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22 May 2017 01:19:17
Celtic titles are tarnished because you were not there. But on the positives you won 3 titles. celtic weren't there either.

22 May 2017 07:39:47
none a them were tarnished, either or.

we simply used to be lightyears ahead of you, it is all swins and round abouts.

you are only two signings away from messing up again.

in Pedro we trust

22 May 2017 10:48:33
Remember the 5 asterisks lads.

22 May 2017 11:00:28
And you're only 11 signings away from giving us a game! lol HH

23 May 2017 09:21:26
I said this ages ago about the titles being tarnished and it's true. If it wasn't for the terrible miss management of our club this would never have happened. Infact before that disaster we were the ones heading for 4 in a row. Any self respecting celtic fan would surely admit they didn't feel the same winning those titles than they would have if rangers in the league. It's just not the same. Tarnished titles. Hmmm has a nice as nice ring to it. 😏

23 May 2017 15:53:17
Aw Dunnonbear: have you gone fishing again, you do know your not very good at that game. Anyway I think you bang on, all the 6 in a row titles, cups CL are all tarnished because Sevco were rattling around the standard of lower league they really should be in and by all accounts, the teams in the lower leagues are far far better run than the TRIC are. Good things come to those who wait, well we waited and waited and waited and guess what, it's true The grass is Greener on the other side, come join the PARTY
Because Brendan Rodgers is here for 10 in a row HH 😁

23 May 2017 15:55:28
What about the unpaid bills to Her Majesty the Queen to achieve your achievements? Does that count?

23 May 2017 15:58:07
And the NEW. Rangers are in the league now How many points did we HAVE over you?

23 May 2017 18:27:46
Numerous clubs (including you's I might add) used ebts. Also there are plenty of clubs in tax debt that they still haven't paid but they haven't been targeted. Rangers were and easy target due to us being in a poor league. Man utd are in over a billion pounds in debt yet no one bats an eye lid. But as usual. It's all about the rangers. Most celtic supporters are infact pleased that rangers are back where we belong except the bitter few like yourselves who are raging that we've made it back to the Premiership and not disappeared off the map completely. Most successful club in the world bhoys! Don't you forget that now.

23 May 2017 20:38:05
Poor you Who is paranoid now Dunoon? yes a lot of teams have used EBTs I suppose but most I am sure like ours Paid the taxes on them. And as far as you being Back you have never been hear in the first place so how can you be back? Is that successful by winning Scotland lower league titles to get to the top in FOUR years? did an other club not do that before Who was it again? I think it was a team named Gretna Where are they now?

23 May 2017 22:15:35
If and when we win the title again the sfa records will say 55. That is more important to me than your opinion on it. You know. The records and opinions that actually matter.

20 May 2017 20:47:34
Some bloke on the Tims page saying if the go unbeaten an win treble the should receive some recognition from the SFA uefa an FIFA haha hahaha

21 May 2017 15:34:01
The only recognition UEFA has given Rangers 1872 in recent times was confirming their liquidation. Your new club stands dwarfed in our shadow. THE INVINCIBLES, that's got to hurt. 🍀🍀🍀🍀

21 May 2017 16:03:26
Yea skybue: That would be me then, why would we not be given recognition, the 1st team EVER to to this, unbeaten league campaign and all domestic cups won.

NEVER been done Before in any league in the world.
Another 1st for Glasgows Green and white

Must be up for team of the year when they are handing out all the awards.

21 May 2017 16:26:20
Are you on crack? This is the SPL we are talking about, they compare us to the English league 1 or championship at best so you've more chance of getting knocked out of Europe three times in a year, ohh wait that's already been done another first for Celtic

21 May 2017 17:18:07
cprs1: All domestic cups won?

That really is a first, winning a cup final before its even played.

21 May 2017 17:21:45
The SPL folded in 2013 you numpty, around the same time as Rangers 1872. Raging you are.

21 May 2017 17:51:05
Rangers are the worlds most successful club.

21 May 2017 18:06:29
By the way did you really call yourself Skybue or did you misspell Sky Blue lol?

21 May 2017 17:59:34
And tell me why not? This achievement only happens once in a lifetime. Enjoy it Skybue it is something you will never see again and you can say you witnessed it.

21 May 2017 18:00:54
Some guy on the people page laughing at us winning the treble hahahaha.

21 May 2017 18:21:07
I think the FA should credit them with 3 titles in recognition of such an achievement lol

21 May 2017 18:24:57
Maybe they could get 6 stars on their jerseys!
Yeah cheesy stars like on your jerseys lol
Is that not for your recognition from everyone?
People in glasshouses hey mate!

21 May 2017 18:28:17
Celtic fans lap up Rangers' end of season tally as they call 67 points a 'fitting tribute' to Lisbon Lions

21 May 2017 18:34:35
Skybue, it doesn't matter what you think really, we are the greatest club in the country, we've won the biggest cup in europe, we won 9iar first, we've never played outside the top league, we've never went bust, were breaking records all over the place, no one can doubt our unblemished history.

We've had the greatest domestic season any club in world has had. The cup will be won, don't worry about that. You will just have to deal with the reality that your club are now 3rd not only in the league, but they are truly 3rd world in footballing terms on and off the pitch. Enjoy today won't you.

21 May 2017 21:01:42
So many fish on a single hook, to easy

21 May 2017 21:13:07
Yep skybue is the name, yep you broke your own record of being put out of Europe three time in the same season keep them coming

22 May 2017 01:26:25
Aye okay then, oh the buebells are bue. Hounded out of town, slated to the core, exposed for your guff, if its not obsessed you lot cry, then were threw a line. 😁😁😁. You keep on tellin yerself that. Catch ye

22 May 2017 01:35:33
heres a question since you seem a bright boy, what does liquidation mean?

22 May 2017 06:30:48
You lot are really so easy, its a banter page getting all angry an that, ahh the old new club patter was waiting for that one,

22 May 2017 07:41:54
lets no be silly, it was a great feat, but we coulda done it if you lot went bust.

a don't think any celtic fan would bet on it happening next year as we are properly back and starting to build a force again.

once we have our scouts in place and some investments we will be pushing you every inch of the way.

22 May 2017 10:59:08
Good shout blue blood but you need to stay off the booze, what investment are you getting. I'm sorry for being sarcastic about it but you are getting led on here again, if rangers get more loans the debt will become unmanageable again. Until somebody comes in with millions they don't mind losing you will have to persevere with what you have.

22 May 2017 11:02:23
The Rangers 2016/ 17 in a nutshell

Number of games won 19, 67 points in total

lol HH

23 May 2017 07:12:18
The End

23 May 2017 17:42:13
just a point. celtic are the only team to go unbeaten in recent times

Rangers played a total of 23 competitive matches during the 1898–99 season. They finished top of the Scottish League Division One with a one hundred percent record of 18 wins from 18 matches.

fair play to the celtic team of this season as they were fitter than the rest of the teams.

23 May 2017 21:28:41
Blueman888: ( ever think of adding just 1 to that :) that's right they did but they DIDNOT win every domestic cup as well. so when we do beat the Sheep on Sat Celtic will be the 1st team in HISTORY of football EVER to do so. So along with the unbeaten season Celtic stand to put Scottish football back of the Map
But once again its Celtic FC .
Now as i was saying the SFA / Uefa / Fifa must recognise this s it will go down in the annals of football history

24 May 2017 16:28:16

you are deluded like the rest of your fans if you think this season is going to put scottish football ''back'' on the map.

like i said fair play to celtic this term as there was NO challenge from rangers or aberdeen as the rest are fighting to get into the top six or battle relegation.

why should uefa, fifa recognise it? or the sfa (oh right lawwell) . may as well paint hampden green then. lol

but it goes to show you that when scottish football has to step up a level then its a real eye opener.

but hey great story from your lot and i'm sure there will be a dvd, book, tv programme, poster, scarfs, and the yearly night to remember with rod stewart.

08 May 2017 19:27:01
Celtic winger Scott Sinclair says the most important lesson he has learned in football is to always have belief in your ability.

True, or you can drop down to a lower standard of league football and look better.

08 May 2017 20:19:36
RafBob: really smacks of jealousy .

08 May 2017 21:35:24
I will have to bow to your knowledge of playing in a lower standard of football and looking better Rafbob you have much more experience of this last few years.

08 May 2017 21:37:08
lucky he's now in your team or messi would have to give up his title of best player

08 May 2017 21:39:41
Maybe your club could take your advice then rafbob, lower leagues are the only titles your club will win for the forseeable future. The guys rebuilding his career, succesfully and with medals and awards. Give him peace fella. I see the rangers players didn't turn up for the awards last night, showing their class again.

08 May 2017 23:26:58
I never said he wasn't deserving of the title Bhampot and none of my teams players deserve any awards this year.

He is a good player cprs1 and I would have him in our team before a few of our own but I'm honestly not the jealous type.

I know you don't like it but you have to admit that the calibre of player taking that particular title has dropped significantly; From Derek johnstone, Larsson, Mccoist and Nakamura to people like Griffiths and Sinclair.

Sinclair is a good player but he knows that nobody outside of Scottish football will take notice until Celtic manage a real achievement in Europe.

You know I'm only making a comment about what most people will be thinking.

Sinclair scored maybe 21 goals in 12 seasons in the EPL and he has done that plus 4 in one season in our "competative" league.

09 May 2017 06:14:20

you would have him before a few of our players? was that a joke.

we would be better of playing with 9men and sinclair.

dont know who the few are you would play before him?

anyway let's focus on our own team for onces we are all getting a bit caught up with them lately.

time will tell euro is just the start for us! anything less than second is a fail!

09 May 2017 09:43:52
It was a sly underhand dig at a very good celtic player rafbob.

09 May 2017 09:44:49
Lol love it. it like big kids play ground my dads better than your dad our player better than yours lol always said no matter what footballer it is how much they earn anyone can kick a ball run up n down a field for 90 mins. what can a footballer do with a ball that you can't do? Nothing

09 May 2017 10:37:48
Kaymer, it seems to be becoming my dug is bigger than your dug and us fans are making stupid excuses to deflect from a poor season.

why not try stay positive and see what next year brings and shut the celtic up the old fashioned way?

09 May 2017 14:29:31
That's a strange post for me Rafbob, I just want to make a point of "they were better back in the day" etc.
All were fine players but they got criticised too, big DJ cudnt cut it in England and cudnt get in Scotland team, too heavy etc.
Larsson apparently wudnt be able to cut it in a bigger league (how did that work out lol), McCoist was same in England and only ever done it for Rangers never progressed to higher level, Naka lazy and only had 1 foot.
My point is all footballers get criticised when they are doing well, but usually from the other side or people that know nothing about the game.

09 May 2017 16:41:22
Rayman, that is fair enough and I see your point.

I'm just making a biased observation, not trying to wind you all up.

09 May 2017 22:00:55
Fair enough Rafbob, but its a bit silly criticising the best player in the country esp when your own players are nowhere near that level.
You are actually criticising your own players by doing so.

09 May 2017 22:13:43
Your a good poster rafbob, i always read your posts which are usually fair and well read. 😉

16 May 2017 11:22:54
sinclair is a quality player, he is best player for celtic. I used to play in the same team as him for Bath Arsenal in school days so its painful for me to see him scoring against rangers lol. his bro martin is disabled and he was amazing too.

08 May 2017 07:14:34
So Garner gets booked for celebrating his goal in front of his own fans. yet Celtic celebrate 3 out of 5 goals in front of the Rangers fans and nobody gets booked?

08 May 2017 10:21:33
parky grow up mate.

ma dugs bigger than your dug attitde.

who cares honestly?

08 May 2017 11:25:25
It seems no matter who scores in front of Rangers fans, you all want to run on the field of play or cause bother, no?

08 May 2017 11:45:43
Yes, not allowed for one but allowed for the rest . and referees wonder why they get so much stick in every level of football. they need to make rules and every club or player gets hit with the same punishment.

04 May 2017 19:37:45
Brenda just loves the spotlight. A Rangers supporter made a despicable gesture to young Scott Sinclair and has now been dealt with at the courts. 5 days on and the Brenda press are still banging on about it. Brenda is now LEADING the fight against racism in Scottish football. Really? This guy is here all of 5 minutes and is now THE VOICE of scottish football. We don't need Brenda to lead the charge. We are ALL aware of how wrong it was. This guy just makes you want to spew.

05 May 2017 11:03:36
Obviously the guy(s) who did it were not aware .

05 May 2017 11:12:44
Surely if you agree its despicable you would applaud B Rodgers for taking a stand against racism in the game.

05 May 2017 11:22:23
Well he is leading the league, the league cup and probably the scottish cup charge, so why not, i wouldn't trust any other muppet in scottish football. Brendan be thy name 🙏

06 May 2017 09:07:34
you really make us all sound bitter

both sides have idiots.

the managers and clubs should unite agaisnt racisim, we can hrdly expect pedro to be the voice after 5 mins and he is also unkown in media?

06 May 2017 12:30:27
Rodgers is the most popular topic in Scottish football journalism, it makes sense for the guy to talk about issues like racism as it will be viewed by a large audience.

I don't know why people can't just see things for what they are and applaud decent actions regardless of the source.

06 May 2017 14:31:28
Great reply rafbob👍 totally agree.

06 May 2017 17:28:02
Well said BlueBloodGerz. I have no problem with Rodgers speaking out against racism.

It would also be nice to hear him criticise some of the songs some Celtic fans sing in support of terrorism and likewise if Pedro at some point was to speak out against some songs that some Rangers fans sing, I would have no problem.

07 May 2017 11:07:49
Personally I've no problem with rodgers condemning racism. I have mixed race relatives and have seen first hand racial abuse directed towards them, even at their children's primary school. Its not acceptable in any walk of life, end of. I'm glad it has been highlighted and well covered in the papers. However, I do have an issue with celtic supporters who call the two guys the lowest of the low of the earth etc, etc yet happily cheer/ ed tonev and Griffiths each week after their well documented racist behaviour and seem to have no issue at all with a convicted racist recently being employed at Lennoxtown and welcomed back inside celtic park following a stadium ban. That to me is pure hypocrisy and is (almost) as unacceptable as the behaviour of the two neanderthals last weekend.

07 May 2017 11:11:23
I think the papers also need to get a grip. This moron has been dealt with so why not move on instead of cajoling quotes from celtic players. On another note did anybody see the images of hundreds of smashed seats in the Broomloan? Haven't heard or seen any reference to this in the media. Ah well, maybe if it had been the toilets?

07 May 2017 15:49:34
Seeker are u sure they weren't broke before we got there? Come pal I know we've plenty of money in the bank and it's always nice to help somebody out but a think u mite be asking a bit much to expect us to fix your ramshackle of a stadium 😂😂😂😂

07 May 2017 19:20:18
lh86, you have a cheek criticising our great stadium when yours is sub standard and built on the cheap. Wouldn't sneeze too loudly - sections of the tin roof are liable to give you a middle parting lol

07 May 2017 23:01:48
And if you sneeze at ibrox, seek medical help immediatly, Asbestos kills! . Seeker, apart from rust, what in the hell is your roof made of, that's already fallen on fans a couple of seasons ago. Your stadium was once a great stadium, now it is just a crumbling artefact, burning the eyes of everyone in Glasgow. Its not maintenence it needs, its the bloody time team.

08 May 2017 11:44:48
Seeker have you been down Celtic way recently?, it's stunning. exactly what a top European stadium and it's surrounding area should look like, can't wait till we top it off with the Celtic grand hotel, all paid for by the Scottish tax payers as well, so we don't have to dip into our transfer budget. Hats off to Glasgow council and the Scottish government.

08 May 2017 12:24:45
Touched a wee nerve their Bhampot! It is widely known that the bunnet would be loathe to spend a penny the wrong way and that he was "frugal" in his dealings with contractors/ materials etc when rebuilding what was a health hazard.

And I'm sure you will know that there is asbestos in almost every non domestic building built before the 1980's. Btw asbestos was not completely banned until the end of the millennium. So why should it be such an issue at Ibrox?

On another note your players score 5 goals at Ibrox, and each time go out of their way to blatantly intimidate our supporters - no booking. Garner celebrates scoring at Firhill in front of our support and, guess what?

08 May 2017 12:26:51
Oh aye, and please explain the situation of hundreds of broken seats that seems to have missed the media's attention. Funny that! Lol

08 May 2017 21:26:08
Lets talk about the here and now seeker if you will, your stadium is a wreck inside and out, ours isnt. Ive nothing more to add your honour.

09 May 2017 14:22:33
It is now after your fans wrecked it!

27 Apr 2017 20:32:10
Our very own S. F. A corrupt to the core. broonaldo red turns out to be a yellow card. our game really is ****ed from the top to the bottom.

27 Apr 2017 22:36:29
dont see aberdeen, hibs, hearts, st johnstone etc complaining, just the Rangers.

27 Apr 2017 22:15:05
Why? Perfectly reasonable decision considering the yellows dished out to some of your own teams tackles recently . No? Explain why .

27 Apr 2017 23:53:24
if the story doesn't fit your narrative change the story. imagine i'm speaking very slowly. "the SFA claimed it was a red card the horrible cheating Celtic claimed it wasnt. The INDEPENDENT appeals comitee found in favour of Celtic" so it was nothing to do with Lawell and the SFA board he has under his spell. but that doesn't suit the victim myth

28 Apr 2017 09:47:29
A nod, wink and handshake red card becomes a red. SFA no credibility or integrity as governing body.

28 Apr 2017 18:08:59
Well well well, TRIC saying the "establishment " are corrupt, nothing we have been saying, and was proven years ago . All that comes to mind is . Pot Kettle Black

29 Apr 2017 10:21:39
The guy is carp anyway, just shows how bad Scottish football is when the Lego munched is supposedly one of the better players in Scotland.

29 Apr 2017 14:51:55
Traded Brown agreeing to play against England in June for rescinding of red card.

01 May 2017 07:21:45
Pot Kettle Black,? That's rich.

04 May 2017 12:12:31
The fix was in.

05 May 2017 08:47:34
Was free to play against Rangers so why would any other team complain?

07 May 2017 15:46:45
Browns challenge was from behind, studs showing with absolutely no intention of playing the ball, only to stop and, potentially to hurt the player, which he did btw.

The reason I believe he 'tried' to hurt the player is that he was still visibly fuming from a challenge he received not a minute before. Even Andy Walker agreed that the challenge was terrible and merited a red.

27 Apr 2017 16:51:54
Celtics Broon get his red card overturned and surprise surprise is free to play this weekend. Obviously more celtic ' sporting integrity' driven by lawwell.

27 Apr 2017 18:20:39
Haha who thought any other outcome was a possibility!? Would you really want the great brrrooonnny to recive a ban and possibly spit the dummy and tell the monkeys at the sfa he wasnt playing anymore! Heaven forbid the great man decided to actually retire from internationals, i'd need to go to the pavillion to watch a pantomime rather than the lead uptae every international qualifier when super broony leaves us chewing our nails on whether he is gon to bless us with his presence!

27 Apr 2017 18:51:24
It was a nailed on red! An obvious hatchet job because he spat the dummy. Ridiculous decision. Yet they have the cheek to shout about anti-Celtic agendas in Scottish football?!

27 Apr 2017 19:00:35
only right, never a red card in the first place.

the ref had lost the plot after his penalty blunder.

27 Apr 2017 19:25:36
What about kiernans 2 reds this season tbat got rescinded? Suprise suprise? It was never a red card in first place.

27 Apr 2017 22:00:05
Spot on benny, when you see some of the more recent tackles that only merited a yellow then Scott Brown's is also a yellow all day long .

27 Apr 2017 22:00:17
Where's all the sporting integrity mob now. Absolute joke like the idiots who run the game

27 Apr 2017 22:01:48
Have u seen haliday tackle on Roberts if that wasn't red brooms certainly wasnt

27 Apr 2017 22:22:29
As I said already I would not be surprised in the slightest if peanut Heid got off with what was to all intents and purposes an assault. The SFA is so obviously corrupt to the core. If Halliday hadn't been yellow carded he would have got a 3 match ban. Maybe they will change the rule and still get him banned for Saturday. Again, nothing would surprise me where Liewell's puppets are involved

27 Apr 2017 22:52:55
Justice prevails! I think we should just rest broony this weekend. in fact rest the full first team and let the u20s beat that mob. after watching the cup final Last nite they could teach the team from govan a few footballing lessons, lol.

28 Apr 2017 18:24:31
Seeker : Scott Browns foul was "assault " really that being the case, the " assault from Halliday on Roberts must now be graded GBH, or in Glasgow terms " Not Proven " .
Get a grip

29 Apr 2017 15:37:24
Halliday's tackle was a mile late with no intent. Brown's was planned, calculated and ultimately vicious. Anybody watching the game knew exactly what was happening. How the red was overturned is beyond me.

06 May 2017 14:55:06
Halliday tackle missed Roberts okay if he hits the player and the ball goes out its a red all day long but missed the player and the ball stayed in and play carried on because celtic had an opportunity hence why when the game stopped it was a booking for attempt to break up play. Scott Brown was blatant made contact reckless lunge two feet studs showing and was a red how the sfa watch that back and say it's a yellow is beyond me and I have pals that support celtic and they wher shocked when they heard it got over turned.

27 Apr 2017 15:51:06
Surprise surprise, browns red card reduced to a yellow, !

27 Apr 2017 23:30:52
It should have been a yellow in first place, ref lost the plot

23 Apr 2017 23:56:32
I think Pedro is a Celtic fan in disguise the way he praised Scott Brown and that thing about the Celtic badge on his arm is that real?

24 Apr 2017 05:52:34
No, the tattoo thing isn't real and no he's not a Celtic fan. The guy hasn't got any hard feelings towards Celtic and that makes him a fan?!

He's our manager, move on and realise that he will do his best to get the win.

Not good enough yesterday, that's all.

24 Apr 2017 10:10:07
first time I have saw a rangers manager laughing and smiling and cuddling BR after a defeat The way he was acting you would have thought Rangers had won, and then praising Scott Brown saying he controlled the match.
He has one more game to act like a rangers manager if we get beat we get beat, but don't act like it doesn't matter. Why he never got a proper Die-hard in beside him is crazy, JJ nice guy but that's it.

24 Apr 2017 11:04:10
You do know it's 2017 now, the guy has no baggage or bigoted crap that goes with this fixture

24 Apr 2017 12:04:22
Correct Memaself but its a shame your fans still want to hold onto all that crap.

24 Apr 2017 15:24:39
I believe my fans are the same as yours rayman

24 Apr 2017 14:57:31
Good point stungun, he could have headbutted Rodgers, have said Brown was utterly useless and was dominated by Halliday, and got his staunch "Rangers man" No.3, say John Brown, to belt out the sash. I take it you haven't been a PR man long Stungun.

24 Apr 2017 16:10:05
Just watched Ross Mcrorie talking about the youth cup final, you'd better give it a miss rangers1872 there's a bit where he has a laugh with the young lad from Celtic!

Lol 😁

25 Apr 2017 19:310:23
I must admit the love in did make me feel sick. A shake of a hand and that's it for me. Wonder how the dhims would have reacted if roles had been reversed

26 Apr 2017 00:22:51
I for one would not have been happy seeker but I don't think Brendan would have been stupid enough to do that .

23 Apr 2017 15:52:06
It's just goes to show how horrible celtic supporters are. Even when tav and miller are giving they're interviews to rangers TV there's a bunch of idiots still there trying to sing over them. Even when you's win you can't help yourselves. Disgusting in defeat and disgusting when you's win. Call yourselves supporters. Rangers were awful today. No excuses. We win and lose with dignity.

23 Apr 2017 16:45:02
Oh soup grapes. I feel your pain. Imagine rangers won and brown and dembele giving an interview to celtic TV. Right lads stop signing these guys are trying to speak to celtic TV😅😅😅😅

23 Apr 2017 16:54:33
Excuse the spelling to much to drink. Stay safe boys it's only a game.

23 Apr 2017 18:29:49
They were singing. only look on the bright side off life.

personally I thought it was a nice touch from the Celtic fans.

23 Apr 2017 18:55:38
Yes Benny, our fans are thoughtful even towards the 3rd or 4th best team in the country. If it was Sevco fans they'd be shouting abuse and bile at the CHAMPIONEES CHAMPIONEES OLE OLE OLE


23 Apr 2017 19:31:54
Didn't sound like that to me it was their know your geography song.

23 Apr 2017 19:41:17
selective memory last years semi your board members were jumping about in the directors box is that dignified no So if celtic fans want to sing to celebrate there victory you need to grow up its the most petty childish rant on this site

23 Apr 2017 19:42:00
A team wins and their fans can't sing, are you for real? Do you think they even noticed the interview?

23 Apr 2017 23:48:48
And would we have known about the directors jumping around had it not been for offended Dermot making such an issue of it?

24 Apr 2017 10:46:20
Just when you think it can't get any better, you come on here and dunoons pain is laid bare for all to see, disgusting , horrible , awful , Celtic fans, imagine singing when your team has won . Maybe they thought they were doing you a favour and that you were sick of listening to your players lame excuses 😅😅😅

25 Apr 2017 11:11:37
Lol did you not hear your fans usual song book lol up to your knees in what? And what's them songs you's sing about Celtic boys club? Try singing a song about your players or your clubs history oh wait. Lol

26 Apr 2017 09:46:56
Craigy both sets of fans do wrong on old firm day. A rangers fan was stabbed in a sectarian attack. Some Rangers fans sang songs that shouldn't be sung.

Regarding the Celtic boys club song, it's 100% wrong to sing songs purely to score points on such a horrid thing.

Realistically both sets of fans could really do with having a good look at themselves.

05 May 2017 17:39:45
Longer than your history Craigy


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