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11 Apr 2024 15:18:38
Diomande will miss Sundays game after a minor op, probably won't see him until after int break.

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11 apr 2024 16:04:27
boy needs to rest and regain his composure i think, last few weeks have flew by him.

11 Apr 2024 17:00:49
Op on his thumb.

11 Apr 2024 17:46:12
Just a thought does diomande do ramadan? May have affected his energy levels.

11 Apr 2024 18:37:54
Yeah I believe he does dado, I read a report calling out the impact on him, Sima and Ridvan.

11 apr 2024 18:49:46
energy and other aspects are monitored almost nonstop mate, players on ramadan still eat and drink, just at a different time, nothing to do with energy, the uplift in pace and pressure of benfica and old firm game has caught him out for sure, but he has hurt his hand.

11 Apr 2024 19:28:44
Yes Tom they still eat but they have to get up at 4 am to eat before sunrise then they try to get back to sleep and they then do not eat until sunset. It must affect your energy levels. You see players using glucose gels and drinks during a game but not if you're observing Ramadan.

11 apr 2024 20:31:43
as i said mate, everything is closely monitored and managed, if he had an issue, or the club did he wouldn't be playing, or training, , nowadays ramadan doesn't have the impact on pro sportsmen as it used to, so i'm told, i employed a few in my time who worked through ramadan quite easily, they get used to it and it has little impact, imo, the upward curve in playing benfica and celtic was far more telling than eating, he appeared caught out after the dross he was getting used to playing,

11 Apr 2024 21:31:19
Yes big dado and it does affect these players Liverpool only last week took Salah and Konate off so they could eat etc…. It’s ludicrous to think it wouldn’t effect them Ramadan or some people are just clueless on the subject.

11 apr 2024 22:49:03
there you go then, straight from an expert,

so rangers played a guy who shouldn't have been playing,

in my experience they have every concievable testing and slow release natural vitamins etc, as far as i know, advancements have completely covered most aspects of fitness, diomande would undoubtedly have been totally fit and well, except for damaging his hand and needing surgery.

11 Apr 2024 23:03:55
He wasn't great against benfica or celtic, wasn't bad either. I have no worries with dio at all, he will learn massively from these games, as Tom says huge jump up in class.

12 Apr 2024 08:35:46
Tom nobody is saying Diamonde shouldn't have been played, you sarcastically say about storm that the expert has spoken but you are also coming across as thinking you're an expert, it's simply a difference of opinion.
I have added the conclusions of 3 separate studies on the effect of Ramadan on footballers.

Ramadan reduced physical and football‐specific performance, and many of these decrements had not recovered in the 2 weeks after the end of this period of fasting.
Players thought that the fast affected both their training and match performance.

12 apr 2024 12:41:05
obviously noneof these signs were apparent in training, or surely he woulnt have played in such a high tempo games.

12 Apr 2024 15:29:22
Like everyone else on here I'm no expert, I read both his and zak lovelace comments on it and having seen the post on here about it I had a look and that's what I found.
Personally I think he's done fine over the period but not a stand out.



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