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05 Mar 2021 19:04:21
Just incase no one has seen the Morelos post going around just now.

Games played - 172
Goals 91 which includes 1 penalty
Assists - 42
Minutes played - 12,559
Goals involvements - 133
Involved in a goal on average every 94 minutes.

Not bad for someone who according to some is not very good.

When you compare that to Celtic's french striker, he has played 12 games more, but scored 10 goals more than him with 9 of Edouard's goals being penalties. Akfie has only 1 penalty. Not too shabby, eh?

Oh, and he also wipes the floor with the French boy for assists and goals involvement.
Need I say more?

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05 Mar 2021 19:11:51
Good post BMGH, just wish he’d scored that penalty at Hampden.

05 Mar 2021 19:23:04
Says it all BMGH01 👍 Like most i'm a massive fan of alfredo 👍🇬🇧.

05 Mar 2021 19:24:26
I think you do to be honest, it’s not that he’s bad he’s just not outstanding. He does well against the diddy teams however that doesn’t translate to £20+m and we need to brace ourselves for a transfer closer to £12m than £20m.

So you have any context to the goals / assists? Too half / bottom half of the league? Qualifiers against part time teams v group games?

05 Mar 2021 19:49:46
I don't think anyone said he wasn't good? 👍.

05 Mar 2021 19:57:44
Good post mate but I have always been a fan of Alfredo Morelos maybe the folk that don’t rate him we realise how good he was when he left.

05 Mar 2021 20:01:57
Excellent post BMG. That’s why SG wants him to stay imo.

05 Mar 2021 20:20:00
I agree with coops n kj, we wony know what we have till he's gone. Very hard to find another striker who fits as well tactically into our system, especially in the big games where he comes into his own.

05 Mar 2021 20:25:24
Diddy teams SRK? Behave! Maribor. Rapid Vienna. Midtjylland. Porto, Feyenoord, Benfica. Yeah, you're right, they're all crap.

I think the poster bluewoulddo said he was rotten Coldo. There has been other ridiculous posts.

Yeah KJ, they'll only realise how good he is once he's away. Crazy!

05 Mar 2021 20:48:27
Sir rock if your price is right he won’t be sold
Daddy teams, like feynoord Porto Warsaw benfica et al.

05 Mar 2021 20:51:05
John, supports increased value for summer transfer.

05 Mar 2021 21:02:39
SRK, we'll see who's correct but there's absolutely no chance rangers will sell alfredo for £12million mate, no danger! I honestly think that rangers will get £18million + for alfredo morelos and his valuation like i've said before, is his immense goalscoring record in europe, as opposed to how many he's scored for us domestically 🤔His goals and performances in europe against much higher opposition he faces in scotland, is superb and that's how our club will get practically what they're looking for when they sell buff 👍🇬🇧.

05 Mar 2021 21:42:30
Coops, I agree but only a few weeks ago you said Morelos would leave for £12m maximum.

05 Mar 2021 22:34:14
Jesus Christ. talk about an inability to read the bloody message. Provide context, if 15 goals are against good teams like a few nuggets have mentioned then 15 goals from x games. if he’s scored 79 goals against the diddy teams (which he has) then my point stands. the amount of rockets of the site is horrendous.

05 Mar 2021 23:53:29
Sir rock katic. time and time again you've proved it's you that's the rocket. just saying eh 🤫🤫🤫.

06 Mar 2021 04:56:08
Look everyone, SRK has lost the plot because we don't agree with him, and he's called us bad names! Nuggets! Rockets! As soon as you need to revert to calling people silly wee names behind your keyboard, you've lost the argument! Not the first time this has happened, is it?
Look, relax it's only people's different opinion, it's nothing to get yourself all upset for. Sit back and chill, and look forward to the one and only, truly amazing, Alfredo Morelos score a hat-trick against a pure diddy team this afternoon. You'll love it!

06 Mar 2021 07:46:09
SRK has a point to be fair👍.

06 Mar 2021 09:58:13
Guess only time will tell who is right.

If he’s sold for less that £15m we all know those that have valued him at that level.

If we reject £15m or sell him for more I’m sure all the Morelos doubters will be on here admitting that they were wrong in the same way all of those who preached that SG was not fit to be a Rangers manger have admitted it (oh wait! ) . 👌.

06 Mar 2021 10:46:45
I wonder if those will admit DK that Gerrard had to improve tactically like using two up top to win games or will those admit that there is no new role for fredo since gerrard put that to bed yesterday by pointing to form as the reason🤔. He would need to be sold for 20mil or more for you to be proved correct, don't lower the bar to 15mil to try to be proved right. 20 25 mil was the figures being quoted by the over exaggerators. To be fair the 15mil mark I think is a great deal for us👍.

06 Mar 2021 10:48:35
I think the ones on here who doubted Gerrard have admitted they were wrong DK. I know I've come on here and openly admitted I was wrong a few times, and there has been others. Unlike some, I don't have a problem owning up to being wrong. It's no big deal to me!
And unlike some, just because others share a different opinion to me, doesn't make me any better than them or a better Rangers supporter.
If we sell Morelos, and all we get for him is 12m max, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong, and others were right.



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