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22 Jun 2017 23:53:34
Dave King, this year for me has shown he is all for Rangers and the fans and I hope he continues to do far more good things in getting the club where it deserved to be

I would still like to know how fair the deal is with Sports Direct in terms of percentage of funding that is going back into the coffers at Ibrox.

I am so glad that it is only a 1 year deal with Sports Direct. I for one, don't think the dealing and relationship with Mike Ashley and his Company is healthy in the slightest Hopefully we can move on with other Retail partners that will give us a cracking deal in selling our

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22 Jun 2017 23:14:04
I would love to know how much of that merchandise is going back into the club and how much Sports Direct are receiving off our fans I just wonder what percentage is coming back into the coffers

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22 Jun 2017 11:54:36
Fellow bears, we did it! The Fat Man has been slayed. It makes me so happy I can go and buy the blue jersey again. Really good to see all the stock selling incredibly fast from the megastore. This has been a really great summer with the signings now this. I now hope we can get Dorrans and Walker through the door we will be complete however Caxhina did say 11 singing's which leaves room for one more. Who could it be? The Chairman of Leon in Mexico did say we were in negotiations for one of their players. Could it be that? Looking forward to next Thursday although don't see us making it into Europe we can try and boost coefficent as much as possible.

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21 Jun 2017 23:15:45
Alright bears excellent news about the retail deal. To be honest not a fan of the 2016/ 17 kit to close to the cr smith top but as a loyal rangers fan I would buy it to help support the club and I'm sure they will fly of the shelf and make the gers make millions.

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21 Jun 2017 22:43:54
Cannot begin to describe the feelings of joy and elation at the board and Dave King's announcement regarding the new retail deal with sports direct. Can finally go out and buy a Rangers top again. Best bit of news we have had in what has been a very agonising five years, absolutely over the moon. And to top it off King also stated that an announcement will be made very soon regarding Mike Ashley's shareholding within the club.

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16 Jun 2017 14:16:24
Wanted to bring up some of the opinions that some of our pundits on Radio/ TV were coming out with regarding our Clubs financial situation and Kings remarks about how we would utilise Season Ticket money for future Transfers. The general point being made by them was that Kings exact words would mean that the money raised, (anything between £12-14m) Would be used on current squad (wages) with remainder used on Transfers. So the question even if a change to Merchandise Deal has been made surely there has been investment OR has King held money back and it has been their all along.
I think possibly the latter and King was just not 100% sure about Warbs plus was probably being very realistic in thinking we could have won title last year and the possibility of blowing millions was a posdibility. Now I think he IS still taking a gamble but tge odds are much better and he has a hell of a lot more faith in Ped.
Anyways those Pundits/ Columnists were so sure King was feeding the Support and Media lies. King must just be waiting for any changes/ investment to be 100% fully done before informing the Support. The man AND the Board deserve a piblic show of appreciation, and some sort of banner displayed at Ibrox would be ideal.

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15 Jun 2017 11:24:22
Has anybody got any idea how much the 32 red deal is worth per year

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15 Jun 2017 20:32:59
No idea, but it is meant to be improved on last contract.

16 Jun 2017 15:45:46
It said enhanced which could potentially mean the terms are the same but have been extended for a further 2 years which is probably why it didn't say improved

16 Jun 2017 18:07:48
To enhance something means to improve or increase something. If it was just extended it would have said 'extended'.

18 Jun 2017 15:51:32
The length of the deal has increased. By your logic if it was an improved deal it would have said that. Enhanced in this case refer to either which makes me think the deal is no better than before otherwise they would have just said it was improved. Just my opinion based on a clear lack of transparency from this board

14 Jun 2017 14:40:30
Rangers agree an extended deal with 32 red for next 2 seasons.

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14 Jun 2017 17:14:34
Extended and improved I hope?

09 Jun 2017 06:44:34
who is paying crig whytes lawyer fees?

am ragin if it comes off the tax payer.
or does he pay himself as he's a toffy

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09 Jun 2017 11:28:55
He got legal aid it's a joke

10 Jun 2017 02:12:43
so now we are paying for his legal fees?

hes really strung us up

12 Jun 2017 14:16:23
Any info on shirt sponsor? watch pedro interview, you can see a partial tennents sign.

14 Jun 2017 15:25:30
dont you know that Whyte is so skint he is living off of handouts from friends and relatives. that's direct from Findlay his lawyer and lawyers don't lie. Have some compassion for someone less fortunate than yourself. The entire episode a farce, he did not even pay off the debt with the fraudulent money.

14 Jun 2017 17:15:47
So, where did it go then? That's a lot of beer and crisps!

07 Jun 2017 16:13:24
How has Craig Whyte Been acquitted of all charges? Nearly £30m of fans and staff money! And the debt according the Daily rebel was never paid - it was transferred to him but he kept the money! And how has S D M avoided consequences for allowing it to happen?

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