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19 Oct 2020 20:36:08
Anyone heard whether Wilshere is still on our radar. i was hopeful of a double whammy after Saturday with the announcement of his signing.

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19 Oct 2020 21:33:30
Hopefully not, really not needed. Plenty of depth throughout. Can't sign for signings sake.

19 Oct 2020 21:36:23
There’s no room in the stadium for anymore midfielders, never mind one that would cost us a fortune in wages.

20 Oct 2020 07:40:20
if it was happening he would be here at least training with the team for the staff to check him out.

20 Oct 2020 08:42:41
I’d still love to see it happening if there’s any truth to the story, we have 6 players (Davis, Jack, Kamara, Aribo, Zungu and Barjonas) battling it out for basically 3 positions! Considering Aribo and Jack can have injury problems, rotation at certain points and Barjonas probably won’t feature it leaves Arfield and Hagi plugging in the gaps deeper when they’re far mor effective in forward roles- with the league, 2 domestic cup competitions and what could be a lengthy European run to compete on all levels we need top players competing! Wilshere for me would be a great quality player.

20 Oct 2020 10:58:21
We don't need wilshere. What we need is a RF/ RW and that's where we should be spending money. 👍.

20 Oct 2020 11:10:38
He's a luxury we neither need or can afford to lose money on.

20 Oct 2020 11:21:44
Arfield far better in cm than further forward geo.

20 Oct 2020 12:06:31
I would like to see Wilshere signed that would allow us to be more creative and another dimension and who knows he might help against stubborn teams and we have to man manage Davis on top of that it could also help keep Barker out.

20 Oct 2020 12:15:19
Can't see us spending anymore money on wages to be honest.
It's a good first team squad, especially when everyone is fit.

20 Oct 2020 12:42:23
I agree with you coldo we are pretty good right now in the midfield although wilshere would be a nice addition. I'd rather a right winger. It would be nice if Ryan kent had a twin brother.

20 Oct 2020 12:46:51
Can't agree with you Herewego. Arfield is far better further up supporting the ST and making runs in behind. You just have to look at the difference he has made to our attacking play when playing further up. He's exactly what we have been missing further up👍.

20 Oct 2020 12:54:37
Beg to differ that Arfield is better in CM, he does his best work higher up the field in and about the box behind Alfredo! When he plays deeper we’re more stifled, he’s so influential on our team in a further forward role!

20 Oct 2020 16:11:36
Watch our games, it's when he's playing centre mid he gets the chance to make those runs beyond alfredo. he's played cm last run of games n been in terrific form.

20 Oct 2020 17:02:27
No he hasn't, he's played as the att mid. That's why he's been up top supporting the ST and making those runs in behind. Kamara and davis have been the holding cm's. Arfield did play deeper at celtic park but other than that he has not been playing CM👍.

20 Oct 2020 17:40:34
We play 3 across the middle coldo we don't play with an attacking midfielder, this is where the 2 wide men play leaving room for our full backs. It's just arfield natural game to mske these, always has been. Scrub up on your knowledge of our system old boy 👍.

20 Oct 2020 18:08:40
It's like a bad episode of happy days here calm down Fonz 👍.

20 Oct 2020 18:37:21
Coldo you are right about the RW/ RF that’s what we need badly.

20 Oct 2020 18:41:07
On the arfield think here we go is correct on the 3 across the middle, if anyone can’t see that then they need to go to specsavers.
We olay with 3 cm not AM.

20 Oct 2020 19:26:33
We all know we play 3 across the middle- I said it earlier too👆My point was Arfield generally isn’t one of these 3 (Jack, Kamara and Davis usually are when all fit) Arfield more covers in that position and when he does it can be hugely affective when he presses on in behind Alfredo in and around the box, like Coldo rightly said- he was deeper against Celtic and did a good job, but for me it’s not where he can be a big impact player! I only said it because I don’t think we have as many starting Midfielders as some think we have 6/ 7 players in there Davis doesn’t play every game, Jack and Aribo pick up injuries Barjonas won’t play and Zungu is unknown yet! So for me Wilshere would be a great addition in there depending on who we play and what tactics we adopt.

20 Oct 2020 19:59:50
Arfield been one of the 3 most of the season mate. Folk had him as 2nd striker a couple of weeks ago. he's playing cm, he's just got a good football brain and knows when to time those runs into the box. It suits him playing deeper as he's harder to mark when he goes beyond the striker.

20 Oct 2020 20:34:57
Check the team sheet from the Ross county game before Celtic mate- Jones and Kent out wide with Arfield in behind Morelos with Jack and Kamara behind that! He plays there and takes up that position most games unless we’re against tougher opponents and he gets deeper- he’s a more attack minded player and very effective I’m not disputing this, I don’t get what you’re trying to prove! What I’m saying is Wilshere would be a good add, Arfield is 31 now and won’t play every game at the level he’s being asked now, in the modern game with the amount of fixtures that’s impossible now and our midfield is very rotational- that’s my pint and that’s why I think Wilshere would be a great addition.

20 Oct 2020 22:55:16
Arfield play's as an att mid👍.

21 Oct 2020 07:52:09
Arfield normally plays as one of the 2 behind the striker but since Jack's injury he has been further back as part of the middle 3, and to be honest he has been at his best there.

21 Oct 2020 10:29:05
Since jacks injury davis has played the holding role with kamara. Arfield playing att mid role. 👍.

21 Oct 2020 12:18:32
Arfield and Aribo will battle it out for the last side centre midfield position. Davis and jack the holding and kamara and Zungu the bob to box right side. Aribo and Arfield are expected to make late runs into box play 1 2s with our attacking players, they are the attacking link between midfield and attack. Yes we pla 3 across middle with kamara and David controlling play and covering for the wing backs when under pressure or lose possession. The 3rd midfield job is to link up with attackers make late runs 1 2s and slide balls in cut backs for others. We play with 2 number 10s rather than wingers. And so in possession and on attack it is Aribo/ Arfield job to get forward and support those front 3 with the late unmatched runs. They ( Arfield for this point) are not used and not better as a false 0 as we play with. He’s the link between midfield and attack and so is a midfielder not a forward player. 👍🏻.

21 Oct 2020 14:42:21
Learn the system coldo mate. he's went from 2nd striker to attacking mid in a fortnight. Kent and whoever plays on the right both play as 10's. Arfield playing cm recently 👍.

21 Oct 2020 16:22:42
Nonsense herewego. Who said he was a ST🤔 more nonsense. Arfield is not playing as a CM. He plays as an att mid and the runs he makes in the box and how he supports the ST is like a 2nd ST at times. Learn to read and understand the game. He is not playing as a CM. Kamara and davis are playing CM👍.

21 Oct 2020 17:04:47
I’d disagree coldo mate, excuse me for butting in lol but he is a left side centra midfield kamara is a right sight centre mid. 2 diff players with different attributes. The 3 midfielders should all have different attributes to offer the Davis quick passing and control of the pace of the game. Kamaras ball all round box to box running tackling ball retention and dragging players out of position with off ball running. Airfields link up play with the forward 3 and his late runs Into box playing this 1-2s and shooting or picking up loose balls. He is not a forward player he is a midfielder, he is an attack minded player. Compare it to lampard? Centre mid yes? Forward player number 10? No . Makes late runs from the left of a midfield 3 same as lampard did. Just not in his class.

21 Oct 2020 17:21:25
How? Are we signing Lampard now? 😂😂.

21 Oct 2020 18:16:59
Arfield is not playing CM. Davis and kamara are sitting. 👍.

21 Oct 2020 20:01:22
We play with 3 in the middle coldo all doing different jobs just cause Aribo or Arfield play in the opposing half doesn’t make them second strikers or number 10s we don’t play 4-2-3-1. We play 4-3-3 .

21 Oct 2020 21:20:24
I gerrard you r totally correct re your resume off our midfield players, very well detailed.

21 Oct 2020 21:29:45
We don't play 3 in the middle though. We play two holding and arfield attacking. 👍.

21 Oct 2020 22:07:31
Yes I get you’re point mate, I do, let’s all just agree to have a difference of opinion and that we are in fact the people ❤️🤍💙🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

21 Oct 2020 22:08:36
InGerrard you said Arfield and Aribo will battle it out for the other 3rd spot in midfield- don’t think that’ll be the case either! Aribo will be back starting and so will Arfield, he’ll take Barkers role (thank god) like he did a lot in the European run, but won’t be deployed as a winger he’ll be tucked in behind Morelos and cover wide right when the ball is in that area! And can rotate with Kent- Jack, Davis, Kamara and Aribo are the main 4 battling for these 3 spots- although Arfield is good as 1 of the 3 and does a good job in there, you’ll definitely find he’s shifted to start when they are all available- the point is here they’re all rotational, but Arfield is seen as a much more attack minded player and will only be deployed deeper when Jack, Davis or Kamara are unavailable.

21 Oct 2020 22:08:58
Cheers John mate we all have different perceptions and opinions let’s just be happ for what we have as a whole right now 👍🏻.

21 Oct 2020 22:38:40
Fair point Gers geo I couldn't pick holes in you’re Theory. Let’s just hope we get the job done and whatever team he chooses keeps up recent performances 👍🏻.

22 Oct 2020 00:06:31
Definitely, can’t believe this turned into where Arfield plays😂 my whole I’d just love to see us sign Wilshere🙈😂.

22 Oct 2020 15:53:03
😂😂🤣Been reading the disagreement above re Arfield and pmsl.

Rangers play a 4-3-3. Arfield is definitely playing in the midfield 3. He is the one from that midfield 3 who breaks forward to support the front 3. Gersgeo I know you were only voicing where you thought Arfield played best and it turned into that😂 I do disagree with you though pal. I definitely think Arfield is better running from deep.

22 Oct 2020 17:10:11
😂😂😂I never said he wasn’t playing in the 3, I said when all fit the 3 will more likely be Jack, Davis, Kamara or Aribo and Arfield will play as one of the front 3- he’s rotational and one of our top players! He could get a game in goal he’s that good😄😄 all this because I’d like to see us sign Wilshere which probably won’t ever happen anyway🤦🏻‍♂️.

23 Oct 2020 22:48:57
Who gives a JOBBY-its working.

24 Oct 2020 12:40:17
Coldo, you are correct. The team sheet shows a 4 3 3 which is correct, formation is 2 sitting and 1 attacking midfielder, when we don’t have the ball arfield will drop back in. You very rarely see jack or Davis in the opposition box and also very rarely see arfield making tackles inside our own box. Alfie drops in and arfield runs beyond. Watch the games if you disagree.



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