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21 Oct 2019 18:01:25
Just watched Hearts goal in slow mo from their kick out to the goal. Please watch on YT.
1. Hearts Keeper kicks it out long.
2. Katic and Ikpeazu challenge for the ball.
3. Ikpeazu wins the header which the bounces towards Tav and Goldson
4. The bounce was awkward and Tav was never getting there with feet or head.
5. Goldosn arguably could have had a kick.
6. In the end neither got it and the ball went thought for the Hearts player to shoot.
7. McGregor off his line with a terrific one handed save.
The damming part. When you pause the play at that point only one player is out of position, Steven Davis approx 6 to 7 yards away from his man Mashino and is almost just walking back.
8. Mashino picks up the ball unmarked and slots it home.
Verdict -
1.Cant expect Katic to win all headers against Ikpeazu, no fault.
2. Awkward bounce between Tav/ Goldson, Unlucky.
3. Still a good save and the onto the second phase of play.
4. Davis is lazy and way out of position leaving his man unmarked to score and made no effort to get to him until it was to late.
Davis 100% at fault for goal.

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21 Oct 2019 18:13:36
Clutching at straws mate. Davis won't be that far back because he won't expect Tav to make such a meal of it. It's a chance that should never have been presented to the wee hearts guy who took it very well. Tavs fault 100%.

21 Oct 2019 18:13:43
It didn’t help Steven Davis played 90 minutes in a meaningless friendly in midweek! He’s 34 years of age and maybe he should be concentrating more on his club🇬🇧.

21 Oct 2019 18:14:43
So its davis fault and not tav's🤔👍.

21 Oct 2019 18:15:54
Tgbb still don’t see it the way you do. Tavernier at fault all day long.

21 Oct 2019 18:24:27
Tav at fault once again.

21 Oct 2019 18:27:24
Have you all watched on YT its clearly SDs fault. Who should have been marking Mashino. Watch it back and analyse it. Tav and Golsdon misjudgment/ bad luck did not lead to a goal it was saved, the second phase is were the goal came from and that's where your midfielders should spot any danger and burst a lung getting back and cover. SD didn't and we suffered. If i'm wrong please tell me who should have been marking Mashino.

21 Oct 2019 18:55:40
Tav should have cleared it to begin with, then it wouldn't matter who was marking who. You cannot be serious TJBB mate, tav is to blame. 👍.

21 Oct 2019 19:22:12
Sorry mate, have to agree with the rest. Yes SD did not track back but Tav should have cleared that. Tricky bounce but he should be on his feet and running toward goal. The ball could've bounced again and then he could have cleared it instead of diving to the ground and giving himself no chance at all.

21 Oct 2019 19:26:06
Coldo is right. Don't be questioning phases when you have a defender making such a balls up.

21 Oct 2019 20:02:46
Seems sportscenes Steven Thompson shares my opinion. His analysis video actually circles Davis and Mashino, maybe i'm no going daft after all.

21 Oct 2019 20:19:39
Never seen more of a Row Z requirement in my life. Tav at fault all day long. Badly misjudged ths header when a simple hoof into the crowd was the thing to do. I remember watching Carlos Bocanegra making a living out of it. When in doubt etc.

21 Oct 2019 20:28:53
A degree of truth in TJBB's comments. The scorer is left totally unmarked and that's where the goal came from. Tav/ Goldson mistake resulted in a good save from Greigs. After that there were 4 hearts players against 4 gers at our box edge and the lad finished well. I do think Tav is well off form, his deliveries have provided a huge amount of assists since he joined us. His confidence looks low and dropping him or stripping armband probably won't help him. He has 6 assists and 3 goals this season so far so he's doing something right.

21 Oct 2019 20:33:02
Put it into row z snd phase 2 doesn't matter a monkeys. Tav at fault all day.

21 Oct 2019 20:40:42
Get behind the full team guys. Tav made the mistake and not for the first time this season and he's going through a bad run at the minute. This happens but we win as a team and lose as a team. There was 2 or 3 passages of play that mistakes were made in, before tav made the final error, which led to their goal yesterday. Its gone now, let's back the team tav included and move on from this now becoming witch hunt of the rangers captain, james tavernier!

21 Oct 2019 21:44:09
TJ I wouldn’t use Thomson as back up to my argument . How on earth can you expect Davis or anyone to kn that ball is coming back into play? Easy to see on hindsight but every player on the planet pauses when a shot goes in . A non argument for me I’m afraid . Goldson or tav should have dealt with first ball . and Alex Rae agrees with that . That is someone who is playing better now at 50 than Thomson ever did in his Career ( in my opinion )

22 Oct 2019 00:00:04
well if sportscene says it.

21 Oct 2019 00:38:45
Coldo, there have been many a time where Tav was caught out of position and we suffered with many pointing this out, can't have it both ways. The second phase of play in football is crucial and all players have there jobs to do.

If one decides not to do their job then this is what happens. Shoulda coulda doesn't come into to football, the ball was not cleared first time therefore you need the midfielders to do there job, many a time the ball will not be cleared 1st time.

Jeeso if our players thought like that we would be losing a lot of goals. Davis was sucked to the header initially putting him way out of position (mistake) he then assumed the ball would be cleared (mistake) he seen Mashino unmarked in a dangerous position and made no attempt to get back into position (mistake) he/ we as a team underestimated Hearts desire which is highlighted by his casual jogging towards Mashino who was already on his bike (mistake) .

Mate I don't want to get into an argument with you i'm just watching the video in slow motion and writing down the time line. Tav was poor throughout the game but he was not responsible for that goal on his own and for the draw as a whole. Remember they were attacking us in this phase not the other way round.

It looked to me the Rangers team disrespected Hearts, thinking yes whatever just save it and pass to me the we will go up the pitch and score. If Davis was in position defending and marking his man rather than thinking about his next pass to Morelos, Mashino would not have scored. The whole team will be getting rifled. Remember SGs first training session "ALL yous pretending with these crazy little jogs in, watch the ball, we've got to win the ball all over the pitch, okay, get it in your heads NOW"

22 Oct 2019 03:47:43
Davis fault not Tavs hahha. Clueless.

22 Oct 2019 09:44:34
I can't agree with you TJBB, all tav had to do was clear the ball, if he did that at tynecastle and at young boys we'd be sitting clear at the top of the league and our euro group. Its as simple as that really mate. 👍.

22 Oct 2019 14:57:40
Paul86 - he has a slight point, Davis should have tracked his man, Tav makes a meal of Phase 1, ball should have been dealt with ( correct ) and Davis not tracking gifts them the opportunity at goal.

22 Oct 2019 15:41:18
Agree TJBB.

22 Oct 2019 22:50:07
Is there a a 2nd phase if tav puts the boot through it? Case closed.



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