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30 Jul 2020 22:54:13
So it's being reported Jones has been told to find a new club, i thought he should be given a chance this season especially with the 5 subs being brought in. Think he could definitely give us something the last 15 mins of games with his pace but looks like his idiotic challenge has finished his career with us if the report is true, think that's quite sad for someone who is a blue nose like us.

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30 Jul 2020 22:59:25
Gerrard can't whinge about bad tackles, that would be hypocritical!
Another pointless signing made by Gerrard and rangers. When does it end? Wasting our hard earned money we use to buy season tickets for signings he doesn't play. Step up or step out Mr Gerrard.
Stop wasting my time and money.

30 Jul 2020 23:02:23
The guys a bellend. An Ian black kinda bellend.

30 Jul 2020 23:14:10
I like Jones he should stay and fight for his place he is well good enough for the first team.

30 Jul 2020 23:18:08
He's not done himself many favours, maybe professionalism is also on the thinking?

30 Jul 2020 23:23:47
Seemed to be friendly with Alfie, just a guess but perhaps that’s one of the only reasons he has been kept around as long is to keep Alfie happy. Could tell from before we even signed him that he wasn’t going to have a big future at the club.

30 Jul 2020 23:27:52
If it was between him and murphy then it be murphy I'd be keeping.

30 Jul 2020 23:29:52
Jones joins long list of players dumped without proper chance. Probably to make room for that chickem windass.

31 Jul 2020 00:04:41
Hes only been in media for us for 3 things
1 that challenge
2 moving to middlesborough
3 driving like an idiot.

31 Jul 2020 01:13:41
Tbh a don't think he does his self any favours with off field antics driving about like a nutjob. mayb stevies thought don't need that around the squad. plus it was either him or barker n on pre season barker has the edge . gutted ot never worked out for him tho.

31 Jul 2020 01:15:20
Won't think we will miss him. Think Murphy has a lot more to offer.

31 Jul 2020 02:24:40
He ain’t good enough sad but true.

31 Jul 2020 06:04:36
Getting rid of jones and then bringing back windass seems idiotic.

31 Jul 2020 07:08:15
Another one who thought he was it. Got plenty chances 6 counties.
He blew his big opportunity.

31 Jul 2020 07:14:24
Everyone forget the cross to take us through from jones I think he deserves a chance, made the club millions with that cross.

31 Jul 2020 07:47:45
Heard ages ago that he swans about training like he owns the place. He can go as far as I’m concerned won’t be missed.

31 Jul 2020 08:00:20
this happens at all clubs players are brought in he was a free and for whatever reason they don’t live up to their potential and are gone, just because he’s a blue nose doesn’t change anything, if he’s not up to it get rid of him free up a wage look at Souness he didn’t mess about players came in if they didn’t impress they were gone.

31 Jul 2020 08:03:25
Bad player management, has happened with a few too many over the last 2 years.

31 Jul 2020 08:07:48
Might not be the best, still has great pace and could frighten defenders. Could have been utilized better. Not a bad cross at times either.

31 Jul 2020 08:20:39
Jones is a decent player but I hear there are other issues that have tried the manager's patience. Don't fprget Steven sees the full picture.

31 Jul 2020 08:25:35
Got Barker and Murphy as back ups I’d loan or sell for nominal fee and bring back Candeais for more options on other flank.

31 Jul 2020 09:21:42
John25 not as many as tavenier.

31 Jul 2020 10:05:22
I think Jones has potential to be a good player but he is a bad professional and doesn't seem to apply himself properly. Been involved in a lot of nonsense off the park. Gerrard obviously doesn't like him as a person, hence why he's never really gave him a chance.

31 Jul 2020 10:10:31
So because he's put one good ball inot the box and is an apparent blue nose we should be given a chance? No harm to the boy but his one on ones are shocking for a winger and there's little end product. Much rather have Murphy's attitude and ability around the squad.

31 Jul 2020 10:39:11
Hes a Michael o halloran.

31 Jul 2020 12:37:35
6 counties he gets his chance every day in training.

31 Jul 2020 12:38:48
Well written ger 88. We will get decent money for him.
Also save about 12k a week.

31 Jul 2020 15:23:16
I'd cash on him if a decent offer arrived. But don't use s fine for drivin as a point hsha, bet we've all undertook someone doing 40 in outside lane of motorway.

31 Jul 2020 16:16:48
I don't think he has shown the potential that was assumed and inevitably there was an excess anticipation given that he had been capped by Northern Ireland. Sorry but if he is the height of our ambition we are not going to stop 10 in a row. He is not even squad material.



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