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30 Apr 2024 11:49:25
Rumors doing the rounds today

Callum ohare - Coventry - bosman

laszlo benes - Hamburg - 3M

Gabriel misehouy - Ajax- bosman

Juan miritello - asteras tripoli.

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30 Apr 2024 12:41:21
Add in Connor Barron to Cagliari.

30 Apr 2024 13:46:42
Why would he add in Connor barron if it's a different team he is linked to other than us?

30 Apr 2024 13:47:37
Raphael Rodriguez?

30 Apr 2024 14:28:35
DTB Barron is irrelevant.

30 Apr 2024 15:11:03
Given that he has been linked to us since January, and it's a rumour doing the rounds today, I would say that it could be added on a rumours site.

Storm, with the greatest of respect to you, I will make a decision on whether anything I post is relevant or not.

30 Apr 2024 17:37:36
Your post re Barron imo is valid, we were very interested in this player but PC pulled the plug in favour of Cole McKinnon.

I for one really like both players.

30 Apr 2024 18:49:57
Since jan? DTB by end of January the rumours were we walked away from talks with him. So with all due respect it’s irrelevant ?.

30 apr 2024 16:02:04
that makes everyone irrelevant then, don't get that at all, strange words.

30 Apr 2024 16:43:47
Hopefully it is true Baxter would take all 4.

30 Apr 2024 16:53:05
What positions do these players play.

30 Apr 2024 19:39:20
Genuinely think we are making a mistake not going after barron he's better than lunny or raskin and would compliment diomande I hope we don't have another Lewis ferguson story.

30 Apr 2024 19:47:16
Maybe the rumours were played down in case the boy got abused like Jack and Wright in recent times. He's a player I like and hope we still have interest in him.

30 Apr 2024 20:10:11
Why does PC favour mckinnon over barron? One has experience and plenty matches in the league. The other won't be trusted to play during an injury crisis.

30 Apr 2024 20:32:53
Be a bad move not signing Barron couple of celtic men told me he was the best cm on the park in the semi.

30 Apr 2024 15:33:36
Rap that up, Storm, miles out! Honestly, have you appointed yourself the forum moderator? ??.

30 Apr 2024 20:51:29
ED-Trooper1 doesn't have the same ring to it?.

30 Apr 2024 21:07:12
Roofe I won’t rap anything thanks maybe you should have finished with boak ? man child.

Barron has never been a rangers player and now looks like he is going to Italy so it’s irrelevant that’s my opinion.

30 Apr 2024 22:18:08
??? Oh, dear! ???.

30 Apr 2024 23:45:20
PC doesn't recruit the players so he didn't pull the plug on anything.

01 May 2024 01:40:41
laszlo benes from Hamberg looks the pick of the bunch there Baxter. Solid midfielder and good age. Thanks for the info.

01 May 2024 06:36:51
Crcp2 so your saying our manager has no say in who he brings in then, strange statement. Am I missing something in your reply?

01 May 2024 10:43:43
Crcp, he told kloppen he did not want Barron.

01 May 2024 19:20:34
I’m sure someone on this site sayed the Barron deals was just about done then Barron and his agent moved the goal posts wanting more cash and pc pulled the plug on the deal at that point.

01 May 2024 21:38:26
Vaguely mind that Rfc22.

01 May 2024 22:37:33
Maybe pc already has a central mid in mind weather our board can deliver is another matter. Still think if we had got in another winger and forward in January we would be in a much better position now.

But we rolled the dice and it didn’t work out injuries again costing us.



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