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30 Apr 2024 20:21:51
Who was the South American player at Ibrox today with his agent? Red carpet treatment.

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30 Apr 2024 20:58:24
Sebastian Rozenthal??.

30 Apr 2024 21:00:24
Seem to be interested in a few South Americans.

30 Apr 2024 21:45:14
Jardel ?.

30 Apr 2024 22:17:34
Meant to be Brazilian. My wife's friend was at the Ibrox tour and it was cut short apparently.

30 Apr 2024 22:40:14

30 Apr 2024 22:45:32
Similar info As1974. Thank you for confirmation. I'm told staff were told to cut short a tour and reschedule a charity cheque presentation.

01 May 2024 06:28:11
As1974 there's a joke in there somewhere, "Brazilian and cut short", really???.

01 May 2024 07:52:21
People are giving you some fact rather than BS. Have a bit of respect.

01 May 2024 07:53:26
Fork, I thought it was a joke as well lol!

01 May 2024 11:11:05

01 May 2024 11:51:16
Some people don't know humour☺️?.

01 May 2024 11:18:22
First post Bears. Go easy Could it be Angel Torres from Central Coast Mariners in Australian A League. His agent was spotted with Nils Koppen at Ibrox ahead of last Old Firm game.

{Ed033's Note - Weren't you username SirStruth last month?

01 May 2024 11:52:59
Fork, As1974 is looking to tear a 'strip' off you pal.

01 May 2024 13:42:13
???? Fork! I'm in my bed ill with the flu, and I needed a laugh. Thank matey!

01 may 2024 13:53:32
oh dear struthy, nuffin gets past ol 003, or 001,

01 May 2024 13:57:04
I'm disrespectful having a joke bud, go figure ??.

01 May 2024 13:57:42
Lol SB penny just "landed"??.

01 May 2024 14:55:32
Not a problem RTR, glad to oblige bud??, feel better mate.

01 May 2024 23:30:47
Angel Torres was arrested in Australia for R@pe, obviously a very serious charge, I mentioned him a while back. But in all seriousness he’s one hell of a player scored a couple hat tricks in Australia a Porto under 21 players, Columbian right winger who can seriously finish. This was a guy I wanted and still want if he can beat his charge. It’s on his wiki page so it’s fact not me speculating. he's out of contract and I heard Rangers were very serious about his signature Would love this signing, and if we kept Cortes and somehow kept Sima, and Torres and young McCausland as back up as he’s learning we’d for the first time in years have serious talent out wide. No more Scott Wright. I hope his charge is BS although there is serious competition from loads of countries for this guy. I have a sneaky feeling we’ll keep Sima, I think with him and his family being really happy here and the way PC was talking at one point it’s just a feeling but I think he’ll stay.

It’s what I think we miss real depth out wide, I know there is other areas of the park of concern but I’m only talking about the wide areas, I’m sick of looking at the team sheet and thinking we look blunt af in attacking areas.

02 May 2024 08:32:23
I think Sima signing on a permanent contract will be done if we win league or qualify for a champions league through qualifiers otherwise we won’t have the cash to buy him and Cortes.

02 May 2024 14:43:09
Thanks MrRanger. I was unaware of the charges that have been levelled against Torres. He really looked the part from clips I've seen. I was wondering why he hadn't been involved in Mariners last few match squads without knowing the backstory. From an Aussie news source, incident happened on March 24 and Mariners have been forced to suspend his availabilty till after his court case on May 6th. I hope it turns out to be BS and he carry on his career. Looks a real exciting talent.



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