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03 Nov 2023 04:29:42
I think even if we have a bad game with this manager we should stick by him there is something different about this guy he needs time and patience.

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03 Nov 2023 05:21:04
Fred, it doesn't matter how good a manager you are mate, as every manager has bad games ?.

03 Nov 2023 07:15:03
I'm very impressed with PC, he has an assurance about him.

03 Nov 2023 07:27:55
I don’t think anyone will be turning against Clement anytime soon.
We can already see progress is being made with the same group of players who were abysmal under Beale.

03 Nov 2023 07:48:21
Hello MPH, I certainly hope not mate, he's the real deal, the first since WS and I have every faith he will deliver for us.

03 Nov 2023 07:49:55
I'd like to think a new manager deserves a lot more time and faith than one bad game.

03 Nov 2023 08:51:59
Who would take a job as a football manager? It used to be that they got time to build their team, now if the team gets beat once or plays bad the media turn on him and want him out. Clemente’s will do very well given time and a few quid.
Ten Hag is a different matter, he’s spent £441 million on players of his choosing and they play as individuals, last season they played well, this season, terrible. Poor manager will only get £15 million if he’s sacked.

03 Nov 2023 09:01:03
Strange post, I know our fans can be a bit demanding but as people say why would fans not give PC a chance if he has one bad game, let's be honest there are going to be some bumps in the road ahead. after PC has had a couple of windows is time to judge, I am sure we will see steady progress in coming months.

03 Nov 2023 09:20:02
It's mad at Man Utd, Carrick.
They were interviewing fans outside Old Trafford after the Newcastle defeat and nearly all them blamed the board for the failings on the pitch!
Not Ten Hag who has spent a fortune. Or the players.

03 Nov 2023 09:42:14
Utd have been overpaying for years. the amount they're paying players is ridiculous.

03 Nov 2023 10:42:59
Ed001 - I know you couldn't care less about Man Utd. But what's your thoughts? Are the fans being blinded by their hatred of the board?
They have spent a lot of money so it can't be the boards fault?

{Ed001's Note - it is the board's fault imo. They are the reason they have ridiculously overpaid for players and bought the wrong ones. They have not invested in the infrastructure at all, which has left the stadium a crumbling mess, the training ground out of date, the scouting set up apallingly bad and gives no support to the head coaches. They have bottled out of appointments, including Rangnick's role as technical director (or similar anyway) last summer, that would have helped massively. He told them that the players were a problem and this would happen if they did not clear them out but it would have meant writing off tens of millions (such as the £5m they refused to pay Harry Maguire for his loyalty bonus when he had a move agreed elsewhere). The club is like a kit car right now - looks a little like a Ferrari, but when you get close you realise it is actually just a Ford Fiesta under a body kit with a knackered engine.

It won't matter who the coach is, if you don't sort out the backroom issues, they will always struggle. I was working on a player profile for Jadon Sancho earlier, oddly enough, to be posted up tomorrow, and I mostly ended up writing about the lack of due diligence they did on the lad. He had been a problem at City, Pep wanted nothing to do with him, they let him go and there was little interest in him in England, which is why he went to Dortmund. There he continued to cause problems and his biggest skill appears to be excuse-making after turning up late to training again, yet they went and overpaid to sign him. That is not going to change just because a new head coach is brought in. The head coach does not negotiate for signings.}

03 Nov 2023 11:39:35
Brilliant post Ed. Very informative read.

{Ed001's Note - thank you Carrick.}

03 Nov 2023 12:02:33
Great assessment as always. Never looked at it like that, Ed001.
After Ferguson years you always assume everything is OK with the stadium, training ground etc.
So what you are basically saying is that they are miles away on and off the park?
Your insight is always appreciated. Even on Utd considering you love Liverpool.

{Ed001's Note - yes they are miles off. Quite sad really as it is purely down to Ferguson's greed that it has ended up like it. His fight over Rock of Gibraltar led him to partner up with the Glazers to get the horse racing duo out of United. That is why you never hear him criticise the Glazers, as he is still being paid by them.

As for it being about United, I love footie too, not just Liverpool. My best friend was a Man Utd fan, so I always keep an eye on them because of that.}

03 Nov 2023 14:00:33
The side Ferguson left Moyes was not a great Man utd team. I think the decline was evident that season and Moyes had no chance, he was on a hiding to nothing.

{Ed001's Note - very true, but he was a poor choice of successor too.}

03 Nov 2023 12:48:53
Never knew the finer details of the Rock of Gibraltar deal, Ed001.

{Ed001's Note - Fergie was gifted a share in the horse but when it became a hugely valuable winner and stud, he wanted that share to also come with a cut of the fortune it was making. They had only gifted it to him so he could sample the joys of being an owner, they said. So Fergie took them to court to try and force them to give them a cut. It got very nasty and Magnier and McManus, who had bought shares in United at Ferguson's instigation to be his allies in the boardroom, tried to oust him as manager. So Ferguson went and found someone else to be his ally - that was one of Malcolm Glazer's sons, who had already been on the hunt for a Premier League side to buy. I wrote an article a few years ago about the downfall of United so I had to research it.}

03 Nov 2023 14:17:07
The chosen one but because of fergusons status everyone bought into it.
Out of curiosity ed, where do you think it went wrong for Liverpool?

{Ed001's Note - David Moores was where it went wrong for Liverpool. He was only interested in taking money out - a lot like the Glazers. When Anfield needed work doing or a new stadium built, the money wasn't there (though it was a tiny amount compared to the money it would cost today) but he refused to loan the club even a small amount, or to even stop taking his obscene salary and benefits. He would travel with the players all over the world at the club's expense, first class of course, even after he sold up. He shafted Dubai, who were set to buy the club, in favour of Gillett and Hicks because they offered to pay him a little more money. Even though Dubai had shown him a long term plan for the club's future, while Gillett and Hicks had literally just thrown a bid together the night before! Even when the club was about to go bust under Gillett and Hicks, after he had sold it for £86m in his pocket, he still refused to go without his takings from it. That was one of the first things FSG did, they got that parasite out of the club for good.}

03 Nov 2023 14:32:53
Leeches, the downfall of many a great club. Cheers ed. Very.

03 Nov 2023 15:51:05
Brilliant stuff ED. I could read more of this. I don't like Ferguson now haha.

{Ed001's Note - to be fair, while he is greedy, it must be pointed out that he is also extremely generous as well. Odd combination, but it is true. He contributed a very decent amount of money to the Hillsborough fund and many other charities as well.}

03 nov 2023 16:59:55
i titally agree with the hirse aspect ed, i am a avid racing fan all my days and that was a very unsavoury tale indeed, the two you mention were very very good to fergie, he should have dropped the issue but his inbuilt need to win was brought ti the surface and that meant he was almost incapable of seeing how poorly and greedy he was acting, i know fergie has been generous in his time, but sometimes that comes with greed for more, just to enable you to look very generous, without affecting your own wealth, if you know what i mean, fergie was a master if that.

{Ed001's Note - I don't believe his support for the Hillsborough families was motivated by anything other than a desire to help. It has never been publicised how much he has done at his own request.}

03 Nov 2023 17:22:04
Much as I thoroughly dislike Ferguson, I will give him his. due, he is very good with charities and good causes, so agree with you the re. Ed.

{Ed001's Note - like everyone, he is not all bad or all good.}



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