not afraid to to let teammates know to get the finger out.

05 Jul 2020 17:26:31
55gers, your correct and i've lost count of how many times i've said this on here mate. Stevie davis WON'T play every game for us and i think gerrard must choose and manage davo's games wisely! Davo i believe will play in the so called bigger games, as opposed to certain games against certain teams, where it will be very physical and congested where teams sit in.

05 Jul 2020 17:58:11
Arfield doesn't play every game either. We all missed Tav when he was out. in fact on these very pages we were wishing he got match fit again with haste as he was missed greatly. what short memories eh:?



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