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29 Apr 2024 18:13:16
John27, what colak is doing this season is absolutely irrelevant mate. None of them are good enough, but I'm just curious as to how dessers is getting plaudits on here for being joint 3rd top scorer, but according to guys like yourself colak was a cheat, but scored one less than cyriel in 800 minutes less.
Can you see the point I'm making I'm not having a go John I'm genuinely curious as to why.
I genuinely feel we've been that so starved of success we are applauding 3rd best.

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29 Apr 2024 20:19:21
I was critical of Dessers at first,
After the transfer window and resigned to play him also one or two good signs from him I felt compelled to give him until the end of the season,
With 5 matches remaining I’m still not convinced that he’s what we need as our number 9 for next season,
I hope he proves me wrong but for now the good moments are few and far between,
I can’t fault him for effort or attitude but I’m just not convinced he’s a Rangers number 9.

29 Apr 2024 20:49:21
Dessers cannot be our main striker next season. He maybe someone we can rotate but he misses too many big chances.

29 Apr 2024 21:29:17
That's it in a nutshell, BB3. Years of failure have left us in a position where many will celebrate the most mundane and worthless accolades and it's embarrassing.

Does anyone think that there would be posts on here celebrating the womens team beating them if we were winning title after title? Not a chance! Posts celebrating a victory over their womens team is proof just how low some fans standards have dropped. The way some on here tried to get one up on tim supporters because our women beat their women was an absolute rid neck!

Although, it doesn't help when our club are handing out accolades to players like Goldson who has been rid rotten, and a complete bombscare all season. A proven case of the board not being able to read the room, again! Boak! ??.

29 Apr 2024 21:59:26
20 goals first season in a new country.

29 Apr 2024 22:28:34
I like Dessers and am in no rush to see him leave. He had a terrible start with us so I get the initial impression but he has improved dramatically since PC took over.

He has a good goal tally and he offers a lot to the team in terms of movement, holdup and teamwork. Also been impressed by the mentality to keep going amongst all the criticism. Genuinely starting to really like the lad.

30 Apr 2024 04:47:34
I've got no doubt i'd keep dessers as a squad player for next season and beyond, but not as our no.1 striker for next season ? Dessers has done well this season after a shaky start and his work rate and movement to get into the positions he gets into as a good striker should, has to be commended ?He has now a good return of 20 goals this season and counting but for me still misses too many gilt edge chances and lacks that little bit composure at times, on his one on ones ?.

30 Apr 2024 05:05:20
He’s not getting plaudits for being joint top 3rd. Dessers shouldn’t have been main striker we should have signed someone else in January but we didn’t which was a costly mistake. Why we didn’t is up to the board. I don’t know the finance situation. The point is a lot on here saying how bad Dessers is, if he’s that bad to be joint top 3rd at tail end of season says a lot about our league and how poor it is. Stats can obviously change from now to then, maybe he’ll end up in 5th place who cares? Also tavernier a right back is currently 2nd top scorer. Yeah yeah he takes penalties etc. So did Shankland. If you want a winning team with a winning mentality and no more celebrating mediocrity then the tell the board not to sign mediocre players and mediocre managers. Then maybe we will start winning things. Until then it is what it is, but hey who knows maybe clement and his band of losers will pull a rabbit out the hat and win the league. If we don’t it’s somewhat of a rebuild in the summer anyways. Can the recruitment bring in the right players? Will
The manager ever be able to lay a glove on Celtic? Or will it be yet another season of mediocrity?

30 Apr 2024 05:08:42
Agreed coops. Guys greeting for 20goalsnoff a striker we get one and still complain ?. that's with only 2 pens as well. He should be a squad player next season.

30 Apr 2024 05:37:50
On a minutes per goal basis he's top in the league and he doesn't take penalties. But he still misses a lot, I'm not saying we couldn't improve our options next year, the lad is very frustrating to watch sometimes.

30 Apr 2024 06:00:36
We where too quick too punt both sakala and colak both did what we needed, scored goals, both had good numbers when they played, n I belive both brought more than what we have now, option and fact, where you liked them or not they dis what was needed, n I think both would have been better under clement.

30 Apr 2024 06:14:01
Our fans pummel guys all the time who seem too do well, but it's never good enough, ie josh windlass, good player decent return, but just not rangers calibre, same re colak, , n sakala, so what is rangers calibre I keep hearing about, cause only one guy just now I think, passes all is butland

We slate others n give some pass marks even when they are rotten
Sakala. Both tried n done well when we had others spit the dummy, n folk stuck with them

We need a clear out as far. Too many journey men just collecting a wage n give up when the goings tough n guys we all know who

This has been our failings for seasons sentiment wins no prizes

N I was really weary of dessers but I think he's turned it round n really toys, n just like sakala yes misses chances, he won't score them all, but at least he's in the position too miss them.

30 Apr 2024 08:40:32
So if we lose the league on say a couple of goals surely if they had signed shankland in January no brainer.

30 Apr 2024 08:51:29
with 20 goals this season he deserves another season.

30 Apr 2024 09:14:51
I’ve got some bad news any striker we sign will miss chances, of course if we spend say £35million and get someone like Nicolas Jackson now that striker would never miss would he. So a wee bit of reality required we are looking for a low cost top notch striker not many about .

30 Apr 2024 09:18:49
Spot on Azul and Storm.
Not one person saying Dessers is the long term answer.
But he is all we have.
Scored the goals to get us to another Cup final.
Scored 20 goals this season and people are still greeting.
Always available. Unlike Colak who liked a sickie.

30 Apr 2024 09:41:08
4.5m makes for an expensive squad player. I’d be delighted if we moved him on and recouped a decent percentage of what we paid.

30 Apr 2024 11:23:09
Every striker misses chances name one striker who doesn’t? He is only the 4 striker at rangers to score 20 or over since 2000 and I am not counting the time we were in lower leagues for obvious reasons.

Boak? What is that grow up.

30 Apr 2024 11:23:44
Bluedreamer sakala yes colak not a chance in hell struggling to get a game in serie B with Parma.

30 Apr 2024 11:29:36
If Dessers scores a winner at Parkhead will he be cut a bit of slack?

30 apr 2024 12:47:43
he desperately needs one touch coaching in the box,

30 Apr 2024 12:48:02
Dessers scores a few winners in the old firm league game and we win the league and he scores in the final he can stay as long as wants ?

But to be honest he’s scored what 14 league goals so far I think?
Is that not more then Morelos did In His last couple seasons with us? League wise?

still think we need a more quality striker in to be first choice if we want to be winning the league next season and having a good run in Europe

Tav moves on we will need to be covering his goal input too and hoping we have a penalty taker with his conversion rate?
Keep saying it - massive summer ahead only made easier by winning this league.

30 apr 2024 13:10:02
why isn't boak a genuine scottish word storm, i dint get that at all, like scunnered, its in the scottish language as being sick, you not scottish yersel, giesabrek.

30 Apr 2024 13:16:48
????? Storm! Triggered! ????.

30 Apr 2024 13:17:22
No one missed more than super ally, he was cursed under the breath of most the stadium weekly but always managed to get in the right places to know he would score more than anyone else and always turned up in big games, if Dessers stays we still need two strikers brought in and Shankland one of them, decent money needed for another one with Danilo being sold.

30 Apr 2024 13:36:44
Am not "greeting" about anything and certainly didn't "greet" to get a striker that scores 20 in all comp, that should be a given for any rangers striker. What I have been "greeting" about and this goes back to last season as you know, is a striker that can score 20+ goals in spl. The spl is the one we all want.
Here's a list of some of the top scorers in spl in last 10/ 11 year
Shankland (21)
Kyogo (27)
Van veen (25)
Shankland (24)
Edouard (22)
Liam Boyce (23)
Dembele (20)
Griffiths (31)
Hemmings (22)
Rooney (21)
Commons (26)
Boyd ( killie) (22)
Sutton ( (22)
Higdon (26)
Griffiths (22)
MckAy (22)
Mcginn (21)
So that's proof that strikers in our league are scoring 20+ regularly, the only problem is it's not rangers strikers. I get we maybe weren't in the league some of those years but my point was to prove strikers score 20,25,30 spl goals regularly, maybe we just got so used to Alfredo morelos, who never once scored 20 spl goals it's became the norm to some. Stormtrooper you even posted a while back that strikers don't score numbers like that anymore, no! Our strikers don't and it became the norm. So when I'm asking for more from our strikers I'm being told I'm greeting couldn't make it up. Not once did I say we need a 20 goal striker, I've always stated we need someone to score 20+ in spl. If teams like hearts, celtic, motherwell, Ross County, and Aberdeen can have it, why can't we? We are rangers and we want to be the best do we not?

30 apr 2024 14:19:31
take into consideration the 75% play in opposition half and you have a fair point blue

people like shanks must wonder the damage he could do at ibrox.



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