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02 Nov 2020 21:57:31
Well first time Edmondson and Jones caught think club should make an example of them and no way should they ever play for the famous again. they could have seriously derailed our hopes of silverware, totally selfish actions trying to get their hole no doubt.

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02 Nov 2020 23:51:51
I agree an example needs to be made, this season is too important to be jeopardised by breaking the clear rules. I already know of another bit part player who was photographed at a house party during the first lock down and before the Bolingoli thing. We were lucky this didn’t come out then so we can assume other might also be breaking the rules too. Let’s use this as a line in the sand to remind everyone how important it is they abide by the guidance in such an important year.

03 Nov 2020 05:44:28
Our club won't/ can't condone the very irresponsible behaviour of both jordan jones and george edmundson.
With the serious dangers of this C.V., there's no other way but to terminate their contracts, under the undoubtedly gross misconduct rule. Had been informed ages ago that jones always had a bad attitude problem and was a bad apple!

03 Nov 2020 06:34:24
SGL the may not have the grounds to sack them to be honest and I don’t think they should be sacked there has been a massive over reaction to this.

03 Nov 2020 06:40:14
No overreaction whatsoever IMO KJA9!
There's a worldwide C.V. going on and they both broke very serious rules and lost the trust of all their teammates and everyone connected to our great club! That's not an overreaction pal, that's fact and a very serious, selfish, health risky act by both jones and edmondson.

03 Nov 2020 07:38:56
Yeah just put up a similar Post there actually
Both very stupid and soo g it knowing there careers could be in jeopardy if caught and they still went ahead
Playing for Rangers is obviously not important enough for them especially being the bit part players since they arrived they should be keeping themselves fit and healthy and safe and be doing here all to try get into the team
But what do these two do decide to go partying and bring the bad press to the club at a time we’re doing so well
2 idiots in my opinion and deserve what comes to them.
If that means careers over then so be it
They done it solely to themselves and have no one to blame.

03 Nov 2020 08:20:47
Totally correct, huge overreaction.

03 Nov 2020 08:41:50
Absolutely not a huge overreaction. Had they not been caught by police and the club been informed these 2 would have walked into training centre risking everyone's health. If they had mixed with the entire squad then everyone would have had to isolate for 2 weeks which would then contest our fixtures domestically and we would have had to forfeit 2 europa league fixtures.

03 Nov 2020 08:46:35
Its not an overreaction. Why could we not have grounds to sack them. Its not as though the were going to be honest and tell the club that they would have to isolate because they broke the rules were they? If they hadn't have been caught their intention was to keep quiet and attend training which would or could have had unbelieveable consequences. Possibly thrown out of europe, momentum taken from our title charge, financial implications and of the human impact on potentially spreading the virus. Gross misconduct in my book. 👍.

03 Nov 2020 09:45:51
Is there worse than gross misconduct because if so then them two idiotic morons have earned it, can't believe some on hear think we are overreacting wake up and smell the coffee fellas, what we are talking about is life or death overeaction my a__e.

03 Nov 2020 10:31:21
Those who think this is an overreaction to these muppets are as stupid as them. C.V. has killed hundreds of thousands of people and is a deadly disease. What if these clowns hadn't been caught and came back to Ibrox with the squad and one of them had caught the disease? I wonder if they have the discipline or brains to self-isolate? Rangers have acted and didn't cover up, unlike the unwashed with Griffiths. I can't believe anyone posting on here could try and condone their actions.

03 Nov 2020 11:36:39
It’s 100% a over reaction and I would put my house on SGL that you have broken a C.V. rule as most people have and that’s the bottom line of the matter.

I forgot about everyone on here that they have never made a mistake in their life its embarrassing.

03 Nov 2020 12:07:50
We’ve awe been breaking the rules guys that’s definite. I have. However these players have a hell of a lot of responsibility on there shoulders and shouldn’t be breaking the rules. I wouldn’t sack them they’re worth money that is a bit over the top. But they wouldn’t play for me again if I was Gerrard or the board.

03 Nov 2020 13:12:29
My thoughts exactly IGWT.
I can't condone or condemn them because it would make me a hypocrite like everyone else on this site who wants them sacked.
I break the rules every week by visiting my parents indoors and having then at my house every week for dinner. As a family we took this decision ourselves and we've been OK.

03 Nov 2020 15:24:12
They could be made a very big example of indeed, Rangers may just take the hit, and sack both, gross misconduct is dismissal, waiting to see what has actually happened mind,

03 Nov 2020 15:52:29
Me and my wife have not broken any rules since March. We have observed all the social distancing rules and everything else. If you are posting on here that you have broken rules, you are part of the problem.

03 Nov 2020 16:29:25
So Doiger, hand on heart you only went for a walk once a day in the first lockdown?
Only visited the shops when required?
When you meet friends you stand 2m apart? You must take a tape measure everywhere with you!
I'm not calling you or others liars but I don't believe you. 👍.

03 Nov 2020 17:02:15
I think everybody has broken the rules to some degree, and I agree with above anybody who says they haven't is lying. We were locked down for months, going to the shop for beer ot a packet of fags etc was a rule break as not essential. No way folk haven't broke the rules, however there's was a massive and stupid break of the rules.



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