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26 Mar 2024 17:58:44
Anyone else not be arsed with international football, I've just never been a fan i'll watch the Euros and world cup but can't be bothered with qualifiers or friendlies.

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26 Mar 2024 18:53:20
Love to watch nearly everything that involves scotland tbh, been that way ever since a can remember.

26 Mar 2024 18:55:53
With you BB3, not at tonight’s game but pretty much attend every home game.

26 Mar 2024 19:04:30
big result needed tonight to restore momentum . hopefully clarke addresses the goallie and plays our first choice . times awasting on experiments.

26 Mar 2024 19:13:20
If I say that I want N Ireland to win and that I couldn't care less about the Scottish national team, will there be a pile on? ?.

26 Mar 2024 19:18:51
Clarke can go run up my ribs.

26 Mar 2024 19:54:58
Watching wales game would like to see wales go through.

26 Mar 2024 20:04:42
It's a tough watch now mate, last decent world cup was france 98 imo. This is the first international break i have ever been glad of, and that's purely down to the amount of injuries the squad are carrying.

26 Mar 2024 20:10:41
A pile on, on here, surely not rtr.

26 Mar 2024 20:39:56
Bb3, used to be the same sir, but over the years have lost more and more interest. Scottish players dominated most of the big English teams when I was a lad and Rangers AND Celtic could take on anyone, sadly not any more.
Like the Rugby, we flatter to deceive over many years, with an odd great result to keep the heart fluttering, BUT as ever we are masters of drawing defeat from the jaws of victory ??.

26 Mar 2024 20:50:15
I watch euros and worlds that’s it not fused any other time.

26 Mar 2024 20:59:08
???? True, Jfm!
To be honest, when it comes to International football teams, I'm spoilt for choice. Born in Scotland, Dad from Southern Ireland, and my Mum's side from East Belfast, so you see my quandary?!

26 Mar 2024 21:53:39
Ror, it’s your choice, I follow England more nowadays.

26 Mar 2024 21:55:49
Tartan army best in the world apparently? Yet can't respect another anthem. I despise the tartan army. Horrible bunch.

26 Mar 2024 22:18:27
Poor show Raisetheroofe - unless your Irish, and I doubt you are. Irrespective of our feelings towards the SFA, if your Scottsh, you should support your home nation. I don't get Scottish.

26 Mar 2024 22:46:12
I prefer the tournament international footy.

26 Mar 2024 23:30:51
Cooper11 same mate, get to as many away games aswell mate.
Bar I get it, hard watch at time's but I'll always follow with pride.
Sir struth totally agree, at least rtr has family from there, so at least understandable, many haven't, just caught up way politics and religion, sad.
Paul I'm in tartan army, you know not one thing about me to despise me mate. Don't tar thousands with the same brush, many decent scotlands, who like myself don't care about politics or religion.

27 Mar 2024 04:16:42
Boy blue, tartan army as a whole mate obviously there's a decent few. But generally don't like them. Booing anthems and booing rangers players, classy lot. No wonder majority of rangers fans don't follow the national team. I have friends that go to scotland games also. I couldn't think of anything worse. wouldn't open the curtains if scotland were playing in my back garden ?.

27 Mar 2024 06:29:08
Sir Struth! ?????.

27 Mar 2024 08:01:38
That's me as well Paul. Wouldn't watch them in the back garden. Used to like to see them do well, but after 2012 etc. I find it impossible to back them, especially when they boo Rangers players.
Jaws, was gutted for Wales boyo, being from Cardiff. Wonder if the boy James will get death threats from **** supporters now a la Aaron Ramsey?

27 Mar 2024 12:38:06
Seeker am no sure the last scotland game you were at mate, but let me as a guy who goes to near enough all scotland games tell you exactly what happens, you get maybe 100 Aberdeen fans booing a rangers player, but the actual booing you will hear through your t. v is real scotland fans booing the boos, that's fact mate, I've witnessed it on many occasions.

27 Mar 2024 13:12:05
Just not for me boy blue. As I said, I used to enjoy watching the games on tv and always wanted them to win, unless they were playing Wales. Tbh sounds like more than just a hundred reprobates, but I'll take your word for it pal ?.

27 Mar 2024 14:37:29
"100 Aberdeen fans"?! Aye, right! Good try BB3.

28 Mar 2024 07:42:01
BAAAA! Your right RTR doesn't sound like a boo 2 me!



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