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16 Feb 2019 23:36:44
I hope king has plenty money for next season for this team could not win a raffle. the other mob have won the league now.

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19 Feb 2019 22:38:50
If he is given money, hopefully he uses it better than he has so far. Only Goldson has pass marks although Katic should be beside him. Can see it being loans, expensive or otherwise and free transfers again. Recruitment has to be a lot better.

15 Feb 2019 21:54:55
I would like to congratulate Dave King on completing the pointless share offer having predicted the outcome for well over a year. While he clearly was not compliant with the TOP rules and at odds with the legal process, he has been proven correct.

He has also demonstrated that he has the ability and assets to support the club and capability to transfer them from SA despite assertions that he is potless

I don. know or pretend that he has limitless wealth but I for one ask myself if all the fans who give him no credit for his efforts really would put their kids inheritance at risk as he has with no guruntee of retun on investment just so we can go to Ibrox and watch our team.

I applaud the man for his resiliance while accepting he put himself up for this role so deserves criticsm when mistakes are made

Good result DK. Continuing to mocve forward.

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16 Feb 2019 08:33:53
I still await a court ruling mols, criticise me if you will but one major issue has me pondering. If King didn't do a share issue during the long drawn out process, he would have lost. The Easdales went from 6.5% (approx) down to 3. something, like the other who wanted to sell, I might be completely wrong (again) but I don't think it's over yet.

16 Feb 2019 11:45:43
You may be correct and like all things Rangers it never seems to end. You could look at things the other way in that Kings tactics and timing for compliance was part of his plan in conjunction with the separate share option and therefore worthy of some respect - only time and more court battles will define this.

As things stand he is the man along with 5 or 6 other like minded wealthy Rangers supporters standing up for Rangers, I wish there were more like him prepared to take the risks he does on our behalf. All I can do is is Pay my £600 per year for my seat and support club 1872 and put what money I can straight into Rangers.

16 Feb 2019 13:01:27
£600 is that what it costs these days? Surely you get more than just league games for that, otherwise not much value for money at over £30 a game.

16 Feb 2019 14:11:47
Prob as close as we will get to a positive from mull lads.

16 Feb 2019 14:14:09
Well said mols 👍.

16 Feb 2019 14:16:35
Cullin. That is a good price for 18 league games
Two tickets in Club Europe cost us much more.
Plus cup ties Europe.
Well worth it to follow The Gers.

16 Feb 2019 23:41:47

If I had been going for the quality and entertainment over the last 6 years, I would need my head looked at. We follow the team good and bad (like today) and particularly when they need it most. My ticket is in the club deck but tickets elsewhere are available for around £430 I am sure.

16 Feb 2019 23:43:48

17 Feb 2019 12:39:01
Well said mols.

20 Feb 2019 08:19:24
I.o.m., what court ruling are you waiting on this time.

15 Feb 2019 13:34:45
I see the two brothers want to sell their shares in Rangers. Just a question as I don’t know the answer, why were they so disliked? I know they where part of Ashley ‘s mob, was that the reason?

{Ed039's Note - That was the reason - they were part of the whole crew handing out erroneous deals and syphoning cash, they also had voting rights which when combined this other crew prevented certain issues being passed at AGMs)

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15 Feb 2019 15:14:51
Quite a statement saying easdales syphoned money, certaintainly voted against interests of club.

15 Feb 2019 22:08:20
Worse than that ed 39 but yes you are 100 % they laughed in the stands when we were getting beat and showed nothing but sinister contempt when climbing the marble stairs to the directors box when we were demonstrating. even giving fans a contemptuous wave of their hands . well done mr king in ousting those vermin.

16 Feb 2019 13:57:51
Would now like to see king Scott park leathem club 1872
Cherry pick ones who wanted to sell.

16 Feb 2019 23:44:42
If you ask me king is a genius using this tactic with the three bears to wrestle control of our club from the dark side.

13 Feb 2019 18:16:00
My mate says we lost another case in court yesterday.
Have to pay some mob called orlit enterprises nearly £300,000.as part of a deal to fund raise for charles green.
Tell me he's talking fish.

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14 Feb 2019 00:54:52
Bluebrother, this was initially 2012. Some con man set up a company with green and Stockbridge to introduce new investors to RFC.
The dispute by rangers was that it was an inflated bill with a number of fake invoices.

Rangersnever disputed they owed money, a greatly reduced figure was agreed, by green. I understood we had paid it.
Note king was not majority shareholder at the time.
This company was also the mob paid 400k for alleged installation of wifi ordered by green.

14 Feb 2019 12:45:49
Where we even in court yesterday never mind lose the case.

14 Feb 2019 16:14:33
Cheers jboy21.didnt think we would be still owing any monies to chancers fron greens dealings.

14 Feb 2019 17:14:46
Bluebrother u never know. They wanted in excess 400k. A figure was agreed. Don’t know if we paid it.

15 Feb 2019 01:37:11
Exactly jboy this is the immoral dealings that mr king has now to try and unwind . contend with and repair whilst at the same time trying to justify his integrity to some of our skeptical and unappreciative so called support.

15 Feb 2019 13:08:16
Well said Molsgoals, bang on. 👍🏼.

08 Feb 2019 15:05:48
Another Sports Direct case against us starts on April12 and he's determined to affect the club and future sales of merchandise 🥵.

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09 Feb 2019 00:38:49
Ashley is livid that he is trying to bully us and it’s not working . no sports direct at our club now . we have our strips even although he tried his upmost to stop us . shame the corrupt courts will probably back him like they even have against the government .

11 Feb 2019 19:24:02
Corrupt courts OMG what have we become
The court would not issue a injunction if it wasn't warranted. I've said on here before Mr King and his legal team didn't read the small print correct. Molsgoals can you tell this forum what's corrupt about about the court decision to uphold a injunction that's been broken.

12 Feb 2019 00:13:46
How are the courts corrupt against you. thought most barristers were members of your lodge.

12 Feb 2019 00:41:42
Oh your back mull . corrupt in the sense of what white/ green / and Ashley did to our great club and got away Scot free. When you appoint your own men in the boardroom and then use them to get unethical and immoral business arrangements in your favour and come out smiling to me there is corruption somewhere in there . That's why Mr king has had to play dirty to get some elliment of success.

Not read the small print? Are you having a laugh? Mr King knows exactly what he is doing . Just because certain people don’t and just choose to chastise (even although we are clawing our way out the mire ) makes no differance to him or me for that matter . So as I said before mull you are too blinkered with hate and negativity towards our leaders and if you can’t show one ounce of support I certainly can’t bebbothered anymore debating the issue with you so try someone else my friend.

12 Feb 2019 19:04:24
Not sure if anyone has pointed this hilarious fact out but you were screwed over and your club beaten to an inch of it's life by men called Green and White. I guess things never change.

12 Feb 2019 21:14:59
Absolutely unbelievable molsgoals. It was always someone else's fault, remember we cheered Whyte/ Green to their seat. So Mr King knew exactly what he was doing, giving Ashley £3m, claiming that was him away, only for Ashley getting a injunction. Instead of talking or allowing Ashley to bid for the merchandise deal King broke the injunction. King has stood up for our club agreed and keep us going with financial help but I will never full trust him sorry.

12 Feb 2019 21:30:10
A few years late with that bit of info Rob.

12 Feb 2019 21:52:54
Oh robdoc21 your so original.

12 Feb 2019 23:47:20
Whether you like . appreciate . or acknowledge the progress we have made under mr kings guidance is nothing short of remarkable. I was one of the many screaming at the easdales to get out of our club . only for them to sneer at us as they climbed the marble staircase to the directors box. I witnessed them laughing when we were getting beat by queen of the south. Mr King ousted them and for that me and others will be eternally grateful no matter what happens .

If he hadn’t god only knows where we would have ended up . our ground would have definitely been leased back to the loyal support who would have blindly paid up . Mull you admit niw for the first time that Mr King gas stood up for us and given us financial help for no gain? If that is the case man for gods sake show some well earned respect . get yourself a ticket and come to ibrox because it’s a hell of a lot different than two years ago.

13 Feb 2019 10:44:51
I have said since the beginning I neither like nor trust DK.
Would he be so quick to ignore court orders and fight all cases if it was HIS own personal money being used? I suspect not.
Maybe someone can clarify how much of his personal money has gone into the club? (He won't even abide by a share offer demand as he has to put HIS cash on the line)

13 Feb 2019 11:33:03
Molsgoals, Even you have got to admit that Ashley is toying with us, and dk's defence of the contractual agreement is being pounded by ashley's legal team. King needs to pull his neck in, and accept advice from better legal brains.
I have always, basically agreed with Iom, while accepting where Jboy21 comes from, but surely we are so polarised we will never agree. [ sounds a bit like Brexit. ] Surely it is time for us, whether Rangers supporters, or Brexit supporters to agree. As far as I am concerned, dk's methods are juvenile, but based on good intent, and we will not destroy ashly, and his kind, with personal vendettas.

13 Feb 2019 11:55:35
Isle of Mull/ Phil the goblin.

13 Feb 2019 16:43:12
King is not the answer long term. I have written this many times. He does seem to be only guy that won’t roll over to Ashley
We need to keep going on road we are on.
We r in a better place that we were.
Also it was Paul Murray who negotiated with SD, hence the reason he is no longer on the board
As billy says we need to stand together or we will fail with SD.

14 Feb 2019 00:54:57
Cuillin there another rib gone laughing at your patter. I've alway said I (me personally) have never trusted D. King. I think he thinks it's SA in the 90s. You can't just ride roughshod over our legal system even if we think it for the good of the club.

We all want rid of Ashley but it has to be done to the letter of the law. Ashley has us by the short and curlies, he has had 2 injunctions and we broke both.

14 Feb 2019 00:56:15
Exactly jboy it was Paul Murray. but hey let’s blame mr king and the board anyhow . there’s got to be a whipping boy within no matter what progress has been made.

14 Feb 2019 00:57:04
As I have tried to point out mr king is playing hardball the only way ge can to fight Ashley . throwing it all up in the air and seeing and dealing with what comes down. Ashley had a stranglehold on our club and I for one could see no way out. that’s why we demonstrated in our thousands and raised banners telling the rats to leave our club.

Ashley was brought in by green who was paid handsomely. who was associated with White (who swindled us as well ) who in turn was allowed in by Murray who swindled mr king . Stevie g trusts dave king so that’s good enough for me my friends.

14 Feb 2019 14:12:01
Billy B and jboy, I can see both your points. Lol Billy it's like Brexit, you're correct.

14 Feb 2019 16:00:16
I agree with most of what u say. Let's see how the purchase of shares pans out.
I see a number of media outlets now reporting easdales selling out to king, I feel this is a very significant positive move for our club.

05 Feb 2019 19:20:03
Has the share issue been completed yet? The one that DK said would pay off loans etc.

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05 Feb 2019 21:21:07
SWM, see relevant sections and club statements included on investment matters on the club website, will provide good current status.

05 Feb 2019 21:52:50
Thanks pal, hadn't seen or heard it mentioned for some time and couldn't remember a date being set.

25 Jan 2019 12:26:55
Looks like Mr King has complied and made the offer. Surprised no post from RIOM yet?

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25 Jan 2019 14:21:55
Yes just got offer today. Personally if I sold it would be for 25k less than family purchased them for so why would I. Will many sell I don't think so . We shall see.

25 Jan 2019 15:44:00
Jmaster he will be gutted that offer has been made.

25 Jan 2019 15:47:12
Jmqster the legal documents make good reading. For IoM and others who run down king and regularly ask what does he do should read them
Of the 14 million in loans which are all interest free king has loaned 50% of the money .
So he does put his money up.

25 Jan 2019 17:03:36
IOM, we await your comment and opinion after you read and familiarise yourself with the document and news released today.

25 Jan 2019 21:11:27
Come on IOM we await what negativity you make of this and what you have to say now.

25 Jan 2019 21:20:03
Mr King had to put £19m in a British account on the 11th of January, it never happened. Now Laird have offered £7.9m for some of the shares. Let's wait and see what Lady Wolfe says lads and see if Mr King complied to his original undertakings.

25 Jan 2019 20:38:22
Cf bear, I won't sell either, I'd also lose very small amount, but mine are for my kids.

26 Jan 2019 08:54:25

As usual you react with an unbalanced view giving DK no credit what so ever. He has secured an irrevocable commitment from 38% (£11m) of the shareholding not to take up the offer. So it would seem legal and sensible from his perspective to minimise his liability legally which looks like being £8m. I will be staggered if his final commitment ends up being even 50% of this figure proving his view that this whole process is a waste of time.

It is beyond doubt that there is legal process to comply with so you are correct but even you have to recognise how stupid this process is proving to be. Why would other investors sell at a lower that marker price at the same time handing DK increased control of the club.

26 Jan 2019 10:15:58
Why read it, he shared a cell with DK so knows it all.

26 Jan 2019 20:42:16
Iom you're incorrect again, the date to put up money was 25th
Laird is king unless our courts are wrong. Also confirmed full 19 million lodged
So what are you reading please share.

27 Jan 2019 00:50:46
Just shows you how ludicrous the courts are at times . but we all know that with them not taking Ashley and green to task for imoral dealings . Mr king by hook or by crook has delt a hammer blow and as I kept saying with countless others . He had to go down this route to get fatty outvthe boardroom . Well done Mr king and thank you . Our fans are so loyal that the Fatman would have taken millions and millions from us long term had he survived.

27 Jan 2019 12:16:34
Good informed posts guys, looks like DK is making progress on the issue and the best interests of the club continue to be represented. IOM, I for one look forward to your next comment as long as it is accurate and fully informed.

27 Jan 2019 16:54:15
Must have a good few shares C. f. bear.

28 Jan 2019 19:39:22
Bluebrother 50000 in total we purchased . 35grand at the time. . It's between myself and family members. At the time we were left money and the gers were in turmoil. Charles green is to blame lol but we are glad we did it . It was never about the value.

29 Jan 2019 00:08:14
IoM have u read all documents on RFC website. Laird is king, also have placed 19 million in account, by 25/ 1 as agreed with takeover panel.
Documents also state, king and three bears own 34% so won't need to buy own shares
Have legal binding named shareholders, see list 38% not selling
Leaves Approx 8 million which may or may not be sold, I predict at least 50% of these won't be sold.

So he might need to lay out 4 million circa strenghing his holding from 14 to in excess 25%
IoM why have u not acknowledge the documents indicating that king/ laird have lent Rangers 7 of the 14 million we have borrowed interest free, or does that not suit your anti king argument.

Also confirm you have read all the documents on website and not just a few lines from some rag.

29 Jan 2019 00:12:14
C.f. green to blame for an awful lot . selling everything to Ashley for peanuts to the club . but what to him?
Very very well done on your purchase tho it’s fans like you that have helped mr king drag us out the mire.

29 Jan 2019 20:28:21
Good post Jboy21. IOM believe the ball is firmly in your court.

29 Jan 2019 22:54:45
Class jboy, Iom might aswell fold and admit that he is a tim😂👍.

29 Jan 2019 22:55:18
Molsgoals I will never forget being outside ibrox not long after that person whytes statement and there was grown men crying. Personally I never cried but the fear of our club not being here was becoming real and it was awfull. Then Charles green outside ibrox and that queue of people buying season tickets showed the fans were never going to let that happen.

I was very lucky to be able to buy the shares. My brother in law was so against it . Don't renew season ticket. Don't buy shares . greens a con man . Anyway he was overruled and we are where we are and it's all down to every fan . Do I 100 percent trust Dave king? No, but I will always be gratefull and I'm not alone in saying that.

30 Jan 2019 01:16:30
Well said C f bear. Totally agree.

30 Jan 2019 10:00:33
I was keeping my powder dry til coldo got my back up with his claims of my allegiance. I stand by my statement that Mr King had a timetable to follow and didn't. Then at the 12 hour posted the Laird stuff on the club site. I will wait the words of Lady Wolfe on the 4th of February.

30 Jan 2019 10:16:15
IoM have u read all the documents on rfc website, simple question.

30 Jan 2019 17:34:10
Yes and will wait for Lady Wolfe take on it.

31 Jan 2019 09:19:58
See lady Wolfe cancelled yesterday's scheduled hearing as king had complied with all instructions on time.

04 Feb 2019 15:29:22
People will sell shares especially the ones that got them for 1p on the initial IPO.

04 Feb 2019 16:41:51
JBoy she cisted it until a later date in February. You really should pay attention to the facts and not the stories you want to believe. For the avoidance of doubt Not Cancelled!

04 Feb 2019 16:58:59
Agree, but not that many,

04 Feb 2019 18:29:57
Agree hope, play of words, I will email court official who used the word cancelled in his update on court proceedings.

04 Feb 2019 23:48:17
Hope where did you creep out from.

05 Feb 2019 10:23:29
I've waited til the 4th of April but it looks like your right jboy on the king share issue. I bow to your greater knowledge.

05 Feb 2019 17:10:13
IoM let's hope all goes through and that chapter is closed.

05 Feb 2019 20:43:27

Are you aware of any of the larger shareholders taking up the offer. The offer closes on the 15th so I suppose we will know soon enough.

06 Feb 2019 09:31:30
Not aware of anything, just know ones who have undertaken not to sell. also group who no share issue made to in relation to questionable backgrounds
I'd be interested to see what easedales do.

06 Feb 2019 12:29:04
Gersman I have always been here! Watching and challenging, not creeping; I leave that to you guys and the Glib and Shameless Liar who you follow, follow like sheep.

Look forward to future exchanges. its good to communicate.

06 Feb 2019 15:02:41
Hope, what have you challenged?
Who’s a shameless liar I follow? and I see you've done a lot of communicating on here keep it up.

08 Feb 2019 14:34:33
I for one do not follow Desmond nor do many on here so hope I think your on the wrong site my friend .

19 Jan 2019 10:15:38
My pal is telling me that rangers are paying 65K a week on Defoe’s wages. no way surely?

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22 Jan 2019 23:13:14
Stevie Clark says it’s 35 so I reckon that’s the deal.

23 Jan 2019 08:20:51
We are contributing £28k per week.

24 Jan 2019 11:36:23
We never learn.

29 Jan 2019 00:13:12
Cullin got to say . what do you mean we never learn . A few years to get back up to 2 bd place from rock bottom? I think that’s increadable and we have learned a lot.

07 Jan 2019 17:10:38
I'm excited about S. Davis and J. Defoe and the wonderful double swoop for the 2 pre contract boys. Think you know there going to be a But and here it is; according to our accounts we need the best part of £5m (plus a couple of litigation cases) to get us to season book time again. Even paying a fifth of defoe and a third of Davis wage adds a another million to that total. Discuss please everything is taking from the accounts not trying to upset or wind people up, but you know I'm a one step at a time no run til we can walk.

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07 Jan 2019 18:21:45
What accounts are you referring to?

07 Jan 2019 19:52:44
I assume you r ignoring the fact king and family have pledged 4 million this season and 3 million next season if it required,

So so selective u actually bore me.

07 Jan 2019 23:11:25
I actually cannot beleive iom that you didn’t slate or mention the chairman in your post . I heard, and it’s been said on this site that the heirarcy of Liverpool are giving us a helping hand financially. So better you just take that as gospel and revel in the great strides forward that mr king has manoeuvred for us . without taking any dividends I may add.

08 Jan 2019 00:26:39
Thanks for that jboy never saw that.
My mind at ease now cheers.

08 Jan 2019 13:22:37
Molsgoals don't think you get the way it works do you. Think you need to make a profit to get a dividend. On the D King subject I stand by my point of a independent advisor and and the 13 of December, next he has to get the money into the UK by next week we wait and see. Molsgoals as I say in the opening post he playing a risky game if it works wonderful but heaven help us if it doesn't come off.

08 Jan 2019 15:43:54

When you say heaven help us I don’t see the connection to Rangers directly. Any penalty for non compliance will be directly to DK and possibly the 3 bears but definitely not directly to the club. If DK and the 3 bears are further sanctioned by the Take Over Panel and courts it may result in other parties taking up there shareholding but this would still be a share purchase and the unsecured loans would have to be settled to the various parties. The previous and future planned share issues are designed to bring the club back to break even so while I accept this generates uncertainty, it does not undermine the security of the club as the loans are unsecured I. e. DK and the 3 bears carry this financial risk if the club goes under.

Maybe I misunderstand you point.

08 Jan 2019 19:55:28
Are we where we want to be? Nope but we are well on the right track and all thanks to Dave King and his team.

08 Jan 2019 22:04:22
Sorry mull your right . I will replace dividend with financial gain. of which all our previous 3 or 4 chairmen milked is dry to obtain.

08 Jan 2019 22:06:08
Ps mull you even said it yourself . mr king has put his neck on the line for us . even risking the threats of jail to fight fat boy.

10 Jan 2019 13:49:14
The only way D King is risking jail is through stupidity, ignoring injunctions and making a complete cock up of trying to get rid of Ashley. Remember he paid Ashley £3m but forgot to look at the small print. If SD matched any deal for the merchandise they got it a massive mistake by King and Andrew Dickson.

10 Jan 2019 15:58:11
Presumably the accounts you refer to don’t include any European or merchandise income which will appear in next years accounts?

10 Jan 2019 22:56:26
Mull how on earth do you know mr kings strategy to get rid of fatty? As far as I can make out it has worked and is working . I don’t see any sports direct stuff at our ground . I know you said you don’t come to games but if you had 18 months ago the ground was covered in it . now nothing . No fat man influence in board room . Don’t kn how mr king did it and I don’t care but thank god he did .

I really think you are like an old long playing record mull and I think a little more respect from you to our chairman is long overdue from yourself. Even frustrated had the balls to show some respect and eat a bit of humble pie . Less and less people are with you and your slating of the chairman. Getting rid of ashley has been a Miracle and we are nearly there. The alternative does not bear thinking about . renting our ground back to us . leasing our crest to us . so for goodness sake man reign it in and show some much earned appreciation .

11 Jan 2019 15:23:19
Jboy I've read the accounts again and can't see your " D King and family will give us £4m for this season and £3m for next season". Maybe your thinking about this time last year when Mr King promised that but it never happened and had to get the Close Brothers loan.

11 Jan 2019 15:33:50
Mols goals did you read the accounts SD/ Ashley haven't gone. We are still in negotiations with them for the merchandise deal.

11 Jan 2019 18:48:51
We have things called papers in Glasgow, look hem up.

11 Jan 2019 18:59:12

Have you heard anything about whether DK has successfully managed to lodge his secured £19m as agreed with the TOP and courts. I believe today was the deadline.

11 Jan 2019 19:47:49
For goodness sakes mull Rome wasn’t built in a day . Mr king has had to box clever to rid. For example and I am just giving a possibility . maybe dave promised fatty 9 million to walk abdvthennrenaged ( quite rightly ) on the deal giving him 3 mil and the small print was part of that to get it over the line. Ashley had us by the curlies . voting his own men in who in turn awarded him rediculous unethical and dishonest deals . I might be wrong but I am sure green gave him the catering rights for cash.
Ashley is a very very clever corporate rogue of the highest order who was shafting our great proud club from every angle. Dave has shown us a little bit of light in the war to get rid. It scares me whith people like yourself slate and ignore the big picture and have no alternative . only negativity regarding the present . Stevie G Backs the chairman so that should tell anyone with an ounce of intelligence the way is true. But if course some people will never accept never . even if we won the league. shame.

11 Jan 2019 21:48:17
It is obvious from the comments made that every poster takes their own interpretation from various sources.
I have recently ate humble pie on where we are, and given dk certain credits, but I still have this niggling doubt about dk. This backed by certain "unconfirmed" information on the source of our financial backing, and it is not dk, but a source very close to SG and Liverpool.

Time will tell the source of our funding, but I am quite happy to believe in our position at present, and go with the flow.
There is obviously good financial backing, but for the life of me, I cannot believe dk is the person behind it.

Also, you must remember that without the backing of pension fund trustees, you cannot source CASH.
Although delighted where we are, I still tend towards Iom's thinking.

12 Jan 2019 00:07:00
Jboy newspapers now your taking the p*sh. If D King had offered to give us £4m it would be in the accounts. As I said he did promise money in last year accounts but he never came up with it that's why we got the Close Brothers loan.

12 Jan 2019 11:31:09
As I said billyb. shame . I can guarantee you one thing that if the fat cat was in control Stevie g wouldn’t have touched us with a barge pole. but hey let’s not consider these facts and just kick out. The amount of goodwill . goodpress. positivity and fuel for possible future investors the club has generated in the past 6 months is increadable in fact bearing on miraculous and whoever is driving it us a pure genius. it’s just a shame there are still a minority who would choose to throw water over a burning flame of optimism. How much weight does a bit of positivity hold with a but at the end of it.

12 Jan 2019 11:57:49
Ps I’m not playing this game with you anymore mull. You obviously have a huge vendetta against the chairman even tho Stevie G backs him 100%. Had a look at past posts and even from your post below you can’t even call dave king our chairman .? A bit pathetic if you ask MeV

Iom 26 Dec 2018 11:16:50
Head in the sand will help mols goals
I still say he's the biggest shareholder in the holding company not what you called him.

Maybe he humped your grannie or winched your wife I don’t know but it obviously futile to try and defend the man to a guy who is so blinkered with vitriol, hatred and negativity towards the one person so I will leave you and your fellow doubters to wallow in your pessimism of our club and his the chairman’s efforts to pull us out the mire. I do note with great enthusiasm however that it is getting harder and harder for you to push forward your reteric and I can only say long long may this continue . God willing we will win this godam league and people will see who is the true charlatan . for queen and country 🧐x.

12 Jan 2019 12:32:02
Pps 4 million? Who gives a jolt . Jermaine and Steve Davis are prob getting that between them for the season . where’s it coming from . for me I don’t give an eff. will it get them on the park? It will help . in turn will it shuve the pish the manks have been giving us fir years it will help . you say mull you have never been to a game . well maybe if you were sitting within touching distance of mr king after a doing at ibrox by them . (and witness brown griffis and crew totally disrespect our chairman . club . support by their antics of wiping there noses on our crest . two finger . one arm salutes to our chairman ) you would understand better . We stop this ten under any cost . we will never never sink to the lows we have been too the past 5/ 7 years guaranteed . so the time is to stop the negativity and drive forward. It might not be pleasent reading at times so stop trying to read into things that don’t exist have faith in our manager . Mr king knows full well what he is doing he is a highly intelligent man . a bit of a rogue? Well who isn’t . it’s a tough world out there sometimes you need to fight fire with fire instead of backing off with some sence of misplaced moral dignity ONWARDS. UPWARDS . let's GO.

12 Jan 2019 14:33:47
Good post Molsgoals.

Fail to really understand why DK receives such criticism. If he was solely interested in personal financial gain and a quite hassle free life he would be no where near us. DK is a Glasgow boy and one of us. He is a businessman who has done well for himself and has chosen to invest his fortune, emotion and time in the club he has always supported. At last we look capable of being competitive on the Park and it feels good. In no small measure this is down to the DK and the other board members. I for one thank and solute them.
Aye Ready.

12 Jan 2019 16:20:48
Well said Mols goals, do what I do ignore IoM most of time no talking to him.
He refers to accounts not saying dk family putting up seven million over two years . Since this was reported in papersin December, it's not going to be in accounts .
He really has an agenda and does not have a clue.

12 Jan 2019 16:40:04
Brilliant Bankie win every game from now apart from a drw against them at the piggery and beat them on goal differance would do me . come on boys we can do this.

12 Jan 2019 19:27:46
Thank you too jboy21 at least the majority don’t want to hang the chairman out to dry from the comfort of our settees . I mean I could maybe see some sence innit if mull was one of the 800 at the piggery when the whole stadium andvteam stayed behind to ridicule our suppirtbin one of the biggest displays of ungentlemanly conduct known to man ( the whole team should have seen red for inciting a riot btw) but the fact is he delivers his slating of our higher arcey from his living room . prob trawling the net fir anti king comments . oh well . shamed.

13 Jan 2019 10:54:42
Actually wish theye would do away with this page. Let's concentrate on the football 👍.

13 Jan 2019 18:47:28
Fb you are probably correct. I am fed up with having to reply to the same old crap from IoM.

13 Jan 2019 21:57:36
Agree 👍.

15 Jan 2019 23:31:47
Although some of us have to stick up for the chairman when he is being attacked And slandered.

02 Jan 2019 19:10:53
So who do we reckon the unnamed person or people are who have taken 300,000 in pay out of the club.

Agree0 Disagree2

02 Jan 2019 20:29:22
Persons it says who are managent team. Bonus relates to progress in Europe I believe, and is SG, McAllister and other members of team, covering additional wages paid.

02 Jan 2019 21:31:51
Payments for performance and progress made. Hopefully much more performance and bonus payments to make at end of the season.

02 Jan 2019 23:13:57
Well earned if you ask me . give all the boys a bonus after the 29th👍.


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