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14 Feb 2020 17:12:44
Lads I have a bit of a story about a potential problem in the dressing room between some of the players. I've thought about whether or not I should post this as I don't know if I believe it or not.

When Tav had his appendix problem the captaincy obviously went to Connor Goldson as he is the named vice captain. Apparently nobody had given this a thought until Tav was unavailable. Connor Goldson is supposedly a guy who doesn't really mix with the other players on a personal level and keeps himself to himself off the pitch. When he took on the captains duties in Tavs absence he was supposedly playing up to it in the dressing room and giving it the big uns and calling everybody out for their mistakes. Some of the other players took exception to this and told him that Davis or Mcgregor should be the vice captain and not him. This has meant to have caused a bit of unrest.

So my source is someone who is friendly with Brandon Barker. She is not into football and doesn't ever talk to me about it but yet she has come up with this story. She wouldn't even know any of the players names i wouldn't think unless someone told her.

Im leaning towards this not being true but because a few on here have heard that SG has lost the dressing room I thought i'd post this as a potential explanation. I don't believe SG has lost the dressing room but maybe just maybe there are a few problems between the players themselves.

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14 Feb 2020 18:49:17
No way Greegsy should be vice captain, he should be captain. He knows what it's all about.

14 Feb 2020 19:02:42
And that makes them all rubbish? This lassie knows nothing but knows all the names,

Problems in every dressing room in the country, same as all workplaces, personalities clash.

14 Feb 2020 20:28:11
That story is utter bs. there are no player issues and no issues with players and coaching team. The players are still 100% behind the management team and answers will be found to address the form and confidence slump. It’s time for our so called big players to take on the responsibility and get us back to where we were heading and that was clear to see in every aspect of team as improvement. We have improved but unfortunately so have Celtic.

15 Feb 2020 01:17:39
Hans Christian Andersen's publisher is interested in you writing for them, MOC Bear. This is the best fairy story of the season so far.

15 Feb 2020 09:27:09
GIve the guy a break. He’s just posting a rumour on a rumours site. why always the need to cry B. s?

15 Feb 2020 12:15:33
Cheers gersdaft. i'm a big boy and can take the responses that anyone wishes to come back with. I rarely post any rumours or things I've heard unless i know there is a bit of substance to them and i said that i didn't think what she was saying was correct. However if the covenanter enjoyed the story that much i'd happily make up more for him. Infact he could just continue writing some of his own BS he seems quite good at that. Goldson still with us no bid in January from Leeds or Fulham and no rumours of the bidding war happening between them for the summer. The egyptian winger we were supposedly interested in wasnt even spoken about. Now that I think about it did you not win the turner prize covenanter for best fiction😛😂.

15 Feb 2020 12:38:02
So she's no into football, doesn't know any players names but she's sat and had a conversation with Brandon barker about in depth info at rangers in dressing room first team goings on? That's like trying to put square pegs in round holes. I get its a rumours site etc and people pass on "what they have heard" and also from " people who wouldn't make stuff up" but something's are just silly. If this was to turn out to be a correct and confirmed situation the. Il happily come back here and eat humble pie.

15 Feb 2020 18:23:28
Kri55, don't know who or if you have a circle of friends that you completelty trust but sometimes pals talk to each other about things they know aren't of interest to the people they are talking to but want to get things off their chest. I know i do it. I re-iterate that I don't think this would be true but the girl is a decent person and knows BB very well. Like i said, i thought about whether i should post this or not and the only reason I did was because people on here had said they heard SG had lost the dressing room. This happened to be related to that thought process so i posted it. Simple as that.

15 Feb 2020 18:31:11
Oh and another thing kri55. What ever happened to Sturridge after he did his medical with us😂😂😂 Its a rumours site mate and I enjoy your input.

15 Feb 2020 19:35:55
Dunno about sturridge mate I've never mentioned his name lol
That's a fair enough point Mocbear and il retract my last statement. If its true its not a good sign however il take your word for it. As I say, last comment retracted and no hard feelings mate. Don't take it personal. 💙.

16 Feb 2020 08:38:43
Hugh Burns alluded to some friction in the dressing room. The problem started on the dubai trip.

18 Feb 2020 17:55:27
Any bears know what Hugh Burns was on about when he said something unsavoury happened in Dubai? He's a true Rangers man which makes me think he must know something for him to say that publicly.



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