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28 Apr 2024 16:38:31
first of all a good but shaky 3 points as was expected. We need others to do us a favour that's obvious but The mob from Tayside wi the dodgy pitch are not that team. As I look at 0-2 as i type this that now becomes 9 goals they have shipped past them. Unfortunately and I hate to say it but that's how leagues are won and lost as we couldn't score one goal against them last week. Not over yet but roll on next year and shipping out some of the Imposters. We all know who they are.

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28 Apr 2024 17:19:18
I'm looking forward to next season is becoming boring now. Seems to be all we hold onto come May. Tell me what's to look forward to? There's a full rebuild required again.

28 Apr 2024 17:19:24
And who are the imposters?

28 Apr 2024 17:19:27
10 points dropped since Motherwell game, that doesn’t say champions with that form.

28 apr 2024 17:56:11
thrown away storm, no other way to describe it, bottle crashed, not a winning mentality outside the keeper imo.

28 Apr 2024 18:00:47
Think it’s harsh saying imposters just think too many weak mentality’s in the squad to see it through.

28 Apr 2024 18:02:13
If we don't win the league we've no one to blame but ourselves. 10 points dropped is crazy.

28 Apr 2024 18:04:54
Ah, the old "roll on next year" line. This has to be the most overused, and anticlimactic line to be spouted on here. ??.

28 Apr 2024 18:08:48
Sima for 56 just to jog your memory incase you've forgot mate, we're fighting to win a treble here pal so that's what i'm looking forward to short term anyway ?Next season will take care of itself when all's said and done this season ?.

28 Apr 2024 18:34:27
Agreed TT what’s happening these days we seem to be agreeing a lot ?. Its good to see you back posting.

28 Apr 2024 18:36:08
It’s going to be a huge job to revamp this squad, there will be lots out of contract and a good few who either aren’t good enough or the jersey is too heavy. Unfortunately I think this will be financed by a move for Butland. With that said I trust clement and I’m hoping with players he wants in the door we will be better for it. Still all to play for.

28 Apr 2024 18:42:15
Was about to say the same thing RTR, GVB got us to a euro final and won the Scottish cup some on here said can’t wait till next season what happened Sacked, same with Beale what happened sacked.

28 Apr 2024 18:43:18
If we can't hope for better next season what's the point. We can't continue being the 2nd best team in Glasgow so I for 1 am. looking forward to seeing how PC shapes his squad.

28 Apr 2024 18:54:26
Does anybody actually truely believe we can go to celtic and get a positive result? I will start. No.

28 Apr 2024 18:57:23
Fighting to win a treble? We're not in a fight, we downed tools weeks ago.

28 apr 2024 19:05:46
but somehow we are still in it, we have handed them the title to lose but we are still in it, if we lose, it will justify the “ serial loser” tag put on some of the bigger earners in our team, including and especially tav, goldson lundstrum, the keeper has saved them many times, and the outfield players couldn't beat ross county or dundee when the crunch came, that's too difficult fir me to deal with, i'm in no mood to hand out plaudits to a “ captain of rangers” that always bottles the big moment, btw, i titally blame tav and goldson fir bottling the europa final too, along with the other english chancer kent.

28 Apr 2024 19:58:24
John, you of all posters who should know who the Imposters are. and my next season statement. i'm a realist. the season is all but done. But continue on with the blue tints if it works for you, doesn't for me.

28 Apr 2024 20:07:21
So we just give up and go home dado? with still all to play for get a grip! We're fighting to try and win a treble full stop. We may or may not win it but at glasgow rangers we fight 'till the day is done surely as a rangers supporter you have experience to what i'm talking about pal ?.

28 Apr 2024 20:09:29
TT12, i disagree mate because if it hadn't been for tav we would have been nowhere near the europa league final mate ? Think back to our run and what that guy produced ?.

28 Apr 2024 20:18:17
Do I believe we can beat them, you bet I do.
Unfortunately I don’t have a Crystal Ball and don’t know for sure, yes though it might be in our favour that the draw suits them.
Let’s only worry about Kilmarnock for the time being though.

28 Apr 2024 20:42:39
G4 poor recruitment was a major reason the previous 2 managers failed so nk is a major influence on how we move forward and if the board back him and PC I believe we can be more successful and who knows maybe we win the league this year.

28 Apr 2024 21:07:39
Too many posts to read but watched both games and their fans are as bothered as we are, imo I didn’t see any of the two teams dropping points beforehand, but I think it’s a big possibility.

28 Apr 2024 21:39:14
I don't have any faith in the team going to Parkhead and winning. They've had 3 goes already against a poor Celtic team and haven't done it.

28 Apr 2024 22:16:30
I don't have faith in this team beating them at Parkhead but I DID think we would win last time. Maybe I'll be wrong again!

28 Apr 2024 22:46:37
So do you think we can win any of the 2 games against them.

28 Apr 2024 22:59:20
Think we would have to have Yilmaz and Sima back to give us a chance at the piggery , they are far from playing well themselves but still big favs, flood the midfield and take our chances, oh and a game without some kind of blunder would not go wrong.

28 Apr 2024 23:48:04
I’m a realist, I really hope we win the league but sadly we will just fall short.
I just don’t see the current team going to a very hostile parkhead and getting three points but I’ll be watching hoping and praying we do. We are short of quality in the midfield engine room this is where games are won and lost.

29 Apr 2024 03:57:18
The usual suspects have wet the bed at the business end of the season as usual Sir Walter, surely to Christ as a Rangers supporter you know what I’m talking about.

You really should read your comments sometimes, you have zero self awareness of how your perceived with these arsey comments.

29 Apr 2024 05:21:19
The comments ain't lies though dado are they ?.

29 Apr 2024 08:15:33
Didn’t say they were lies, more evidence of your continuously manipulation of other peoples comments.

Who on earth are you to tell anybody to get a grip?

Perhaps get your own house in order before having a go at others on here.

29 Apr 2024 08:45:08
If we lose the league butland loses it the same as tav and Goldson lol it’s a team game.

29 Apr 2024 08:45:23
Tbh, I can't see us winning at Celtic park, but here's hoping.

29 Apr 2024 10:29:13
Decee watched our club 70 seasons,

Who r these imposters, in your opinion, I wrote only two weeks ago we have many players who lack ability u gave me a hard time over this along with many others.

I wrote on here several years ago we would struggle to win trophies with likes of Tav Goldson Wirral Halliday katic et al.

I wrote last year when Beale crawled into Ibrox worrying times ahead, u told me to stop scaremongering, your word as I’ve just reread archive,

And ido believe we can still win league and cup, myself and three mates stand to win 13k, so I won’t concede till it’s impossible.

29 Apr 2024 11:19:52
Ah, the old "it's a team game" reasoning, even though one player (Butland) has been immense, while the other 2 have been dire!

29 Apr 2024 12:21:33
Can't see how they can defend them, Stevie Wonder can see they're mince n Roy Orbison told him.

29 apr 2024 13:18:10
rtr, i dint take anything raskin says seriousky, especially when i see lol after every sentence,



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