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22 May 2019 18:15:11
Like i said on here weeks ago, we're letting go the best left back currently at ibrox. Lee wallace imo, is still easily the best left back we have. Our board have treated our former captain terribly. However lee surely knows what us gers supporters think of him and its very highly.

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22 May 2019 18:29:33
No he aint.

22 May 2019 18:34:16
Who's better than him? Barisic? Don't make me laugh! He will never ever have an eighth of the heart,
that lee wallace has!

22 May 2019 18:38:27
No he's not, far from it👍.

22 May 2019 19:25:06
Who currently at ibrox is a better left back than lee wallace? Hello i'm waiting on a name!

22 May 2019 19:31:48
Flannigan and Haliday. there's two!

22 May 2019 19:38:43
I have plenty of heart but I wouldn't get a game ahead of barasic, both flanagan and halliday are better than wallace. I read an article today that some fans have a petition for a testimonial for wallace, why? Because he was here for 7 year? Because he chose to stay because he wouldn't get the same wage anywhere else? Give me a break. He is not good enough anymore and he wasn't good enough under pedro or warbs in the spl👍.

22 May 2019 20:05:11
Happy now sg loyal😂.

22 May 2019 20:13:34
If Wallace was deemed better than Flannigan barisic and halliday Stevie g would have picked him.

22 May 2019 20:18:49
Don't make me laugh! From what i've seen of flanagan and halliday at left back, they couldn't lace waldo's boots, honestly! Into the bargain halliday and flanagan, ain't left backs and god only knows what barisic is, up 'till now! Its nothing about the 7 or 8 years waldo has been at ibrox, he's a better left back than both, in my eyes anyway! Barisic has been an absolute joke and let down so far! I stand to be corrected, as there's undoubtedly a talent there but he needs to give so much more, to play with the famous i'm afraid.

22 May 2019 20:23:15
Lee Wallace, at all times, behaved like a Rangers captain, some of you should behave like Rangers supporters.

22 May 2019 20:29:35
SG loyal are you Coop🤔😂👍.

{Ed001's Note - same IP address.}

22 May 2019 20:29:36
Well why don't fans ask Gerrard why he didn't pick his strongest team, as paying punters we deserve to know why?

22 May 2019 20:44:08
Standby for the usual coop comeback, "you guy's are so easy to bait". Brilliand ed mate you have played a blinder👏👍.

22 May 2019 20:47:21
Hahahaha Coop that is a bit of a beamer mate 😂.

22 May 2019 20:51:22
SGloyal came on earlier to have a go at L17mac for having a go at supercoop. Absolute class😂😂😂👍.

22 May 2019 20:59:28
Coop you do yourself no favours mate! Lee Wallace is honking! Don’t give me this the way we’ve treated him nonsense!
He stayed with the club because no one else was interested and he control take thousands from us in the lower leagues!
He’s rubbish and away! Get over it!

22 May 2019 21:00:50
Jy did wallace behave like a ranhers captain when he indermined graeme mirty?

22 May 2019 21:01:07
coop caught red handed, can't wait for this comeback.

22 May 2019 21:21:05
Popcorn in the micro, beer open, feet up😁. He's the gift that keeps on giving. Me, myself and I shouldn't be far away, same traits as billy davies😂😂👍.

22 May 2019 21:44:10
Halliday is still very average. although would rather he was at left back than doing damage in the middle of the park. But yeah Wallace is a better left back than andy.

22 May 2019 22:28:33
So many mistakes in lee Wallace even in inferior leagues. people have very short memories sometimes . Not for me I am afraid .

22 May 2019 22:51:14
If we are trying to move forward guys like Haliday aren’t going to cut it think bigger and better.

23 May 2019 00:29:33
Coldo to coin a phrase of yours mate. You are the gift that keeps on giving for me! Absolutely superb and better than some of my favourite comedies! 😂😂Say what you want but i so easily get inside your head! You have so much interest in moi! One good thing though, at least you're not into voodoo, otherwise i'd be like a pin cushion by now! 😂You are like celtic fans who are obsessed with our club, as you are obsessed with moi!

23 May 2019 01:21:37
Supercool in your next reincarnation less exclamation marks might help hide your identity 🤣🤣🤣.

23 May 2019 05:42:41
Just got up for work and I’m sitting here with a red neck for you supercoopereleven.

23 May 2019 06:55:33
I also feel supercoopereleven's pain mate. He will be ok though.

23 May 2019 08:29:49
Coop your a big Catfish! Stop acting like a 5 year old! We’re here to talk about all thing Rangers! Coldo has his flaws like everyone else but at least he fights his point. You go all that weird “caught you, defensive, fishing for comments, act like a wee boy to try and catch him out”

I suggest you wrap it!

23 May 2019 09:17:50
My mother would occasionally leave the window cleaner’s money on the on the window sill of the upstairs window. She suspected he often would not clean that window although would always charge for it. Always loved it when he came around on a Friday to collect his money, only to receive a rollocking from her and told he better get his ladder if he wants paid. The look of embarrassment on his face was priceless. Perhaps his name was Supercoop!

23 May 2019 09:28:57
Yes 87 henderson, but what you didn't mention regarding coldo is he ver rarely posts an original post himself and then tries to pick the bones of others who at least contribute to the rumours page. For the record it wouldn't be hard to catch him out. No honour there. The reason i changed username was because for some reason it wouldn't let me log back in, under my original username. So no wonder i played along with it, when this nugget continually tries to have a go. The guy can't get me out his head, he's absolutely infatuated like other posters on here have also stated. So I know who needs to rap it and who is being the complete obsessed, big wean in all this. I wonder who? So before having a go, get your facts right pal!

23 May 2019 10:09:01
87 henderson, i love talking about everything rangers mate. I follow the club i love everywhere.

23 May 2019 10:10:39
Common bankie, don't be nasty pal. By the way i did wonder how i was short that day, at the end of my shift. 😂.

23 May 2019 12:20:35
I think in fairness if supercoop and steven gerrard loyal made sane coherent 'original' posts coldo and others wouldn't feel the need to comment. Some of your 'original' posts have been just a lot of havers and nonsense, you then make it worse by having a go at anyone who disagrees or pulls you up about it. You usually top it off by resorting to name-calling!

23 May 2019 12:59:01

23 May 2019 13:07:24
Coop calm down man . It's only a forum . Rumours whispers gossip and opinions . Everyone's entitled to them and everyone can change their name if they want . there's a lot I agree with a lot I don't . However I won't slate anyones opinion without giving a reasonable and logical debate behind it . It's only a laugh and very occasionally someone is right .

{Ed001's Note - actually the terms and conditions of these sites do not allow for multiple names. If people have a problem with signing in they should use the contact form at the bottom of the page rather than creating a new sign in and then act like dicks by pretending to be someone else to back up their other account.}

23 May 2019 13:33:09
Nice one Supercoop/ Steven Gerrard Loyal/ Warburton. Keep up the banter mate.

23 May 2019 15:54:59
Then contact the Ed! Be like your pal Lee Wallace an grass him up!

Well put Ed001! I bet your even getting fed up of all this carry on!

{Ed001's Note - it's childish and tedious. On both sides.}

23 May 2019 17:09:03
Very childish, very tedious but quite funny seein people caught out lol😂.



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