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23 Jun 2017 00:16:27
Bruno3's source has just informed me Carlos Pena and Eduardo Hererra have signed on 3 year deals. Due to be announced yesterday. Top news.

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22 Jun 2017 22:40:37
Yes Graham Dorrans will be coming home for around 1.2m I reckon he has expressed himself that he wants the move

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22 Jun 2017 13:53:07
Third bid put in for Dorrans. Fingers crossed. Quite amusing to see various reports about supposed Septic targets moving elsewhere. Don't rate Hayes that much so they are welcome to him. Rodgers won't be able to add many more big wage earners. After all, they too still only play in the SPL and must be paying Dembele and Sinclair big money.

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22 Jun 2017 14:18:56
Who cares about the manky mob

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22 Jun 2017 14:52:45
It's on FF that the latest bid has been rejected! Again.
I hope it's not true but if so- I have had enough of Norwich and we should move on to another target 🎯

Either way I'm sure we will all find out in a few hours.

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22 Jun 2017 15:17:20
Agree with you Jeseca, we shouldn't be held to ransom. If there is no room for negotiation from Norwich, just move on unfortunately.

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22 Jun 2017 16:44:20
If dorrans wants the move that badly he can push from his end. Personally I'd put all our efforts into getting walker in. Knows the league and the opposition inside out and has an eye for goal. As excited as I am about all the knew signings not one of them (apart from jack) has played here and it might take a bit of time to adjust.

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22 Jun 2017 16:51:52
We lost out to sellik a few years ago for players and it was down to them willing to pay more so let's just pay Him at hearts who hates us and pay Norwich the money so we can get the group pedro wants!

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22 Jun 2017 17:18:36
For all the jerseys you all have been buying you must have the 1m hearts want . Time the so called big team spent like a big team .

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22 Jun 2017 17:28:29
Big team but not stupid buddy. Why pay a million plus for a HEARTS player over 23 with a year left?

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22 Jun 2017 18:01:44
I soppose we could hire an empty cow that we could put money in, don't suppose anybody knows empty ones going

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22 Jun 2017 18:08:58
Dorrans bid has been officially rejected again, time to move on,

Probably have new targets in mind, as window progresses I'm sure we will find out who. I do kind of feel sorry for graham and his family, they were desperate for it to happen.

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22 Jun 2017 19:11:52
Jes just because you say it's time to move on does not mean our management team feel the same. I fully expect this deal to be completed the player must by now be telling someone down at Carrow road enough is enough and force the deal through from his end.

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22 Jun 2017 19:21:39
Yeah don't pay over the odds for him offer hearts O'Halloran and 250K for Walker and look at getting Kenny McLean or maybe looking at another Portugese player that Pedro has worked with maybe someone for the future

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22 Jun 2017 19:33:16
Maybe you could buy walker on the season ticket money sales projected. Oh no we all know how that pans out 😂😂😂😂 itl be all whyte on the night!

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22 Jun 2017 22:25:33
Sensing fear in loanheads "humour"

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22 Jun 2017 22:33:07
I would tell the Hearts boy that we will sign him next summer and make good on the wages that he will lose out on. I am sure he will give 100% to Hearts in the coming season. If they see we are moving on and will wait for a season then they might just accept our last offer rather than have an unhappy player and less money!

As for Dorrans, as has been said, if he wants to come to us then I suspect that he can make it happen at the offer that has been made. If he is not that desperate to join us, we move on to the next target!

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22 Jun 2017 23:08:47
Downing released by middlesborough no bad shout boys, what ye think?

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23 Jun 2017 00:00:19
shef wed have apparently met norwichs valuation of good and made him a fantastic offer. watch this space.

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23 Jun 2017 00:11:22
No that's fear because he has no humour, he is of the "Back in the day" bunch when all tims could touch what and when they wanted.

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22 Jun 2017 12:13:23
Yes the new mexicans have been sapped (photographed) in training today by an undercover ger hiding in the bushes! 😂 dedication right there

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22 Jun 2017 12:21:35
Dorrans, walker and a quality right back and business should be complete. Can't help but think with the new dof coming in that me may tempt a couple of young city boys up on loan deals.

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22 Jun 2017 13:17:58
dazrfc86 where is the proof of this photograph?

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22 Jun 2017 13:51:28
Daily record and Instagram Fifaguy

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22 Jun 2017 09:15:07
I'm reading that Ashley has agreed to sell his stake in our club as part of the merchandise deal.
This is turning out to be a great move by our board!
(Tips his hat! )

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22 Jun 2017 11:08:06
went to the megastore store today. soo busy and everything sold out

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22 Jun 2017 14:21:48
Could be a silly question, but if we buy or tops in a sports direct store will we make any money or will fatsley keep it all?

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22 Jun 2017 14:37:51
50/ 50 at SD "equal share" was the term used, buy it at the megastore hope your a XXXL lol

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22 Jun 2017 14:51:09
We will make a good bit more money than previously however I think we will make more still if bought from the Megastore or webstore.

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22 Jun 2017 00:22:32
Great news Rangers are to try to a final bid to tempt Graham Dorrans back up north with his boyhood hero's

A much improved offer of around 1.2m should strike the deal

There is also talk that Pedro Caixinha is keen on strengthening both left and right fullback positions and that James Tavernier can leave if the price is right

Meanwhile, Jamie Walker may have to wait out his remaining contract with Hearts with the likelihood being, that he'll join any club he chooses for free

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22 Jun 2017 07:13:59
I seen that in the daily mail. Although it's nowhere as of yet?

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22 Jun 2017 09:49:47
I'd be more than happy to see Tavernier go

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22 Jun 2017 14:34:47
Think the walker deal may go down to last few days of transfer window.

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21 Jun 2017 18:33:34
2016/ 17 strip to be used again for the forthcoming 2017/ 18 season according to Stuart Robertson.

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21 Jun 2017 18:45:44
Only in Europe will the old kit be used

{Ed039's Note - I believe it's to be used in the league as well, that's my understanding anyway)

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21 Jun 2017 18:51:21
I think it will be a new away strip though, I do like that strip reminds me of the 86/ 87 top

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21 Jun 2017 20:09:26
Home strip from 16/ 17 will be worn for both SPL and European competition, however Rangers working with Puma on design and distribution of brand new 2nd and 3rd strip

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21 Jun 2017 20:37:10
Andbak turning into Yoda there 😂

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21 Jun 2017 20:58:03
Although i liked the home kit from the season just passed i would of liked to see us getting a new one in for the new season but hey ho, at least we can actually buy it now lads

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21 Jun 2017 21:18:39
@RTID1995 Puma didn't want to make kits them not to be sold as the new deal was only finalised today it wasn't in time for the deadline

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21 Jun 2017 22:21:57
With the Home kit selling in SD for £15-20 this will not create the level of income that other major clubs realise, but it's a start I suppose

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21 Jun 2017 22:58:40
so when is safe to buy and know more money goes the right way? itching to get my hands on one now!

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22 Jun 2017 03:46:16
Snell the deal is done you can start purchasing again. The home kit from last season was submitted to uefa and will be our home kit for the coming season as design, marketing and getting a new one out will take too much time however King did state the club are looking into a kit launch between now and start of spfl season (new away and/ or 3rd kit I'd presume) .

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22 Jun 2017 09:19:40
top man SGG. many thanks for clarifying

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22 Jun 2017 11:17:52
Snell just back from the megastore. . best of luck getting your kit mate the place is pretty much sold out 😂

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22 Jun 2017 11:55:02
I think it's pretty telling that we signed again with 32Red again for the coming season. We realistically couldn't have went anywhere else due to the last seasons home kits being printed with their logo and now being used for this coming season.
I'm sure they didn't divulge the intention to use the current home kit to 323 Red mind, when negotiating.

I'd have preferred a completely new design myself and consign all things last season to the past. But at least we can buy the new gear again. A huge positive. Truly fantastic job by Mr King and the other board members and I think people should now get off their backs and realise the job the've done. Well done to the fans for sticking to your guns as well throughout the embargo.

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21 Jun 2017 16:04:14
My source says new retail deal will be announced today- with SD. Top news.

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21 Jun 2017 16:06:53
We need to stop this my source patter

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21 Jun 2017 16:08:04
Bruno its was leaked hours ago, away back to your bed

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21 Jun 2017 16:08:12
7 year deal ripped up new deal with sports direct agreed announcement at 4:30 according to twitter

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21 Jun 2017 16:29:41
A long time comming, long battle. finaly over. well done mr king and your board.

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21 Jun 2017 16:35:33
🤣Bruno! Youu crack me up! You're some guy!

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21 Jun 2017 16:47:21
Bruno3 your nearly as funny as Andy cargrill will his source saying Patrick Roberts will be on loan at the gers next season . 🤣🤣

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21 Jun 2017 17:03:48
Bruno is clearly winding you all up with the "my source" patter lad. Put the fishing rods away

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21 Jun 2017 17:06:05
Bruno is clearly at the wind up with the "my source" patter. Stop biting lads

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21 Jun 2017 17:11:49
New deal announced, plus new stadium infrastructure and cash for Pedro to spend. In Dave we trust!

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21 Jun 2017 17:21:48
Give it a rest Bruno! Your source is the same as every other supporter, the Internet 😂

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21 Jun 2017 17:31:21
heard a wee Rumour rangers are looking at Bruno Alves, Don't shoot the messenger.

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21 Jun 2017 18:18:28
Great times for the club, I hope everyon on here who has slated king on here has eaten humble pie! Hopefully this now proves that king and the three bears have saved us from the brink!

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21 Jun 2017 18:21:22
my source has confirmed we are playing some luxembourg team in the europa league qualifiers. keep it quiet lads.

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21 Jun 2017 19:03:18
Finally, I can get my strip with moshni on the back. I've been wanting that for nearly two years.

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21 Jun 2017 19:50:04
I agree cardiffblue dave king deserves massive credit for what he done since he took over the club and I think his interview today was the best news for rangers since Murray sold out.

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21 Jun 2017 14:08:51
Hearing some interesting rumours in Glasgow today.

We'll attempt one last bid for Graham Dorrans this week with a deal looking likely.

Walker may be off the cards now due Hearts' "ridiculous" valuation. Due to the arrival of new DOF Patrick Roberts name is getting thrown about. We may enquire about a potential loan this summer and end our interest in Walker.

Couldn't imagine that prick Roberts coming back to Celtic nevermind Rangers. Would be a massive timplosion to witness.

More to follow.

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21 Jun 2017 15:36:24
I was starting to believe you until you mentioned Roberts,
What's your source for this just local Glaswegians?

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21 Jun 2017 15:46:11
Patrick Roberts aye right 🤣🤣

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21 Jun 2017 15:49:53
Absolute waffle fella 🤣🤣

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21 Jun 2017 15:49:56
He's clearly not interested in going back to them when he's talking to Nice about a loan spell so why would he come to us? Total nonsense

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21 Jun 2017 15:14:38
There's no way in the world roberts would come and probably no way man city would send him on loan again remember he cost them 12 mil and already had an extended loan, they'll cash in, can nearly see dorrans happening though

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21 Jun 2017 16:06:36
I don't have any sources or know any people "in the know" but i can categorically say that Patrick Roberts is not coming to Rangers this season! that is as bad as the moron saying Rooney was coming! get a grip mate. why would Roberts play for a treble winning Celtic team, then decide to come to rangers for a season?

1 - if he was coming back to Scotland he would be signing for Celtic.
2 - he wouldn't want to play for rangers
3 - Man city will want to cash in and sell him when his stock is high. unless we find £9m somewhere we wouldn't even get a look in

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22 Jun 2017 15:21:02
Here TheJerseyLoyal, you heard yerself? Treble winning Celtic! Get a grip mate, you're on the wrong forum. As for your 3 point argument. Well done figuring out the return button and all that but:

1- he's going to Nice, so no "if" required
2- Everyone wants to play for Rangers pal
3- Man City aren't cashing in on him, cause he's went to Nice ON LOAN!

Now away and gee us peace

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21 Jun 2017 09:27:47
Anyone heard anything on the new kits? And anything about the walker and Dorrans deals? Lot of talk about Dorrans signing but not too sure myself.

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