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18 Nov 2019 16:20:55
Apart from Celtic fans everyone else knew that Morelos was the best striker in Scotland, and now he has been voted the best in the Europa league.

The value of Morelos would be even higher if he played for another team, but Rangers are needing the money and potential buyers know this and will reflect on there lower offers.

The longer we can keep him the bigger his valuation will be.

Celtic fans say he is rubbish but deep down they know otherwise.

in Gerrard we trust.

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18 Nov 2019 17:24:30
What would the Tims value Morelos at if he played for them?

18 Nov 2019 19:36:18
£40m Dembele Dollars would be their estimation.
Mine is £20-25m.

18 Nov 2019 19:35:58
I would value Morelos at 15-20m and have said so on the Celtic pages.
The boy is a good player the question is not if he can step up but would a Crystal Palace for eg risk 20m on him?
Yes they prob would as its nothing to them as Mcburnie has proved that and he is a donkey, I rate Morelos better than him.

The problem on here some can't bring themselves to say anything good about a Celtic player, I won't mention him (seeker lol) .
The even bigger question is can a club like yourselves knock back a 20m bid in Jan? Simple answer is no.
Its not a Morelos v Eddy competition, its just get the best deal what you can get when the times comes.

18 Nov 2019 19:53:47
Booooo Rayman. How dare you come on here and try and be balanced!

18 Nov 2019 19:58:17
And most of your lot can never say a good word about our guys, Rayman. Lol. Comes with the territory and doesn't make us bad people. For the record I don't rate any of ypur players and struggle to comprehend why you are still top. Also, I'm looking forward to watching your manager losing it big time when we start pulling away from you in the coming weeks.

18 Nov 2019 20:27:38
To say they don't have any good players doesn't make you more staunch than the next bear. They are a decent side and have actually bought well in the summer. Which I prefer, when 55 comes our way there can be no excuses 😁.

18 Nov 2019 20:58:50
Shhhh Snell, I'm at the wind-up! Or am I?

18 Nov 2019 21:11:14
Snell seeker knows as much about football as Pea brain Pedro joey Barton and Charlie Nicholas all rolled into one! To say u don’t rate not one of our players who have won 9 trophies in a row and who soundly beat your team on there own ground not to long ago is not banter but sheer idiocy! And the fact u can’t comprehend why the team who have better players then yours are top of the league just about sums you up! U will not pull away anywhere in the next few weeks because u simply aren’t good enough or have the bottle to achieve this!

18 Nov 2019 21:27:17
Awwww seeker mate, the fact the reply after yours there was such a big bite makes it all worthwhile 😁 well played mate either way 🤣🤣.

18 Nov 2019 21:29:15
The amount of exclamation marks! Must be the c*ltic version of coop!

18 Nov 2019 21:32:16
Have I missed something?

Only last week Ross Wilson came out and specifically said no-one will be sold in January.

18 Nov 2019 22:06:51
Ha ha! Priceless 😂😂😎😎.

18 Nov 2019 22:27:07
Good comment Rayman, and celtic do have some good players, as do we.

19 nov 2019 06:39:18
the problem is rayman that this is a rangers page and nobody is under any obligation to say anything about your players, remember its all about the rangers!

19 Nov 2019 07:50:31
Correct jyf, they have plenty in the media to cream themselves over their players 👍.

19 Nov 2019 09:53:34
Alfie is worth 30+ easy.

19 Nov 2019 14:57:21
Wonder what would happen if Edward and Morelos were sold with no replacements coming in . 🤫.

19 Nov 2019 15:23:27
I reckon we would win the league as they don't have another decent striker while we have Defoe.

19 Nov 2019 15:49:59
seeker even with Lafferty up front you thought you would win the league lol.

19 Nov 2019 19:26:09
Nope, big Laff was Coldo's love child. I couldn't stand him.

19 Nov 2019 21:40:21
Again it is impossible to stop a player from going, nobody guaranteed anything re, moralos, nobody, try reading through the lines.



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