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31 Aug 2019 08:11:09
I posted on here many times that Rangers would sign Kent if we qualified for the group stages. I hold my hands up and admit I was sadly wrong, clearly not going to happen now. I guess it's just too much money for Rangers to pay for one player. I still think he's worth every penny, and a great investment, and one day he will mature into a great winger and be sold for a lot more than £7m. Still holding on to faint hopes that we can somehow do a deal with Liverpool.

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31 Aug 2019 10:44:37
It would be nice if Kent signed but with two seasons in Europe I'm happier Rangers are making money for the future if we get into the champions League even for one season then we will be financially ok cause two years in the Europa League is upwards of 12M and CL is 25M so by 2020 we could be in for 35M+ made.

31 Aug 2019 12:05:32
We have an unknown legal bill to pay against Sports Direct. Best play financial things carefully. Jordan Jones is looking promising anyway.

31 Aug 2019 12:24:40
Yea with sports direct still hanging
Over our head and it could be any figures up to 10 mill
Also we have grezda could be another 2 mill down the swannee
Plus the 3000 seats we are losing
It always seems to be one step forward and two back.

31 Aug 2019 12:54:14
Macbow, where have you heard we owe £10million to Sports Direct? Press saying it’s 3/ 4 milo?

31 Aug 2019 12:57:29
where are you getting the any figures up to £10m macbow?

31 Aug 2019 13:43:43
I think for any scottish club to make the champions league proper would be a massive achievement. With teams like ajax and porto (who got knocked out) going in at the 3rd qualifying round its very difficult for us or celtic to make it. It would have to be a very favourable draw during the qualifying rounds to even be in with a chance. Europa league is our level although the champions league would be class. 👍.

31 Aug 2019 14:37:41
European football has been ruined by the so called bigger teams and their greed and fear of the English Prem money.

It's f**KED! Football is at a crossroads. Again the so called bigger teams seem to think you and I want to see the same teams constantly play each other in Europe. The sooner UEFA make Europe 3 or 4 Leagues with promotion and relegation the better because the CL is sh! te. The Europa League is becoming stronger due to the exclusivity of The CL but does not drive the revenue required to stay competitive. We are being thrown the scraps from the table. Its degrading and despicable.

{Ed001's Note - and all of it came about thanks to Rangers and Celtic and the formation of the SPL. They changed the way football was run and everything has come from their example. Greed is good began with the Old Firm.}

31 Aug 2019 14:03:04
I don't know the exact figure
But Ashley US looking at loss of revenue plus he thinks he is in for a large share of all sales
Then there is the legal, fees
Like all on here we need to get this guy finally off our back
I hope it's not more than 4 mill
As that would near all our revenue from, europ.

31 Aug 2019 16:25:02
@ Ed001 sorry mate you really have to explain that one. How is this all down to rangers and Celtic exactly?

{Ed001's Note - the creation of the SPL was down to the Old Firm wanting a bigger percentage of the money in Scottish football. The model that they used is the same model that the EPL and Spain's La Liga and now European football is following. Scotland, as you have in a lot of things in football, were the innovators. Just this time it has not turned out to have such good consequences. If anything the EPL has been less greedy in their implementation as they share the income more equitably than the rest, much to the chagrin of the 'big' clubs.}

31 Aug 2019 16:51:05
Ed001 I think you misunderstand me. I actually have no issue with the English set up particularly the pyramid system, although when clubs are in trouble I think more can be done.

The issue I am talking about is the Munichs, PSG's Dortmunds, Madrids and Barcas who are envious of the EPL and it's colossal revenue from global TV money. The current CL format and proposed changes to introduce a third comp ( Europa 2 ) is to increase revenue for these big clubs out side of EPL. They are envious of the money being earned and the threat of another few season of English dominance. UEFA is changing the format to stem the pressure of a potential breakaway. It's nothing other than greed on their part.

The only issue I have with English game is the money being spent on players, that's damaging the game.

{Ed001's Note - I wasn't having a dig mate. I agree with your comments. I was just pointing out the money obsession started because of the change to the SPL which was credited for Scottish teams' doing so well in the 80s, despite the small population. If all of these competitions shared income more equitably everyone would benefit.

And I am not a fan of what UEFA have done at all. They are ruining football by trying to keep the big clubs happy and stop them running off to create a European super league.}

31 Aug 2019 17:10:21
I know your not having a dig mate.

I'm not sure where football is going on a European sense, but it ain't looking good for The Scottish, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian, Austrian and Scandinavian countries alike.

The fan is actually being short changed not spoiled. This system is typical of life, there is the Super rich, rich and then all of the rest, feeding off the scraps.

Cheers Ed.

{Ed001's Note - it is heading towards a group of clubs breaking away mate. They are holding regular meetings and UEFA are just fighting a rearguard action instead of just thinking of what is best for the game itself. The fans are the ones that will suffer.}

31 Aug 2019 21:12:53
Fans of non “super” clubs should boycott the champions league, EPL etc. Refuse to watch them on telly till the bring back the fairness, starting with making the “Champions” League for champions only. Sorry Ed, I know you are a Liverpool fan but the tournament lost its last remaining shreds of credibility last year with two teams who hadn’t been champions for decades.

{Ed001's Note - it lost it the moment it admitted non-champions.}

31 Aug 2019 22:45:46
I can’t stand watching PSG, Man City etc for me this is not what football is all about. Sure there are big clubs and small clubs that’s the nature of the game and naturally big clubs require more revenue than small clubs to function but what Sky and the super rich club owners have done is to ruin the game. Gone are the days when Rangers, Celtic, Hibs, Aberdeen, Dundee United Notts Forest etc had a chance of winning a European cup and that’s sad as who wants to watch the same wee group of elite super rich clubs fighting out the quarter finals semifinals and final its boring. I don't watch Champions league football.

01 Sep 2019 01:43:22
I agree with swagman 100%, champions League should be for league champions, I'll never understand why second place in England is straight in while the champions of Scotland have to play qualifiers, it's all wrong.

01 Sep 2019 07:14:35
Macbow its definitely 2 steps forward 1 step back not the other way around.



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