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01 Feb 2020 21:05:42
I like most fans like SG and want him to succeed but if he continues to play the same formation and tactics then he has hit a plateau that would indicate he can take us no further so we would need to look elsewhere.
What's people's thoughts., has SG taken us as far as he can?
I would give him until the end of the season to see if he can adapt if that fails then the club must move on.
Yes he has done a good job but when we can't move forward then we reassess.

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01 Feb 2020 21:14:43
No chance imo can’t risk a newbie to stop 10 got to let him keep going.

01 Feb 2020 21:22:07
jctheger, thoughts? Okay, I think you're crazy or drunk. Gerrard has had years in the wilderness and the excesses of three useless managers to overcome before even starting us on the right road, and now you want him binned just as we are getting there? I said at the time he was appointed that the manager would need the whole of his original four year contract and that still stands. I watched this club when they won just four titles in 22 years. I've seen the best and the worst times at Ibrox and we are now on the verge of the great years once more and because of a blip or two you want to destroy it all and start again? Go and lie down, man.

01 Feb 2020 21:32:15
I get what your saying Blue blue sea as no guarantee a new manager would make a difference but this is when we need to be diligent and maybe pay extra for someone who ticks the boxes.
If SG can't adjust I don't see the point in doing the same thing over and over again only to get the same result.

01 Feb 2020 21:51:14
Agree when he took over we were 25 points behind in the league that year people were saying we would need 100 million to get near Celtic. well we’ve got a lot closer in a short time we’re not quite their but with gerrard in charge we will get there, binning him would be huge mistake.

01 Feb 2020 21:56:55
Covenant - I did say give him until the end of the season, if he can adapt and have a plan B or another system to play that works then absolutely he stays to challenge for the title as he would have shown he can improve the team, but the question I'm asking is can he.

Surely if he can't and we see performances like the last 4 a lot more you can't tell me you would be happy with that.
As I said the club needs to move forward, if a manager at a club that demands trophies can't achieve that then they must look elsewhere.
Again, I'm not anti SG but just starting to consider the options.

01 Feb 2020 22:03:21
I hear what your saying jctheger however Gerard needs to stay. Although, we've become to predictable now with formation and selection and opposing managers have the whole week to counter it.

There's an element in our support who think Gerard is beyond criticism because of who he is but he needs to look at making 3 or 4 changes because at the moment it looks like he doesn't know how to fix it. Time will get it right (I'm sure) but unfortunately, I think they're going to get 9 and 10 before we get this right.

01 Feb 2020 22:43:50
The Covenanter well said sir.

02 Feb 2020 00:36:28
The covenanter, yes mate, here here.

02 Feb 2020 08:56:04
I think SG has had us playing some tremendous football and had a really good run of results, but the team are now under performing and losing their confidence as is clear to see. Once the confidence returns we will be fine as we have the best squad at Ibrox for a good few years.



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