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15 Aug 2018 07:43:53
Hi guys can someone explain the new share issue plans does the club get any money from this or does any money raised go to pay the private loans? .

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14 Aug 2018 18:37:06
£12m new shares to be issued subject to shareholder approval.

Part fund raising and part swapping loans for shares as promised.

Waiting for the DK haters to come forth and criticise but then they said that the TOP would prevent it happening.


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14 Aug 2018 19:13:14
We're still waiting on the one promised would happen in June. Read the full report on it the only reason he's doing it is to try n wriggle out of making offer for shares. And I wouldn't count top out of the equation yet can't see them being happy with this decision.

14 Aug 2018 19:23:17
Possibly me being daft but if you are waiting on the one due in June you'll never be satisfied given that we are now in August!

Pretty sure that we have considered the TOP scenario but I gather that you'll only be happy if DK cannot raise the funds.

14 Aug 2018 19:32:33
Frustrated blue as I attempted to explain to IoM top has no role in the share issue.

15 Aug 2018 00:31:16
He is still liable for the offer though only reason issue getting done now is to try n wriggle out. Dk maybe you disn't read my post, what happened to the one he announced in June with the Gerrard appointment?

15 Aug 2018 03:45:18
Is our chairman back in court this week?
This is the same stuff from 3 months ago. Jboy that is my opinion ( not seen any contracts or documents of course) I just can't see how we can have a share issue with the Top verdict unresolved. Meanwhile we await a statement on the retail situation releasing this statement is deflecting away from that issue. "Rangers also noted if the resolution was passed, it would spare King having to meet the Takeover Panel requirements of proving he could fund an offer to buy up the rest of the remaining two-thirds of the club's current equity at a cost of some £10.75m. "
Yes he's in court on Thursday.

15 Aug 2018 06:55:54
Same old with king IoM, always something comes out the week of a court case to take the attention away. Every single time.

15 Aug 2018 07:24:54
All irrelevant. Cert to be voted through. As guys who are getting shares at 20p immediately make 25%plus profit.

15 Aug 2018 07:43:14
FB, does it really matter? Announced in June but for whatever reason it didn’t happen but now on track for late summer.

Surely the most important thing is that it happens?

07 Aug 2018 22:34:53
Supercooper is usually in the know, what the hell is happening with our retail deal!
Anyone with any info as we're losing a fortune? 🇬🇧.

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08 Aug 2018 09:42:30
How many times does this come up?
Do some people not follow the news?
We are STILL awaiting the fat man to put a bid in, UNTIL then we cannot sell anything.

08 Aug 2018 10:48:50
Surely there would have been a closing date to tender for bids to be put in like as is the norm in business?

08 Aug 2018 13:15:29
"Supercooper is usually in the know".

08 Aug 2018 17:28:38
Styab, I choked on my coffee.

09 Aug 2018 16:27:09
You guys are very sceptical about Coop😭😭😀🇬🇧.

12 Aug 2018 12:15:18
Whatever the timeframe is for Ashley to put his bid in is you can guarantee he will wait until the very last second to submit it. This isn't about money for him it's a personal vendetta against King. He wants to cause the most disruption he can. We've just got to be patient and ride it out unfortunately.

14 Aug 2018 00:20:28
Can we do a poll ed as to wether we think that super is in a he know or no.

{Ed033's Note - i think super is in a he. :)

14 Aug 2018 00:23:47
We will ride it out and we will win and get rid . He thinks the fans will revolt against the chairman over this but he is wrong. Dave has pulled a master stroke not letting Ashley see the other bid . let’s see what he does now.

07 Aug 2018 21:09:28
Has anyone heard David Murray is secretly funding our new players behind the scenes?
Heard this tonight wanted to know if anyone heard this before and if any truth to it.

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09 Aug 2018 12:57:18
Yeah Murray is happily putting up millions of his own money into the club but doesn't want the publicity. How likely is that?

09 Aug 2018 18:00:15
Never put a penny of his own in when he was here FACT
Took all the publicity and a £6m EBT and had the cheek to charge us 500k a year to administrate it. That's Sir David for you. Good luck tonight will be kicking every ball as I listen to it on radio Scotland.

07 Aug 2018 12:12:06
Anyone any knowledge on this fighting fund of a significant pot of cash provided by mystery benefactors that is being used. Simon Jordon is shooting his trap off about.?

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03 Aug 2018 08:58:52
As for who gets the money. In basic terms the money gets split into 3 parts. Tax, Retailer, Manufatuering. So in the UK a £50 shirt would see 20% go on VAT which is around £10. Of the remaining £40 the retailer will usually take around 70% so that equates to £28 leaving Nike with £12.

But where does United make money from shirts? Most of it comes from the yearly payment from Nike HOWEVER they also pay a Licencing fee out of their £12, no-one knows for certain how much but its most likely not more than a couple of quid.

What about the retailer outlets United have I hear you say? Many of the United branded United retail outlets are part of the Nike deal and are run by the so again Nike keep most of the retailers cut at these outlets, again United may get another Licensing royalty.

When it comes to the Online store this is run by Kitbag. They pay a fee to run this and again will then pay a Licencing fee per sale.

The only place where United might get the full retailer cut is at the Old Trafford megastore which may be fully managed by the club.

Oh and from Uniteds cut the players who's name is on the back will receive a payment as part of the image rights in their contract (just as they will get payment on any merchandise with their name or image)

givehimthebird • Sep 4, 2014, 8:43 AM
I took a licensing and merchandising class in college and top teams usually get between 10-15% from the manufacturer (in this case Nike) . It really depends on the league/ team and how important they are to the manufacturer. I could see us getting around 12%

wakey87433 • Sep 4, 2014, 8:56 AM
Yes but its 10-15% of the manufacturers cut not on the sale price so its a couple of quid per shirt

A good read Ed just to highlight its not 50% of the £50 we would get but 50% (and that seems very high as man u can only get 10-15%) of the manufacturer cut.

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03 Aug 2018 09:27:39
All supposition unless u have a copy of contract.

03 Aug 2018 17:44:11
Your right again jboy but I'm only highlighting the difference between 50% of the £60 top and 50% (as you stated king said at AGM) of the manufacturer cut. In the above article it states the manufacturer gets 10-15% so on that basis Hummel would get between £6-9 per sale, so £3-£4.50 if we get 50% of manufacturer cut but if it's the same as man u it could be as low 60pence a top. The other reason for this post is please buy from the mega store to boost our income.

03 Aug 2018 22:12:06
Might be me being daft but do we not get £10m from Hummel over the period of the. Contract no matter who has the distribution rights?

No that that is is settled, I am pretty sure that we then get something like 50% to 60% of the PROFIT from every shirt sold depending on the specific deal. Given that the shirts will be made in China or Taiwan at c£1 each after costs the profit will be approx £20 I would think.

04 Aug 2018 01:01:05

While I have no idea if the contractual arrangements you quote are accurate and JBoy is correct, if the figures are correct, on the basis of £4.50 profit per top and say we sell 100000 tops then this earns the club £450k. Even if it’s double that then this is less than £1m. If as you suggest it is 60p the we earn £60k.

Anybody signing up to this return is mad and on that basis cannot accept that these figures are representative of our agreement. On the other hand. DK is not divulging the detail so allows the speculation to continue and with it further criticsm.

04 Aug 2018 07:41:37
Man United do it mols, and probably every other club ( only conjecture on my part jboy I've not seen any contracts) . Most of the shirt deal money comes in the yearly up front payment ie the £10m over 3 years. The 50% of the shirt sale is pie in the sky.

04 Aug 2018 07:49:44
Forgot to ask DK17 if we have negotiated £20 a shirt, wonder why the man u of this world don't renegotiate their deal. I've only highlighted the down side (old negative me) but if we buy from the megastore we earn 70% of the overall price.

04 Aug 2018 08:23:30

I would hope your assessment of the deal is correct and what you would expect from a negotiation but it is all speculation until someone who knows the detail of the contracts is prepared to share it even if it’s only a rough indication of percentages.

If RIOM’s 60 p per top is right then the board do deserve to be removed at the next AGM. But who would replace them and who would select/ promote the candidates given that DK and the three bears have 34% of the shareholding and club 1872 10%.

04 Aug 2018 08:35:28

I suggest it would be one or the other

I. e 60 p per shirt plus large upfront payments say 3M a year OR a 50/ 50 split on profits from top sales - say profit is £30 per top so RFC get £15 per top then you need to sell 2 to 3 hundred thousand to get the same money (~£3M) . Do we really sell that number

We could guess for ever and still be miles away. Bottom line is buy what we can afford to support the club through the avenue that returns most share of profit to RFC.

04 Aug 2018 08:45:32

Did someone not post recently that the Megastore still belongs to SD. If so does that put doubt on your projected 70%. I have to say I was sure the Megastore was back in the control of RFC but cannot 100% confirm. Can anyone else.

04 Aug 2018 08:47:44
My comments were based on the old deal that has just finished. Al guesstimates from me based on info that is in the public domain.

The new deal that yet to be announced cannot be worse that the old one on the basis that we had to buy ourselves out of the 7 year with SD and negotiate a new short term one (50% share of profits) .

As usual IO (rangers supporter) M chooses a negative theory and I give the board a bit of credit for having some business sense.

04 Aug 2018 09:26:49
Mols mark Dingwall knowledgable man on most things rangers says SD owns it.
My research, and sorry can't name source, due to my professional integrity suggests we ripped up deal but signed new one where we own it but SD get 30% of all takings
Agm should clarify all this.
It is a far superior deal than what we had, albeit cost 3 million to change.
Despite what some say earning 70% over next six years is a better deal.

04 Aug 2018 09:46:44
Using man United's deal as a guide is pointless there deal was for hundreds of millions from nike in what was a world record sponsorship deal. I have no idea what the deal we have is and no one else does yet as no deal has been signed due to this court case.

04 Aug 2018 10:35:02
All I'm trying to do is highlight the man u deal because if they (, one of the biggest if not the biggest shirt seller) can only get a 'couple of quid' a shirt. Then what chance do we have of get 30quid a shirt. The point I've alway made is we have no retail, distribution, or storage facilities to capitalise on this deal.

04 Aug 2018 15:36:58
Independent newspaper finance section report Man U sell more jerseys than any other team and make £12 a jersey, so I agree we won't exceed that.
Article is an interesting read.

04 Aug 2018 20:55:45
IOM I read loads of your posts and wondered if you had an agenda, but now I know I can ignore everything you ever write!

If you take 20% vat away from £50 paid it leaves £41.67 and if you don't understand why that is, you shouldn't be commenting about finances.

04 Aug 2018 21:45:52
Could not agree more.

04 Aug 2018 22:21:57
FTW I await his reply.

05 Aug 2018 00:16:47
FTW it doesn't matter if it's a £50, £60 or £100 shirt the government still take 20% vat leaving 80% of any of those prices. I'm saying the retailer gets between 65-70% of the 80% leaving 10-15% for the manufacturer of which the club negotiate a cut.

05 Aug 2018 01:44:40
Yes that’s why we agree with Hummel to take 10 million over three years no matter how many shirts we sell, then on top of that take a percentage of what’s lots left.
Surely our commercial department have done their sums and it is a good deal for the club, if they haven’t it’s time to get more astute people negotiating on our behalf.

05 Aug 2018 08:32:33
Same old!

I’m pretty certain that there is no prescribed share to any club.

Each club will negotiate with the manufacturer and retailers and decide what works for them.

There is a balance to be found between cas up front (£10m from Hummel over the contract) and a share of shirt sales. A club will gamble a bit based on confidence of how much merchandise is likely to be sold.

To compare us to MU with their worldwide appeal is like comparing us with Livi in terms of likely revenue.

PS with IOM’s clear financial expertise he should be our finance secretary (or maybe he is! )

05 Aug 2018 09:29:04
Said the man that we get £20 a shirt lol DK17. I'm just highlighting man u deal with Nike 2 of the biggest. Because if I didn't the DK17 of this forum would have us believe we are going to make a fortune from each sale. £10m up front is big bonus and maybe' a couple of quid a shirt'

05 Aug 2018 22:18:40
£10 may be 20% of £50 and leave £40. But if you add 20% vat to £40 it comes to £48. VAT gets added, not taken away.

05 Aug 2018 22:20:52
So minus VAT it is roughly £41.66.

05 Aug 2018 22:28:07
Waste of breath with you “expert” but if you read my previous posts (you can read? ) you would note that my estimates were based on the deal that just ended.

No upfront payment but 50% of the profit from tne sale of all merchandise.

Of course you won’t believe that those terms actually existed but since you don’t think DK has done anything positive for the club who cares what your next post says.

06 Aug 2018 08:48:26
The goalpost changing DK17 has spoken, so the prosecution can rest after his closing statement It started at 50% of all shirt profit, then 20 quid a shirt, now it 50% of the manufacturer profit. DK17 please remember that's 3-5 time the profit rate of man u per shirt. In saying that your hero negotiated the deal and so far all we know is the first year profits from Hummel are gone paying off the old deal and court expenses. I'm thinking out a pound 20% vat, 65-70 to the retailer, leave either 15-10 of that pound to the manufacturer and if we used to get 7p in the pound it looks like a good deal cause we look like we got 50% off the deal. I know you reply will be I but Ashley is getting 65-70p in the pound but so we're every other retailer and we get nothing off them.

07 Aug 2018 10:26:29
Why is there so much hate for Dave King, is so dodgy yes is he a liar yes, show me a millionaire that’s not, no one makes that kind of money being 100% honest.

My point is he is trying or has fixed a lot of the issues created by the criminals that were allowed to run our club, have they been all fixed in the way we want, ofc not as some of the old deals were that bad.

Only way to get the club your way is to buy it.

07 Aug 2018 10:49:27
Delmar all correct.

07 Aug 2018 14:58:17
U can't call people criminals though and praise our chairman, who is a criminal himself.

07 Aug 2018 15:26:58
I never praised him, he is better than green was and how Whyte and green could not be taken to court over the handling of the money at Rangers is wrong, but in the business world that’s how the rich stay rich.

Ashley is a bottom feeder with his zero hour contracts etc however he wasn’t not the cause of the problems, he was offered a deal to make a fortune out of the club and I’m sure he made a payment to someone for the deal to happen.

Anyway more my point is a lot of fans on here are not happy with who runs the club, start a forum do crowd funding get people to invest in buying shares and have a proper say on what happens.

07 Aug 2018 19:40:31
Delman we can't have a share issue due to the guy you praised in your posts. So where do we go from here.

07 Aug 2018 19:53:20
Delman whyte was taken to court and found not guilty and the evidence showed Murray was the culprit. I think whyte was the patsy.

07 Aug 2018 19:53:33
so if i had a spare 30 million i could not buy rangers?

and please tell what praise I've put on DK.

07 Aug 2018 20:20:58
Delman you slagged off everyone involved in the club apart from 2 of the main culprits. Oh and we got together to buy shares no a penny went to the club.

08 Aug 2018 07:33:18
im not going to try and second guess you, who do you see as main culprits and i will give you my opinion on them as well.

and sorry if i offended you saying my opinion on Green and Whyte.

08 Aug 2018 08:47:20
They all took us for a ride, I can only say Murray for me is the worse, overspending and dodgy tax issues. Don't know why we are so blind we seem to trust the next guy, cheer him to his seat and wait for the next boot in you know what's. For me the last straight forward chairman/ CEO was David Holmes a true Rangers man, alway club first.

08 Aug 2018 09:20:41
IoM. Just an update on your figures. Dk actually had us taking close to 70% of sales on another post. #gullible.

08 Aug 2018 10:11:56
Ah murray,

Etb, s totally legal but way over used on the alleged side notes is where he really put us to shame, would I welcome him back with open arms, no a chance in hell, for the way he sold the club to Whyte.

The man who had the vision to bring in Souness is the real rangers legend when it comes to board members in our recent history,

Dk and the current board have made so many mistakes with managers and pressers
But I do give them credit for tying to fix our finances

With Gerrard it’s a good move but they are only trying what Holmes did.

01 Aug 2018 23:57:50
It just came to mind . was there not another thing that king managed to negotiate away of which frustrated and the neighsayers conveniently forget. Was it not a fact the fat man had it written in to initial contract that any unsold stock was bought back by rangers at retail value? DK got us out of that and you guys are slaughtering him . my god help me please.

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02 Aug 2018 09:29:27
We only have dk word on that. He also saido we were rid of Ashley for good so why should we believe him?

02 Aug 2018 16:43:18
Frustrated what are you on about? Dave Kings word on What? That was in the original contract along with the 7p deal for 5 years and the 1p rent of the store etc etc . Ok maybe King thot we were rid but I seriously don’t think he did and is just playing the game. playing the game for you and my benefit. What in God’s earth has the man made out of the countless countless hours he had worked on our behalf against this rat? Check the accounts . the board get nowt I beleive . in like the last mob. King also made ya all beleive there was no more than 5 or 6 million to be spent by Stevie top line wages included. He did this to stop the vultures pecking at our source and it worked. But you will just accuse him of lying then? Ashley will be gone. his men are gone from the board room for good . Ashley’s infiltration ifvthe board gone for good . For gods sake man a bit of reality here please . the grass is always greener for some people., . what a joke. Ps we certainly won’t be rid of Ashley for good with the likes of yourself chasing our board and the people who have got our best interests at heart out the door to make way for the hoods again. Maybe you would prefer the easdales in charge ., who I may add dave managed to oust as well or was that a lie too. or maybes just all in my imagination.

01 Aug 2018 13:31:34
Can I make an observation.

McCoist can stop 10 in a row single handedly by selling the 1p shares he has in his possession back at what he paid for them to the board to progress with transfer funding. Easy. You lose nothing Ally.

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01 Aug 2018 14:02:52
Nonsense why should he. Also fans group have voting rights on his shares.
How much do you think they r worth.

01 Aug 2018 14:16:46
Did ally even pay for his shares?

01 Aug 2018 15:08:19
I'd say no, he was in that gang when charles green was ingratiating himself to all and sundry.

01 Aug 2018 20:34:56
As far as I know the shares were gifted to him.

02 Aug 2018 09:30:08
They were gifted.

31 Jul 2018 23:39:21
This must be the first time in the history of British justice a case has be won ( well according to DK17 and jboy) yet despite the victory it cost us half a million plus the loser walks away with no costs and a new contract. This after getting £3m and selling his his penny shares at a inflated price.

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01 Aug 2018 09:27:41
Can anyone who disagree with the above post please state why as Evey word about the Ashley situation is 100% true. Unfortunate but true.

01 Aug 2018 10:49:49
Can u show me iom where I say king won.

01 Aug 2018 10:57:22
Where did I say it was won. The theee million paid was to get us out seven year 7p in pound deal.
What is your profession.

01 Aug 2018 13:41:20
IOM, I think that the "disagrees" probably reflect how our fans disagree with your agenda to highlight only negative aspects of how the club is being run.

When we score 10 goals without conceding and you only write negative most people question what your motives are.

Are you really a Rangers fan or do you represent Ashley and use every opportunity to denigrate the clubs management?

01 Aug 2018 14:11:21
Dk17 I’m sure he is a gers man but likes to be constantly negative. I respect his views actually agree with some of them.
What iritates me is way he infers guys like us are liars simply because he does no research and only has one view
I at least think my views are balanced.
I don’t expect him u doiger billyb fb to agree all the time
I wonder how often he attends games, he never answers that.

01 Aug 2018 18:00:54
Jboy can you please tell me when I call either of you both lairs. Every piece of information I've posted has been the truth. If you or DK17 can show one untruth I've posted please highlight. I ask you both is there any untruths in the first post about the latest court case. DK17 I know you think I'm negative but every word is true and the support need to know to know the truth. Hope you both agree with that.

01 Aug 2018 18:56:59
Listen for once we and others on here respect your opinion however u twist everything. I printed what sherrif said in court on Monday, you say I said king won no I never.
Re buying shares u said cause you don't have a clue we r not correct .
U infer at every opportunity we r not saying how it is.
U know I have a financial background, u may even be surprised to know it's very successful, it employs fifteen people, including solicitors, so we think we know a wee bit about finance.
Have u ever considered having a sensible debate on what is a rumour site.
As I asked when were you last at a match.

01 Aug 2018 19:16:47
Also Mull you ask to point out the flaws in your post
Well as far as I remember. It wasn’t any of the two joys you name that made the comment about winning court case

Somebody did can’t remember who . would need to look back but you are definitely wrong on this?

01 Aug 2018 20:58:44
All quiet now?

03 Aug 2018 00:01:33
Kilmarnock, Bates scored with 5 minutes to go. As you see from my name I'm from a island. To get to Ibrox it's a hours drive, to get the ferry for a 45 min sail to Oban. Then a a 3hour train journey to Glasgow. After the game it the 6.20 train back to Oban for the 9.45 ferry back to mull, then the hour drive back home. So the day starts at half 5 and home about 11.30. About a 19 hour day and not a pint lol. But always well worth it when I can make it.

03 Aug 2018 10:39:05
Good stuff IoM, I have a few friends in Tobermory and Iona
Love my visits there.

31 Jul 2018 13:56:23
Hopefully this is the last I am going to say on this but I really can’t get my head around the fact that the chairman has cleverly and successfully negotiated his way out of a deal with Ashley whereas Ashley was getting 93% over five years and now will get only 30% over a year ( all be it rolling) saving us 63% of the original deal and we have people on here calling fir the chairman’s head. I truely am astounded and on the verge of giving up with some of our so called faithful.

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31 Jul 2018 15:22:40
Cleverly negotiated 😂😂😂 Ashley had him by the balls again how can you chalk that up as a win dear oh dear.

31 Jul 2018 15:55:51
Did King not pay £3m to cancel the remaining 6yrs notice period? Add to that another £500k to essentially negotiate a new deal with SD when another distributer was lined up! No guarantee either that SD will impove what JD had contracted. Dead clever. Perhaps King should get on the blower to Hummel and tell them it's a good thing that no-one can buy their product until it's sorted.

31 Jul 2018 20:18:45
How much of DK's money has the club seen?
He is very good at wasting other people's cash.

31 Jul 2018 21:31:09
Password, you seem sure that DK has not handed over too much of his own cash but I cannot find the breakdown of the £17m in loans that have been provided by DK, the board and any other investors.

I know that DK provided an initial £1.5m loan but can’t see if there was any more from him.

We can all pretend to know but let’s see the precise breakdown of who have lent what to the club before making allegations.

31 Jul 2018 22:59:00
Dk 17 but he is skint he can't get money out of sa. So he's either skint or a liar which is it? or are u happy our chairman lied under oath.

01 Aug 2018 08:56:12
FB, if you had an inkling of honesty about DK you would get a bit more respect on here.

DK has not put a penny into the club - he has said from the outset that it is his family trust that would provide the funds.

He is playing a game with Ashley and a few others. Technically he has no money (spending money) because his “fortune” is in trust.

He knows that offer8bg 20p for a share is simply a paper exercise because no one will sell at that level so why should he not try to wriggle out of it and save a big chunk of fees?

I have never said he is innocent but do support him in his attempt to restore us, however, you flatly refuse to give him ANY credit for dragging us through the difficulties to where we are now.

What is your REAL agenda?

01 Aug 2018 10:26:06
Everything DK does reflects on this club.
He is oredered to make the share offer (regardless of who will buy/ sell, he was ORDERED) He continually ignored that.
The msm and others do NOT ignore the fact that it is DK who has been ordered, its also the Club tied to the story.
DK has been called a glib and shameless liar in a court of law. He is now ruling over this club - how does that sit with the supporters?
Before taking over he spokeabout having £30 million to invest and as things went his way, the rhetoric changed to we need £30 million investment (back to supporters and other shareholders cash)
The recent event has cost the club in excess of £500,000 - agin, you can be sure its not HIS money)
He has repeatedly told the press and supporters his money is tied up in SA and he has to comply with SA law. comply with the law? That's a wee bit ironic lol)
The guy, imo, is nothing but bad news and every other day something else comes up which rarely reflects positively on this club.
Maybe he will put up the money to repay the loan from Close Bros but I have this niggling feeling that won't happen
The sooner he bails out, the better it will be for this club.

01 Aug 2018 11:51:22
Dk17 as he got caught in the act setting up concert party to bido for shares. The consequence is he has been ordered to make offer its not negotiable and doesn't doesn't expend on whether people will accept or not, it's an order. What part of that is it u don't get?

01 Aug 2018 13:22:25
I’m with @molsgoals. We’re making far more out of the retail deal. No win for SD as they have to match our best offer. No more penny’s per strip, Rangers will earn a decent crust now.

01 Aug 2018 13:46:18
Anybody know when the next court case is?

Takeover Panel?

Or maybe Hummel might launch a lawsuit for loss of earnings. They must be fuming about the whole situation and I can't blame them.

Then there's JD Sports. Ditto.

01 Aug 2018 15:11:20
Geromino, I don't think Hummel will lose money, SD share will come from our pot.
That's why we must not boycott buying strips.

01 Aug 2018 19:21:17
Fb king is not daft, the reason his money is in a trust is to significantly reduce tax liabilities, not illegal can be done here.
So he can argue he has no personal cash, or very little.
Quite often tax rules and rules of a trust don't make it easy to withdraw without significant penalties.
For others who will jump down my throat I'm making a general statement, not defending any one.

01 Aug 2018 19:35:06
Frustrated . your so frustrating. do you not agree that king did what he had to do ( setting up a concert party to buy shares etc) to get the fat cat out the board room ( ok his cronies) personally I think it was quite increadable the way he played the rat at his own game and ousted him. Rem if you will ( but you prob won’t ) That the fat one was desperate to hang in there to milk the cow a bit more but dave sorted it liar or no liar
I for one will always be hugely indebted

There are a lot of people still behind you at this club. Don’t let the gripers alter your and our progression.

01 Aug 2018 19:37:53
Geronimo may have another point tho. Let's hope we hadn't already signed a deal with jd or a breach of contract lawsuit might be next if that's the case.

01 Aug 2018 20:51:43
Fb u may have hit it on the head mate.

01 Aug 2018 21:24:48
Good one FB

Have you considered that Dave King might not even be a man?

He could be Davina Queen and have stolen the cash from Santa Claus.

Can’t wait to see the glee when you start to write about that theory!

01 Aug 2018 23:42:27
Ok then frustrated. I will take it you agree with my post then but just find it impossible to admit. No worries my friend it’s hard I know . I understand.

02 Aug 2018 09:39:58
Mols goals, what he did re buying the shareswas illegal and could put our club in a horrible place if he gets cold shouldered so no I don't agree with it. And we are not rid ofor him he still has us byour balls toying with us. Also read my post and jboy reply do u not agree if we had already signed another deal we may now be liable to another lawsuit as we will have breached contract with other bidder?


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