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22 Aug 2018 13:15:39
Murphy out for season Gerrard press conference coming up on ssn.

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22 Aug 2018 13:53:03
Gutted, my son and i met him at Ibrox in the summer as my son was playing on the pitch- brilliant guy, found out he grew up not far from us! Horrible news, he had started the season so strongly☹️.

22 Aug 2018 14:42:54
should sue kilmarnock for that fkn plastic pitch are dangerous.

22 Aug 2018 14:51:57
Would be interesting to understand the legal position of this.

It's not the "usual" surface that the professional game is played on so a case for liability and therefore compensation could be argued.

Proving that the same injury in identical circumstances would not have occurred on grass would be difficult but there is a growing pressure from professionals to at least review the surfaces from a safety perspective.

My view is that the top level should only play on grass and if there is a situation where a club cannot afford to operate, the cannot play in the top league.

There are rules around seating, undersoil heating etc that have similar financial implications.

22 Aug 2018 14:59:49
Nasty injury - I wish him a strong and complete recovery. Brings back memories of Ian Durant's one vs the Mutton Molesters years ago.

22 Aug 2018 15:17:43
There are no legal concerns regarding plastic pitches otherwise they would not be in the game to begin with, Get a grip👍. I do agree that it should be grass pitches, only because that game play is much better and you can play football. The ball is constantly bouncing and spends most of the time in the air, looks terrible. 👍.

22 Aug 2018 15:39:14
I agree the killie pitch looked awful and you could see the ball taking daft bounces but I watched the highlights of the Seattle sounders v La galaxy match that was on an artificial surface and it looked fine. I'm assuming it's of far better quality than what's available in Ayrshire. I'm sure a similar thing happened to arteta at Everton when he innocently turned and did his ligaments and that was on grass. You can take all the precautions you want but you can't stop a simple case of bad luck, daft as that sounds.

22 Aug 2018 16:30:09
If Broadfoot hadn't pushed Murphy the chances are that the injury wouldn't have occurred. A player of limited ability and intellect that never was and never will be a SPL player. Nothing more than a thug that will eventually be on the receiving end of a career threatening injury if Karma has anything to do with it. As for the surface, Kilmarnock's synthetic pitch does not look to be the same quality as other synthetic surfaces!

22 Aug 2018 16:46:38
See the next time one of our players suffers a horrible injury on grass will be look to sue that club as well?

22 Aug 2018 16:47:04
Coldo, the players (current and former) are not debating the beauty implications of playing on plastic, they are all highlighting concerns about the injuries and safety implications.

If the authorities choose to ignore these concerns and it can be demonstrated that there is a higher instance of serious injury on plastic (I'm not saying there is) then there will be a queue of lawyers keen to sue the authorities or even an individual club.

I can't believe that the SFA, SPFL etc have not taken advice on this but with every fresh injury there will be more questions asked and more likelyhood of action.

22 Aug 2018 17:13:07
I know they are not debating that DK, but players are not suffering injuries because of the plastic surface, they are not! People are just looking for excuses. How many injuries do kilmarnock or hamilton have as a result of playing on that surface? And don't tell me that their players are used to that surface! If an artifical surface increased the chances of an injury then why are killie or hamilton not getting an increase of injury layoffs amongst their players? They are getting no more injuries than any other club. Stop making excuses DK17 and move on👍 and by the way, the spl and sfa would have taken advice on these pitches, that's why killie etc are allowed to have them👍 the pitches look terrible and the standard of play is worse on them 👍.

22 Aug 2018 17:33:43
Coldco, I agree injury not down to pitch. I just think quality of football is poorer on plastic.

22 Aug 2018 17:36:41
have to laugh here, killies synthetic pitch is not up to other synthetic pitch standards they are all fecking crap and should be no where near the top flight of scottish football total joke.

22 Aug 2018 18:20:33
if my old memory serves me right one of the condition to gain entry to the top flight was a grass pitch and clubs that didn't have them had to get them i believe at the same time they had to have minimum seating requirements and undersoil heating. i think this was then recinded when the 2nd generation plastic pitches came out. that all said it is what it is, its not the injuries its the play. watching the ball moving or lack of it isn't natural and i think unless you are used to it then yes there is more chance of being injured. Killie admit their pitch is rubbish and are apparently replacing it at the end of this season. But i am also old enough to remember ibrox and parkhead at the end of the season where the pitches were like ploughed fields which in turn caused a lot of injuries.

22 Aug 2018 19:11:22
A lot of players wear blades nowadays on these pitches which make them more prone to injury. Blades stick in the surface when you try to turn quickly. I just wear footie trainers when playing on these surfaces but they are really heavy on joints it has to be said.

22 Aug 2018 19:56:04
The one thing that we have in Britain is a lot of grass due to our weather. Its ridiculous that in this day and age we are playing on artificial pitches for top league matches.

Don't give me the 'wee teams cannot afford grass' crap. Most teams manage it.

Thats Murphy out for a year and Waghorn? a few years ago on some astrobrick pitch took a similar one.

They should be outlawed.

22 Aug 2018 21:52:14
Could give them some from my effin back door. wouldn’t mind swapping for that Astro turf stuff.

22 Aug 2018 22:55:37
If I remember rightly didn’t waghorn get a similar sort of injury at rugby park the first season up?



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