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28 Apr 2024 12:00:04
Rangers watched Watford agin yesterday, I believe scouting Bachman.

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28 Apr 2024 12:32:27
Liked the look of him when he was at Kilmarnock.

28 Apr 2024 12:33:02
Butland away if we sign him?

28 Apr 2024 13:11:24
I like backman very good goalkeeper.

28 Apr 2024 13:26:22
Butlands family still living down south I for one won't begrudge him the chance to go back to epl as long as we are fairly compensated.

28 Apr 2024 14:51:27
One Walter depends who he goes to or will just sit on bench again.

28 Apr 2024 15:23:01
I think the only chance we have of keeping Butland is if we qualify for cl football. as much as I hate to say it, Butland is too good for the spl.

28 Apr 2024 16:05:02
We just never learn.

28 Apr 2024 16:15:34
Be surprised if we aren’t scouting players doesn't necessarily mean a player is away or not. I don’t think teams are going to be lining up for Butland the big teams will want a goaly better with their feet and I don’t see him wanting to leave us for a bottom 10 prem team.

28 Apr 2024 16:34:25
Hopefully butland stays but he is replaceable.

28 apr 2024 17:09:10
never learn what?

28 Apr 2024 17:13:11
Agreed Bgate - hope he stays but we may need the cash to shore up all the other holes throughout the team - and by f$ck there are many -! - we must be kidding ourselves if we think we can go to Parkhead and win with this bunch of non tryers. Dessers and Butland with poss Balogun only would get pass marks in my eyes today.

28 Apr 2024 18:28:48
Butland was sensational v St Mirren.
Hopefully he stays at Rangers but I am sure some EPL teams would like to sign him.
Is he replaceable?

28 apr 2024 18:55:42
everyones replaceable copeland, butlands the main reason we are still within touching distance,

28 Apr 2024 19:04:19
Is Bachman available on a free transfer?

28 Apr 2024 20:53:23
Bachmann is shocking.

But, again, I highly doubt the free/ cheap EFL jobber market is one that entices clement and koppen.

28 Apr 2024 21:52:35
Did we not have a strong interest in him when he returned down south after his loan ended at Killie? If I'm honest I like the look of the lad Killie have on loan just now.

29 Apr 2024 09:19:16
TT - Butland is top drawer and it will be very difficult to replace him, and agree he is the reason we are still within touching distance in the league.
Search transfer market and one GK stands out who is available on a free at the end of the season who has international and EPL experience.
Hopefully we don’t need to sign a new No1.

29 apr 2024 11:21:16
absolutely mate, just saying they're all replacable we replaced woods with andy, andy with klos, klos with greegs and now we have jack, rangers will go on when he's away.

29 Apr 2024 13:21:07
Dunno if it's to replace Butland, think the other keepers we've got may go in summer, mcrorie needs to play. If Butland goes and we get say 10m, we unearth a good keeper through Koppen for 3-4m, that's the model we're going after, bring in perform, sell on replace. If Butland wants to stay, even better. We never thought we'd replace Shagger. It's worth saying that even Butland was getting pelters on here a few weeks ago.

29 Apr 2024 13:36:52
We got him on a free. Understand it’s cost us quite a bit still. However selling him should release for nds for a replacement and one other. Player model, sell at height of demand.

29 Apr 2024 13:38:16
Butland is a class act I hope he loves rangers n wants too stay, he is a superb keeper n one player I hope we keep as great teams are built from the back n will be a hard guy too replace.

29 Apr 2024 14:02:51
Lets get real guys, Butland was where when we signed him? We've given him a platform to show off and he's taken it brilliantly. I personally hope he stays but, does McCrorie not deserve a fair chance to get the No1 jersey if Butland goes. Lad hasn't let us down for someone so inexperienced.

29 Apr 2024 15:55:58
He's probably the only player in a long long time that I'd be happy for the club to say name your wages Jack, you're going nowhere, but I understand the potential transfer fee is very tempting and could finance 2 or 3 decent quality players.

29 Apr 2024 16:24:12
De Gea is availiable??? lol.

30 apr 2024 12:18:24
devgea is a strange one, i think there's summat wrong there myself, he was a bombscare larely at utd i think, might be a phychological thing maybe,



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