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29 Aug 2019 22:21:13
Would like to say and may be controversial to some, but like I care!

Glad Celtic got through for the coefficient and also that Ajer might be injured.

Also sectarian singing and rubbish to do with anything other than football clubs be it a rangers affiliation to England, UDA, UVF or Celtic affiliations to Ireland, IRA etc.

That full paragraph above is full of things that are not just outdated, irrelevant and immature. But have nothing to do with football.

You want to sing scream and shout about things that are irrelevant and others that are nothing more than history then you are an overgrown immature moron.

Oh and that stands for Celtic and Rangers fans who think their team is anything to do with all that ancient history, sectarian, bigoted, separatist bull.

Sorry if any of the language isn’t agreeable and it doesn’t get posted.

Oh and to save myself time dealing with the dumb and immature replies that might come. I don’t care. I don’t particularly care about your opinion especially if it is outdated and bigoted. I don’t care if you’re not intelligent or at least mature enough to realise this is a disease on not just our club but our country. I don’t care if you’re stuck hundreds of years ago in rubbish that has nothing to do with you, football or your club.

Ona positive note well done to Celtic and Rangers for progressing and doing Scotland proud.

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29 Aug 2019 23:03:20
I don't care that you care that Celtic got through. 👍
If you aren't good enough to beat these quality of teams ( Cluj ) without help of a co-efficient then you don't deserve to be in the CL.
P. S. I hope Celtic get beat every game they play. So nothing positive, no well done from me for them progressing. You can stick the co-efficient up your ar£e👍.

29 Aug 2019 23:03:39
Well said.

29 Aug 2019 23:40:44
Oh letsgo don't lower yourself to their standards mate. Listen I hate Celtic as much as you do but I fully believe that we will the league this year. So if they win all their group games and hopefully we do as well. Then we have a better chance of getting into champ league group and the 35 mill that comes with it. Can you imagine what SG could do with 35 mill. Plus the value of all of our players would rise.
It would also mean we are truly back to where we belong.

30 Aug 2019 00:42:02
Helps us Celtic being in Europe, not just for the coefficient. Can’t have them having midweeks off if we’re playing. We’ve got the better squad, we’ll cope with it better. When they need to rotate they get weaker.

30 Aug 2019 09:22:24
@stewartyblue - not lowering. Just wise enough to know that if they had qualified for the CL they could have attracted a better quality of player and once they were pumped out would probably have the upper hand.
As it stands they’ve downsized, we’ve made some decent signings and I believe we’ve got the upper hand 👍.

30 Aug 2019 09:57:26
We may have better sqaud on paper but what worries me is the amount of goals celtic are knocking In from variety of players. We look like we scrape through some games with lucky to get 1 goal.

30 Aug 2019 12:21:54
Letsgo that's my point mate. They didn't mainly because they are not good enough but also because they had to play 3 qualifiers.

As I said I fully expect us to win the league and qualify for the CL qualifiers.
My point is if Celtic win all of their group games along with us then we might only need to play 1 or 2 qualifiers to progress to the group stages and the 35 mill pot. Then it will be us not them that are able to attract better players.
So yes I want them to do well in Europe.
Plus them being in the group helps us win the league as their first say 13 players are good but the rest of their squad is projects and young boys. Last night was a prime example of this with Ajar getting injuried They have no cover to replace him.
So yes I wanted them to win for the above reasons.

30 Aug 2019 14:51:20
Really proud of the rangers team and fans. Hopefully we're reaching a watershed moment with the bigotry involved in Scottish football. I went to my first rangers game in 85 and tonight was easily one of the most satisfying results I've witnessed in my time.

I've sung my share of the bad songs, in my younger years, and was recently offered a share of a season ticket seat next to the union bears. I have to say, I was disgusted with some of the things I've heard from fans in recent games and I couldn't be happier that we seem to heading in right direction. Keep up the good work Rangers!



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