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06 Mar 2020 18:31:51
I honestly still can't believe that people want SG as our manager.
If it was anyone else he'd be gone.

Positives-improved in Europe

Negatives. Domestic Performances and results recently been shocking, 95% of signings are woeful, hasn't a clue about tactics and won't give people a chance. Especially younger guys and he hasn't won anything.

Now that's facts not just my opinion.

So please can anyone give me a valid reason why he should stay?

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06 Mar 2020 18:50:51
But he's Stevie G.

06 Mar 2020 18:44:14
People might not be able to give you a valid reason, but honestly you don't have to post the same thing on here everyday. Everyone knows your views on the manager, but we don't need it on a daily basis. I'm bored coming on to read the exact same thing, 7 days a week.

06 Mar 2020 18:47:28
I've just posted that I have been as fed up as the next guy with SG, but I reckon that with his history, experience and standing in the game, this could really be his "beginning" as a manager. This has been a real wake up for him and those around him, sometimes that's the best way to regroup and start afresh. We'll know by Sunday teatime I guess.

06 Mar 2020 19:58:06
@Orangetinetec I don't post the same thing on here every day. I asked the question. It's clear you can't answer. Time to take you orangetinted specs off and face facts.

@bimotable. This will be a real wake up? Haha man. He will put out the same team on Sunday with Tav as captain and he's hoping for a different outcome.

06 Mar 2020 19:58:46
Im an SG fan. Unashamedly! I can 100% assure everyone that says that "if it was anyone else he would be gone" that I don't give a monkeys about his previous standing in the game. I concentrate on the fact that he has improved us. End of story. No matter what way you look at it he has improved us.

06 Mar 2020 19:59:07
As1974 we get it Every days the same no doubt he’s made mistakes but our form pre break buys him time it’s 80% player issue how can Kent be pursued due to loan form was almost unanimous we get him £7M! Not Gerrards fault he’s been woeful he’s playing him where he was in his loan spell Helander is that his fault he got injured is it his fault the man child been banned 14 times so far this season!14 games without your top scorer did Gerrard cause Goldston to fail to clear his lines
Jack in and out injured managers fault? These are facts not opinions You always seem to try and twists things to suit your argument
Where he has been culpable is loyalty to certain players but listen you and the usual suspects will never ever change your opinions.

06 Mar 2020 20:28:12
Because pre Dubai everything was going along great.
Narrowly beat in the League Cup by the Tims in a game we really should have won.
One point behind the Tims with a game in hand.
Last 32 of Europe for the first time in years.
Post Dubai?
Let down by numerous individual player error.
Into the last 16 of Europe for the first time in years.
Yes, tactically he's been caught out a couple of times.
But we don't have a God Given right to win every game. The Self Entitlement from some on here is embarrassing!
95% of your post is woeful, that's a fact not an opinion. 👍
So please can anyone give me a valid reason why you should keep on posting the same nonsense?
In Gerrard We Trust!

06 Mar 2020 21:00:17
@Moc bear. He has improved us. Let me tell you with the money he's spent yes he's improved us. a little but no where near as much as he should have. Means nothing. wining trophies improves us.

@Blue blue seas. I am twisting nothing! We have been woeful for months. Kent is no where near worth. 7m and we shouldn't be spending that one 1 player. The rest of your statements are excuses.

@lastly MrTupac. Narrowly beaten? That it? Pathetic. Yes I said he's done well in Europe but making Tav our captain and playing him week in week out is shocking. Without ElBuffalos goals we would be a lot worse off but now that's also stopped.

Until people realise that SG won't take us forward I am going to refrain from posting. Waste of time. If yous want to stick with a bunch of stubborn bottle merchants then be my guest.

06 Mar 2020 21:58:04
I think the issue here is poor signings. A more experienced manager would have put together a strong team with £20m at his disposal, a team suited to the Scottish game. Ejaria, Ojo, Barker, Jones, pollster, etc etc then we have the ageing players, defoe, Davis etc great players in their time but money would have been better spent on younger prospects with resale value rather than going all out for instant success which has backfired and not materialised. On reflection this has been a huge mistake and has put the club in a difficult position. Now one has to ask who is responsible for this.

07 Mar 2020 01:49:13
The muppet, that's exactly what happened mate, gerrard brought in players to win league playing football the way its played in england and europe, but scottish football is neither, scottish football is kick and run, no style not much skill, gerrard needs to heed that and bring in a handfull of scottish premier league player, players that because us problems,

07 Mar 2020 10:19:36
1974 . last 16 of europa . there’s one reason.



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