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12 Mar 2018 07:06:08
Saw Leigh Griffiths with a tricolour in his hand in the Broomloan yesterday.
Also saw Leigh Griffiths celebrating with hibs fans on friday night after beating hearts.

Players have a responsibility to not incite trouble these days with social media capturing their every movement.

Leigh is a full episode himself on Jeremy Kyle.

12 Mar 2018 08:31:42
Sour grapes is an awful thing. You got beat deal with it stop trying to deflect away from your teams limited abilities

12 Mar 2018 19:06:00
Leigh was having fun, nothing wrong with that. Didn't see him inciting anything to be honest.

In terms of him being Scottish and waving the tri colour, Seen plenty England tops kicking around Ibrox stands over the years, same difference.

I personally enjoyed him tieing the scarf 🧣 to the railings ha ha

11 Mar 2018 17:49:14
Hunplosion? . too much mouth during the week!

11 Mar 2018 20:26:28
That’s all they’ll ever be mate, all mouth! They’ve not got the stones to beat the champions. played with 10 men, well 9 actually if u count boyata, and they still couldn’t beat us! It will take more than a couple of loaned diddies from qpr and notts forest to stop Brendan and the bhoys!

12 Mar 2018 17:45:49
To be honest I agree we as fans motivated celtic for two weeks man

12 Mar 2018 20:23:34
Leading up to the game, it got boring for me, the same names posting the same " were going to do this n that" guff. So i took time out and let them dig their own hole. And my my did they do that😂. Caldo my stalker, didn't half make an erse of himself, now in hiding. I see you picked up the decoy memoirs i left at my underwear drawer Caldo eh😂😂😂.

I got a great sleep last night without you trawling through my bins. Iv looked under chairs, iv looked under tables, cannot find The Seeker anywhere😱 Murty is defo going to just burst out greeting in one of these upcoming games after match interviews, he's a very weak individual and reads from a script.

The Rangers squad will be tore up again at the end of the season and the Champions are just going to go from strength to strength. Its not looking at all for Rangers and the fans should be focused on that, never mind hoping for a one off result against us which will solve nothing. ✌🖐😱

11 Mar 2018 15:06:15
Wot happened to your bhoys today, even with gollum wearing his sash today u still couldn't beat us 😂.

12 Mar 2018 17:42:22
@cow - sorry but that was a sending off all day long.

13 Mar 2018 09:20:10
Union Jack. for once I have to agree with you. lol.

11 Mar 2018 14:22:35
My source tells me that the Celtic fans have reactivated an old song.

11 Mar 2018 15:17:46
My source tells me el duffalo won't be on here bumping his garbage all week. that must have hurt el buffalo 10 v 12 and you still can’t beat the champs, even with big bombscare Boyata gifting you a goal.

12 Mar 2018 17:35:55
Groundhog Day for us again. No complaints from me.
I’m ever the optimist, so onwards bd upwards for the semi final and the chance to redeem ourselves.

10 Mar 2018 15:22:03
My source tells me that many dhims are hoping to have a few key players back for sunday's title showdown. A few have even questioned wee paddys fitness, hoping he can start the match. Brenda has even suggested that the pressure is all on us. The way the dhims have been flapping all week tells a different story as to who is feeling the pressure. They have even tried their usual mind games with the referee, their fear know's no limits. You could scrape the bottom of the barrel and you would struggle to find excuses as pathetic as these.

A memoir of obsession from bhampot, "I pray for rayman99, maybe he will join me at the next meeting of obsessed's anonymous". Interesting stuff indeed.

11 Mar 2018 14:04:20
What’s the score board day 😂

11 Mar 2018 14:11:27
My source tells me there was actually sevco fans that thought they would win today! So come on Union Jack seeker doiger and el Buffon! Give me the exuses! U surely can’t blame the ref hahaha! I’ve kept my powder dry all week on here and let the teams do the talking! Well get on here and let’s here your ifs buts and maybes!

11 Mar 2018 14:42:12
To be fair san we tried just better team shone through no bullshit 😭😭😭😭

11 Mar 2018 15:16:37
Lot of talk on here Alex! Timplosion and 2nd seasons meltdown from yir man Union Jack! Who we’ll maybe hear from in a couple of weeks as usual after he spouts garbage! It’s all banter at the end of the day bud, and I didn’t blame any of your fans for being confident! Just some of the predictions on here were farcical! Good game but and probably the best one in a while!

12 Mar 2018 17:50:58
@san7 - no complaints from me. The better side won. Though I don’t think either side played to there full potential. Said on here previously both defences are rank rotten and Celtic took there chances . Roll on the semi final!

10 Mar 2018 14:07:40
I see there is person s trolling the bears archive page on Facebook. That obsessed there wanting to watch re runs of the famous Glasgow Rangers. Cannot help themselves.

10 Mar 2018 10:22:51
See the classy tanned person saying he's heard it all before when we announced we were going for 55 last season. He's gone on about his record against us (albeit when we had MW and Pedro in charge) implying that Rangers Don't know how to win and that his record at Ibrox is so good etc. What do we say? We respect them, they've been the benchmark. This will tell us how far we've progressed. Tbh I'm sick of constant disrespect from the likes of Rodgers, Hartson, Burley, Sutton et al when guys from our side talk that bunch up and pee hee to all and sundry that if they bring their so called A game it would not matter what we did. It might not happen but I'd love it if we could give them a right chasing tomorrow. Even then the management would be too wishy washy to make a comment such as restoring the natural order. It would be something like - they are still a fantastic side and still in the driving seat etc etc. I just yearn for some Souness type comment that would have them snarling like popcorn teeth. I see he has described Hearts as irrelevant to them. Nice comment wasn't it? Wonder if GM will make a similar comment if we win? That would be no! I would show them no respect as is quite clear they hate us and have no respect for us either. Mind you they can't possibly hate us as much as I hate them. Rant over!

10 Mar 2018 15:28:50
So if The rangers lose against Celtic, they will be only 7 points ahead of Hibs and Hibs will have a game in hand, am not really a betting man, but I wonder what the odds are of Hibs finishing second to Celtic.

10 Mar 2018 15:31:28
Its good that the pressure is not getting to u lol.

10 Mar 2018 22:21:21
Hello to one and all, Just thought I would come on and wish everyone going to the game tomorrow a safe journey, I have had this feeling all week and I truly believe there will be quite a few goals tomorrow, and I'm sticking my neck out and saying 4-2 Rangers and that Morelos will score two. The guy has just signed an extention to his contract, possibly tripled his wages and will play every game now with the assumption he has to get himself picked for his Country for the World cup. Just watch him go starting tomorrow, and let me tell you guys that they will know that Morelos is a massive threat, so watch for some hard tackles flying in, and one last thing to Bhampot and Rayman99, you are both right to be obsessed and paranoid because you have not a clue what's on its way. Just remember Rome was not built in a day, however it was built and it has never went away.

11 Mar 2018 14:06:01
Morales score 😂😂😂😂 ha ha ha he’s amazing isn’t he 😂

10 Mar 2018 10:08:20
I see Sutton is at it again saying our players will be messing themselves going to bed tonight and we've being making ridiculous noises and it won't take much for them to ram it back down our throats and put us back in our place. Hopefully that's Graeme Murty's team talk done.

11 Mar 2018 14:06:32
Yea did the job didn’t it 😂😂😂😂

10 Mar 2018 09:17:54
So Brenda thinks we are irrelevant and overrated. Bring it on.

10 Mar 2018 15:27:30
Brenda knows his 2nd season meltdown is about to go into overdrive with a loss to the Murty Juggernaut tomorrow.
Will he survive the TIMPLOSION backlash from the unwashed after being ' owned ' 3 times tactically by Murty. Or will his ego be smashed to pieces and the arse collapse out the rest if his season?

10 Mar 2018 15:32:18
Well u have been so far its time to step up to the plate. let's see how u get on.

10 Mar 2018 15:34:11
Pressure building on wee Brenda. Usual reaction from him when things are not quite as rosy as he likes. don't get me wrong I would rather be in their position points wise but I think the pressure is showing. I imagine he and they would absolutely have wanted to avoid us in the semi final. I hope by this time tomorrow Rodgers face is dripping like a chocolate fountain!

10 Mar 2018 18:26:34
His face will be the colour of it!

11 Mar 2018 14:07:26
Ha ha ha Morelos what a player all quite on here now, Celtic as usual talked on the pitch, with 10 men

11 Mar 2018 16:27:13
Come on Union Jack, at least be a man and come on to admit you and your team talk a good game! Funny u mention the word owned by the way, because Brendan owns the crumble dome! Murty Juggernaut hahahahahaha

12 Mar 2018 17:21:47
Murty was taught tactics yesterday. I think you'll agree UJ!

09 Mar 2018 11:30:45
My source tells me that Sir david of murray's investment rumour has caused quite a stir amongst the damned. It really is amazing how many dhims are financial or legal experts, yet lack common sense. Anyway these others believe this is fake news, who am I to say whether or not it is true but the fact that the dhims are getting themselves in mess over this tells you all you need to know about their level of obsession.

If you thought that was obsessed then please take my words of warning here, wait for this. Before I divulge any further please switch off all machinery, put down whatever you have in your hands, step back and have a seat. Folks some tims have made up a rumour that there is tension between murty and nicholl, I kid you not. Now that's what I call feeling the pressure.

As always, we end with a memoir of obsession from bhampot, "its been 4 days since I posted anything about Rangers. I went into the garden today, could smell the flowers. Long road ahead". Interesting stuff indeed.


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